Canon R1: Autofocus – Faster, More Accurate Frame to Frame Focus?

Are you tired of missing crucial shots due to slow autofocus or inaccurate focus tracking? Look no further, as Canon has introduced the groundbreaking Canon R1 with its revolutionary autofocus system, promising faster and more accurate frame-to-frame focus. Whether you’re a wildlife photographer capturing birds in flight or a sports photographer freezing fast-paced action, the Canon R1’s autofocus capabilities will redefine the way you capture images. With its advanced subject tracking algorithms and high-speed continuous shooting, this camera is designed to keep up with even the most challenging shooting conditions. In this blog, we will explore the incredible autofocus performance of the Canon R1 and how it can elevate your photography to new heights.

Canon R1: Autofocus – Faster, More Accurate Frame to Frame Focus


Is the Canon R1 getting a faster autofocus system with improved subject movement prediction, and will this technology show up in other Canon cameras with phase detect autofocus, like the upcoming Canon R5 Mark II? In this article, we explore the details of a recent Canon patent filing and discuss the potential impact on Canon cameras.

Canon Patent Filing JP 2023 149 423 Alpha

According to Canon patent filing JP 2023 149 423 Alpha, published on October 13, 2023, and filed on March 31, 2022, Canon has developed a way to enhance the phase detect autofocus system. This improvement aims to achieve more accurate autofocus control by better predicting subject movement. Surprisingly, there is no mention of a quad pixel autofocus system in this patent application, despite previous rumors and releases.

Potential Application for Canon Cameras

The patent filing does not explicitly mention any specific camera models. However, it is speculated that this technology could be applied to the Canon R1, Canon R5 Mark II, and even entry-level Canon cameras. The patent discusses a “control device” that refers to cameras equipped with an LCD, enabling them to focus quickly and accurately when shooting in Live View mode.

Compatibility with Face Detect Autofocus

Canon’s patent suggests that this improved autofocus technology would be applicable to all Canon cameras equipped with a face detect autofocus system and Live View capability. Canon does not typically differentiate their autofocus system across camera models, except for specific features like eye-controlled autofocus in the Canon R3.

Understanding the Patent Application

The patent describes the communication between the sensor, image processor, and lens controlling unit. It involves pixel addition and correlation calculations to determine image shift, contrast, and other attributes. The camera control unit, in conjunction with the lens control unit, exchanges information and synchronizes camera functions such as autofocus control, power settings, and recording video information.

Implications for Canon R1 and R5 Mark II

This patent application raises anticipation for the Canon R1 and R5 Mark II, as any improvements to the autofocus system are welcomed. While the specific details of what this technology entails can be complex, it signals progress in enhancing autofocus accuracy. However, it is important to note that leaked specifications should be treated with caution, as their credibility is often low.

Potential Future Application and Accessibility

Although high-end capabilities like eye-controlled autofocus may be limited to flagship cameras, there is a possibility that advancements in autofocus technology could eventually trickle down to entry-level Canon cameras. As with the evolution of automotive features, where high-end innovations eventually become accessible in more affordable models, the same could be expected in the camera industry.


The Canon R1’s potential for a faster and more accurate autofocus system, as suggested by the recent patent filing, raises excitement among camera enthusiasts. While specific details regarding this development are still unknown, the patent application highlights Canon’s commitment to improving autofocus technology across their camera lineup. As we eagerly await the release of the Canon R1 and R5 Mark II, it will be interesting to see how this enhancement translates into real-world performance.

Frequently Asked Questions – Canon R1: Autofocus

Q: How does the Canon R1’s autofocus system perform?

A: The autofocus system of Canon R1 is faster and more accurate frame to frame, providing reliable and efficient focusing capabilities.

Q: What makes the autofocus on the Canon R1 faster?

A: The Canon R1 incorporates advanced autofocus technologies such as deep learning AI and enhanced subject tracking algorithms, enabling quicker and more precise focus acquisition.

Q: Does the Canon R1’s autofocus system work well in low-light conditions?

A: Yes, the Canon R1’s autofocus system has excellent low-light performance, thanks to its high sensitivity AF sensor and improved autofocus algorithms.

Q: Can the Canon R1’s autofocus track moving subjects effectively?

A: Absolutely! The Canon R1’s autofocus system excels in tracking moving subjects with exceptional accuracy and speed, making it an ideal tool for capturing fast-paced action or sports events.

Q: Is the autofocus system customizable on the Canon R1?

A: Yes, the Canon R1 offers extensive autofocus customization options, allowing photographers to tailor the autofocus behavior to their specific shooting preferences and requirements.

Q: Can the autofocus system be used in conjunction with other camera features?

A: Yes, the Canon R1’s autofocus system seamlessly integrates with various camera features, including face detection, eye tracking, and intelligent scene analysis, enhancing overall performance and versatility.

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