LIVE STREAM #2- Video King Sony A7IV- Sony Rumors A7CR, A9III, A7RV

Are you a photography enthusiast eagerly awaiting the latest advancements in the Sony camera lineup? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog, we will be diving into the hotly anticipated release of Sony’s next-generation mirrorless cameras. As rumors have been swirling around the internet, we will be discussing the Sony A7IV, A7CR, A9III, and A7RV. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, these cameras are sure to pique your interest. Join us as we explore the cutting-edge features, enhanced performance, and revolutionary technology that Sony is set to bring with their upcoming releases. Get ready to capture stunning moments with the Video King Sony A7IV and other game-changing models.

LIVE STREAM #2- Video King Sony A7IV- Sony Rumors A7CR, A9III, A7RV

Ah, I can see myself. Hey, can everyone see me and hear me? Are we live? Hey, check if everyone wants to. Ah, awesome, thank you. A bit of a delay on these, uh, on these right here. But um, how are we all doing? We good? Sunday morning here in Brisbane and I am just finishing my breakfast. Sorry, um. So we’re going to be talking about the A74 and, uh, obviously other cameras. Sony Alpha rumors has actually brought up as well, which is interesting, but I don’t know if is true. We all know that on obviously Sony Alpha Room is just a rumor site, so you never know if they’re actually 100% correct or 90%, 80%, 50%. Whatever, we really don’t know if they’re correct. But um, yeah, I really wanted to talk about uh the A74 today in the last video that I actually released, and that was the A74 versus the Fx6, and I had a lot of, you know, positive feedback. But um, there was actually one video channel that, I don’t know if you guys have watched, DSLR Video Shooter, Caleb from DSLR Video Shooter. He did a A74 versus A7S3 and he showed pretty much very similar stuff that I show in terms of the quality of the A74 camera compared to the A7III sensor and, you know, the upsides and downsides of why you would get one or the other was very similar to my Fx6 video. I just had a lot more, uh, I suppose detail into Suppose using it on a professional film set as opposed to just regular side-by-side comparisons. But it was interesting, go check that one out if you if you really want, um. Okay, so let’s uh jump through who is in here. We’ve got 17 people in here so it’s pretty uh it’s pretty decent, it’s good. We got Izzy doe, yo, Mr. Camera Junkie, Pauls, James Coburn, how are you doing man? Richard and Gloria Sullivan, um is it Moseley P.M. in London? Yeah, I know I just watched the the Liverpool game. Um I think was what, seven hours ago? That was a great game. Um what else we got? So, uh, any questions to do with the Sony A74? I did, where’s my phone, I did post this on, um, on my Instagram as well, so if you’re following me on Instagram, uh, Jason Morris Photocinema on Instagram, if you do want to check out a lot of BTS stuff and pretty much a lot of uh, I suppose I asked a lot of questions on Instagram as well.

What is one bucket list type shoot you want to be on in your life?

That’s an interesting question. So I’d really love to be on a uh a really large commercial set. But mainly I would love to shoot some pretty exotic cars in a commercial shoot, but obviously like a story based commercial and not just having a car rig and shooting on a car rig. But I’m pretty interested in cars, so that would be a pretty cool shoot, but obviously having myself as potentially a director and then having a DP and producer and a full, you know, gaffer full team grip team as well, that would be really cool. Just Chris uh Martinique, where’s Martinique, I have no idea. 7pm, hey no man, Mike, you from Japan? I love Japan, it’s the last international place we went to before the lockdown. We uh we came back in 2019, Japan’s amazing. We went all the way through Tokyo, um. And I don’t know a few other places, it was pretty cool. Um let’s jump into these questions anyway, um yeah okay that’s not really a question, how are you bro? Miami, Miami and Florida camera junkie, what’s up? 6 p.m. it’s good timing, it’s a good time 6 p.m. on a Saturday, right? Sunday here. Um anyone got questions for the A74 while I go through these questions on Instagram? This one just says please and thanks from the UK, interesting. Aloha Honolulu, Doc Rock is Premium Pro good? That’s an interesting question. So I know a lot of people have been getting some flack um, or getting some problems on, uh, on Premiere Pro and I honestly haven’t had many problems since that 2022 upgrade. There was that transition phase when they went from 2021 uh Adobe Premiere Pro and then tried to switch over 2022 and there was so many problems when that switch was happening. But now I it hasn’t actually shut down at all, which is very interesting for Premiere Pro. So they’ve been doing good, whatever they’ve done on the newest upgrade. Good job. But um, one of my friends was having some issues with the iPhone footage put into the Premiere Pro because it was a MOV file. Premiere Pro doesn’t really like .movs and it was coming back really washed out. So yeah, there’s still obviously bugs in Premiere Pro. Okay, we got one here from Nicholas uh, what is your battery setup? Do you use V-mount batteries and to get around overheating issues? Yes, so on the A74 or even on the Fx6 I use V-mount batteries.

Oliver, how are you doing? Worth getting the Sony A74 and using it mainly as an APS-C camera? Oh, that is really interesting. I currently own a lot of APS-C lenses. Would love if Sony made a high-end APS-C camera. I’ve been wanting this for so long, a high-end APS-C camera. Like I said in my last stream or a few other videos, the last high-end APS-C camera that Sony has released is the FS5 and the FS7, and they are still phenomenal cameras today. Because they can do up to 4K 120 frames.

LIVE STREAM #2 – Video King Sony A7IV – Sony Rumors A7CR, A9III, A7RV

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the LIVE STREAM #2 about?

LIVE STREAM #2 is dedicated to discussing and showcasing the new Sony A7IV camera, which is known as the Video King. Additionally, we will also address the latest rumors surrounding the Sony A7CR, A9III, and A7RV models.

2. When and where can I watch the LIVE STREAM #2?

The LIVE STREAM #2 will be broadcasted on our website, so you can tune in from the comfort of your home. The exact date and time of the stream will be announced shortly, so stay tuned for updates!

3. What can I expect from the LIVE STREAM #2?

During the LIVE STREAM #2, our team of experts will provide a comprehensive overview of the Sony A7IV camera and its advanced video capabilities. We will discuss its unique features, technical specifications, and performance improvements compared to its predecessors. Additionally, we will delve into the rumors surrounding the Sony A7CR, A9III, and A7RV models, highlighting the potential improvements and updates they may bring.

4. Can I ask questions during the LIVE STREAM #2?

Absolutely! We encourage viewer participation during the live stream. You can submit your questions, comments, or inquiries in the live chat section, and our team will address them during the stream.

5. Will the LIVE STREAM #2 be recorded for later viewing?

Yes, the LIVE STREAM #2 will be recorded and made available for later viewing on our website. So, if you cannot join us for the live broadcast, you can catch up on the stream at a time convenient for you.

6. Are there any giveaways or exclusive offers during the LIVE STREAM #2?

Yes! We love to reward our viewers. Keep an eye out during the live stream as we may announce exciting giveaways or exclusive offers related to the showcased Sony cameras. Stay tuned for more details!

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