Sony a7 v release date: There is no 44MP Sony A7V coming soon!

Are you eagerly anticipating the release of the 44MP Sony A7V camera? Well, it’s time to put those hopes to rest, because there is no such camera coming from Sony.

Despite rumors and speculation, Sony has not confirmed the existence of a 44MP A7V, and there is no official release date or information available.

It’s important to be cautious of false information and do your research before getting caught up in the hype. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the rumors surrounding the supposed Sony A7V and why it’s important to verify information before getting too excited about new technology releases. Let’s separate fact from fiction and get to the truth about the non-existent 44MP Sony A7V.

Sony a7v release date

Unfortunately, there has been no official announcement from Sony about an a7V camera model yet. The Sony a7 lineup currently includes models like the a7R IV, a7S III, and a7 IV. Some key details:

  • Rumors have circulated for a while about a potential Sony a7V, but nothing concrete has been confirmed by Sony yet. Many speculate it could be an APS-C model to replace the older a6500. However, some rumors also point to it possibly being a full frame model.
  • In 2021 and early 2022, Sony focused new full frame mirrorless camera releases on the a7 IV, along with the higher-resolution a7R IV and video-centric a7S III. This has led some to speculate that an a7V could come sometime after those.
  • Given typical release cycles, if Sony does plan to launch an a7V model in the future, announcements could potentially happen sometime in 2023 or 2024. However, that’s purely speculative without any official confirmation from Sony’s side.

In summary – no definitive release date is known yet, but rumors indicate Sony could be working on an a7V model to slot into their lineup down the road. As more details emerge from Sony and as we get into 2024/2025, potential timing for an a7V announcement may become clearer. But nothing confirmed yet from the company directly.

There is no 44MP Sony A7V coming soon! There is no sony a7 v release date

Some kind of yes rumors about the Sony e75 is being shared and going viral, the thing is those websites always do it nearly every week they share a couple of rumors they made it up uh they make them always up and yeah you know people

Rumors from Unreliable Sources

Don’t will not remember what they wrote one year ago they will only go like ah whatever it sounds legit because of course they will mix some uh things that sound reasonable to uh completely made up up stuff and that’s how those websites make their living that’s not

What I’m doing I’m trying to share rumors for my trusted sources and when those are rumors that I post are not coming from trusted sources then I will tell you this and I will also explain why I’m sharing unreliable rumors sometimes sometimes I’m share them for the sake of discussion because sometimes

They’re really interesting they contain some new aspect that I want to discuss with you because I think those would make sense and also because maybe some trusted sources can lead me to um the truth if there’s some truth behind it or not but I’m looking now at the LCD.

Speculated Specifications

Asking what’s going on we want to know if this is true or not I have to answer that’s um kind of Duty that I have to do and so with such many requests I will have to answer now I’m not going to talk about what kind of website posted is uh

I’m not going to do any publicity but I’m first of all going to share what that website shared reminder this is nearly certain yes the website says that the a75 is coming with a new 44 mapix fullframe sensor a based real time autofocus tracking 26 frames per seconds

Bion 6r and AI Processing Unit 4K 16bit raw output AK 30p 4K 120p a stops image stabilization Focus breeding AI autof Framing and dual cfx press type a card if you read to Specs they surely sound reasonable back in April of this year so April 23 Sony did indeed register a new

44 megapixel sensor there was also a 61 megapix sensor and so what the website does they take that legit sensor spec sheet and say that the a75 is now coming with that sensor and uh also added some very reasonable um specs like the Dual

Cfx plus type as SD card slot and new AI processing unit of course is going to have a eii processing unit we know that but what those websites are doing is just putting together some uh reasonable speculation with um a real sense of spec sheet from Sony

Veracity of the Rumors

And they say like that’s going to be the a75 but luckily one trusted Source gave me a clear indication about the future e75 and he told me basically that there’s no chance that Sony will announce the e75 anytime soon forget it so this spec list is definitely based

Just on speculation so he might get it right once every one 100 times he puts out those kind of rumors so of course because it’s reasonable but he does no because for example the website didn’t know that the a93 had Global shutter and shared all kind of other

Specs that I also sometimes share but always telling you those are not reliable sources and when I had a reliable source telling me what kind of sensor would have I told it would have a new 24 megapix Global shter so but now I’m going to tell you the a75 is not

Coming anytime soon not in a six 6 10 months probably not even next 12 months so whatever specs you will read from now on from those kind of websites other websites those are made up specs because they don’t know anything about what’s coming from Sonic I don’t know I


Understand also that those kind of website need to make a living and the living is to fool you as to make give you hope set so that you click on it and they make some money it’s yeah that’s how the world goes I understand them also it’s their business and so I’m not

Going to name them you can keep following them if you want but uh they force me always to uh yeah to answer because people really don’t want to know hey why you son fumo guy didn’t talk about those specs so I wanted to be clear it’s fine those websites can do

Whatever they want I call the BS that’s it’s fine it’s still leaving but I’m going to be honest with you no e75 anytime soon so surely they don’t have a clue about the full specs of the camera whatever I don’t have a clue and I’m going to tell you I don’t have a

Clue I only know from trusted Source it’s not coming anytime soon okay this was my quick rant that’s it as soon as I have real drastic rumors about the next Sony cameras or lenses I will post them of course I can sometimes be wrong to rumor I will finish with that so it’s

Not that I’m uh 100% always right but I’m transparent that I’m not making up anything or if I share some BS rumor I will tell you it’s a BS or completely untrusted rumor okay folks that’s it see you soon

FAQ About Sony a7 v rumors

Q: Is Sony releasing a 44MP A7V camera soon?

A: No, there is no official announcement from Sony about a 44MP A7V camera.

Q: Are the rumors about the Sony A7V true?

A: No, the rumors about the Sony A7V are not true. Sony has not confirmed the release of this camera.

Q: Where did the rumors about the Sony A7V come from?

A: The rumors about the Sony A7V have been circulating on social media and online forums, but they have not been confirmed by Sony.

Q: Should I wait for the Sony A7V to be released?

A: There is no official information about the Sony A7V, so it is best to consider other options if you are looking for a new camera.

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