iPhone 15 Pro vs Sony A7SIII – Can you tell the difference?

Are you tired of lugging around your bulky camera while trying to capture Instagram-worthy shots? Or are you constantly squinting at your smartphone screen, hoping for DSLR-like image quality? Well, fret no more! In this blog, we are going to explore the iPhone 15 Pro and Sony A7SIII, two of the most popular options for capturing stunning visuals.

With technology advancing rapidly, can you really tell the difference between a professional camera and a high-end smartphone? We will delve into the key features, image quality, and performance of both devices to help you make an informed decision. So get ready to zoom in and compare as we embark on this exciting tech journey!

iPhone 15 Pro vs Sony A7SIII – Can you tell the difference?


Today we’re going to be comparing the iPhone 15 Pro to my $7,000 camera setup and we’re going to see if you can really tell the difference. Write down which shots you thought were shot with the iPhone 15 Pro and which ones were shot with the A7SIII and the 1635 G Master lens. Let’s see how many of you guys get it wrong, because I swear it’s not going to be easy.

The Comparison

Okay, so how many of you actually saw a clear difference or was it actually pretty hard to figure out what shots were shot on the iPhone 15 Pro and which shots were shot on the A7SIII? Now, just to remind you, my $7,000 camera setup, the A7SIII with the 1635 G Master lens, is something I’m using on a daily basis, my professional camera setup. And we’re comparing this to an iPhone, something that’s a mobile phone in your pocket. Let’s watch through the footage again.


I’m going to reveal to you guys which clips were shot on the iPhone 15 Pro and which ones were shot on the Sony A7SIII with the 1635 G Master lens. It’s honestly crazy because I couldn’t even tell which clips were shot with the iPhone 15 Pro or which ones were shot on the Sony A7SIII, and I was the one who actually shot this footage.

The Power of the iPhone 15 Pro

I think one of the most game-changing features in the iPhone 15 Pro was the Apple ProRes Log. This feature has closed the gap the most between mobile and professional mirrorless cameras. Back in the day, no matter how amazing or high quality the mobile footage was, it still had that ugly digital sharpness that just gave it away as being shot with a mobile phone. But now, with ProRes Log, it’s giving a really nice image to color grade with.

By the way, if you enjoyed the color grading on all of this footage, the secret sauce was my brand new Cinema collection, which we’ll talk about later. Let’s continue.

The Challenges

  • Identifying footage from different cameras was surprisingly challenging, even for the person who shot it.
  • Wide and ultra-wide shots were particularly difficult to differentiate between the iPhone 15 Pro and the Sony A7SIII.
  • Close-up portraits showed a more noticeable difference between the two cameras, with the iPhone’s digital sharpness and less natural shallow depth of field compared to the Sony’s more natural look.
  • The iPhone 15 Pro exhibited impressive dynamic range, maintaining detail in the sky, trees, and leaves, while the Sony A7SIII’s background was blown out.
  • Computational photography in the iPhone allowed for multiple exposures to be combined, resulting in higher dynamic range, whereas the Sony relied solely on its sensor.
  • Despite the price difference, footage of the person riding their OneWheel seamlessly matched between the Sony A7SIII and the iPhone 15 Pro, demonstrating the capabilities of mobile photography.

The Convenience of the iPhone 15 Pro

What honestly gets me so excited about the iPhone 15 Pro is that you can have this in your pocket at all times and it’s your B camera. You can mix and match footage from the iPhone 15 Pro and then use it alongside, for example, your A7SIII, which is super handy. I’m not always carrying my A7SIII with me, but I do always have my iPhone 15 Pro in my pocket, meaning that at all times, I have a great camera if I want to capture a moment or get a shot for the future.

The Limitations

Even though I’ve been praising the iPhone 15 Pro and talking about how amazing it is and how the gap between mobile and mirrorless has just gotten narrower, there are still limitations to using something like the iPhone 15 Pro.

Firstly, the lack of a flip LCD screen is a disadvantage. You’re kind of going blind into things. You don’t know what the exposure is looking like, you don’t know how the composition is, and it can be challenging to film with the iPhone 15 Pro, especially in certain situations like low-angle shots.

Secondly, low-light situations can be a challenge for the iPhone 15 Pro. This phone and camera work great when you have a lot of light and ideal shooting conditions. But the moment you start shooting in low-light situations, it just doesn’t look as good anymore. There can be a weird jitter and shake in the footage, and it might be because the shutter speed is going so low in order to get more light.

Lastly, file sizes are a concern. If I were to use the iPhone 15 Pro as my main camera, I would be spending so much money on storage because the file sizes of Apple ProRes Log are huge. Shooting with the iPhone 15 Pro can consume a lot of storage space.


In conclusion, the iPhone 15 Pro has made incredible advancements in narrowing the gap between mobile and mirrorless cameras. It can produce amazing image quality, especially with the introduction of Apple ProRes Log. However, there are still limitations to using the iPhone 15 Pro, such as the lack of a flip LCD screen, low-light performance, and file sizes. So, while the iPhone 15 Pro can be a great tool to have in your pocket, it is not without its limitations.

Iphone 15 pro street photography

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are well-suited for street photography.

Whether I’m aiming for intimate portraits or dynamic cityscapes, the iPhone 15 Pro’s shallow depth-of-field effect rivals that of a DSLR, ensuring each shot is infused with depth and emotion.

See some advantages and reasons why the iphone 15 is good for street photography in the table below.

Feature Description
Lenses The iPhone 15 Pro has seven lenses, including a 120mm telephoto lens that allows for a shallow depth-of-field effect, which is beneficial for capturing candid street scenes. The 35mm lens is best for street photography with strong subjects, while the 48mm lens is ideal for portraits and food shots. The ultra-wide lens is good for sweeping landscapes and horizons.
Processor The A17 processor enables quick sequential RAW file shooting with minimal delay, making it easier to capture fast-moving subjects.
Image stabilization The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s sensor-shift image stabilization, which includes movement along the depth (z) axis, helps to produce sharp telephoto shots, even in low-light conditions.
Bokeh The iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Portrait mode produces blur, and users can change the focal point and blur amount in JPEGs after capture. The 5x zoom camera can also be used while shooting in Portrait mode, further enhancing the iPhone’s capabilities for street photography.
Performance The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are considered capable and enjoyable picture-takers for street photography, offering a balance between convenience and performance that is unique to smartphone cameras. The devices have been praised for their ability to capture candid street scenes, portraits, and food shots, among other subjects.

FAQs: iPhone 15 Pro vs Sony A7SIII – Can you tell the difference?

Q: What is the main difference between the iPhone 15 Pro and the Sony A7SIII?

A: The main difference lies in their primary functions. The iPhone 15 Pro is primarily a smartphone, while the Sony A7SIII is a professional mirrorless camera designed for high-quality photography and video recording.

Q: Which device has better camera capabilities?

A: The Sony A7SIII is renowned for its exceptional camera capabilities, thanks to its larger sensor size, superior low-light performance, interchangeable lenses, and advanced settings. While the iPhone 15 Pro has a decent camera, it cannot match the level of control and image quality provided by the Sony A7SIII.

Q: Can the iPhone 15 Pro be a suitable alternative for professional photography?

A: While the iPhone 15 Pro has made impressive strides in camera technology, it still cannot rival the capabilities of a dedicated camera like the Sony A7SIII. The iPhone 15 Pro can produce great results for everyday use and casual photography needs but may fall short in delivering professional-level results.

Q: What are the advantages of using the iPhone 15 Pro over the Sony A7SIII?

A: The iPhone 15 Pro offers the convenience of an all-in-one device, combining a powerful smartphone with a capable camera. It provides seamless integration with various apps, effortless sharing of photos and videos, and a familiar user interface. Additionally, the iPhone 15 Pro is compact, portable, and always readily available compared to carrying around a larger camera like the Sony A7SIII.

Q: Can the Sony A7SIII record better quality videos than the iPhone 15 Pro?

A: Yes, the Sony A7SIII is specifically designed for professional video recording and offers superior video quality. It supports various advanced codecs, higher frame rates, higher resolutions, and better dynamic range. While the iPhone 15 Pro can capture high-quality videos, it may not match the level of video precision and control provided by the Sony A7SIII.

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