The Best Smartphone Camera I’ve Ever Used | OPPO Find N3 Photography Review

Are you tired of carrying around a heavy DSLR camera everywhere you go, just to capture a stunning photo? Look no further than the OPPO Find N3 smartphone. With its powerful camera capabilities, this smartphone is built to impress even the most avid photographers. In this photography review, we will dive into the features and performance of the OPPO Find N3’s camera, highlighting why it is the best smartphone camera we have ever used. From its innovative rotating camera module to its impressive image quality, this smartphone is revolutionizing mobile photography and setting a new standard for smartphone cameras. Let’s explore the OPPO Find N3’s camera prowess and discover how it can elevate your photography to new heights.

The Best Smartphone Camera I’ve Ever Used | OPPO Find N3 Photography Review


So this smartphone camera takes the photography power of Hasselblad and puts it in your pocket and this might be the best mobile photography device I’ve ever used so this right here is the Oppo Find N3 a beautifully designed foldable smartphone with a huge display as well. As a massive camera on the back and this phone is taking photography extremely seriously as you can see the Hasselblad Insignia is on the lens and Hasselblad has its history all throughout this phone now Oppo reached out to me before this phone became available to the Public and asked me to test it see how good the camera is and Oppo is sponsoring today’s video and I really appreciate them sending me this device to test out before anyone else it’s actually kind of an honor for me especially considering lately I’ve been more and more interested in Mobile Photography because I think this is the future I love the innovations that are happening in these devices and me as a professional photographer who’s been using dslrs mirrorless for years it’s really cool to finally have the the ability to make beautiful images with a device that fits into your pocket now a Quick disclaimer for anyone who’s new here on this channel we are focused on making beautiful photography this is not one of those test videos where I make pictures of my mailbox of the cat our goal is to create art beautiful images that could potentially be printed go Into a book or be proudly shared on social media and that was my objective with the Oppo Find and three get images that are stunning that I’m proud of and really push this camera to its AB absolute limit so I hope that hard work translates into the images that you see Throughout this video and if it does for you do me a solid hit the Thumbs Up Button now briefly I’m going to run down some of the things that I was very interested in with this phone and throughout the video I’ll explain how I feel on each one of these talking points The first thing was the upgraded 48 megap native camera which is a 24 mm focal length the Oppo Find N3 has the ability to capture raw so every photo that I made in this video is a raw file that I treated exactly like a photo I Would make on any of my other cameras mirrorless or DSLR now another feature that interested me was the ultra wide camera from what I know it’s not a huge upgrade but I’ve never used an Oppo phone before so I was excited to see what this was capable of that is also Going to be 48 megapixels and finally this is the feature that really excites me 64 megapixels on the telephoto camera using the Oppo Find N3 with a/ in sensor foldable smartphone cameras typically miss out on telephoto features but this has the ability to capture lossless six-time Zoom images which is absolutely Preposterous I was also very interested in the Hasselblad portrait mode which is supposed to be a major Improvement to portrait mode on smartphone cameras I was also interested in the Hasselblad xan mode as well as the general design of this camera and how it translated to photography being that it’s a foldable Phone with a large display so first let’s talk about my experience with the standard 24mm camera C on this smartphone now remember these are 48 megap files and they did not disappoint as of today these are the highest quality smartphone images I’ve ever made I mean some of these photos I really Can’t distinguish them between something i’ make on any other camera that’s how good it is the colors at 10bit are beautiful they’re Punchy they’re very easy to edit and manipulate as well and I loved how easy the raw files were to work with there was no real strange Color issues or issues with the white balance which have been problems in the past with other mobile photography devices but my favorite thing about all the photos I made using this 24mm wide angle camera is just how perfect and natural they look typically in the past I’ve been very critical of mobile Cameras and how overly Sharp Images can look how there is a big contrast between highlights and shadows but this handled every situation beautifully they don’t look overly digitized there’s none of this hypers sharpness that you get in other mobile devices and this is a big step in the right direction for mobile Photography in general now as for the 48 megap wideangle camera the biggest difference I noticed in the Oppo Find N3 is the sharpness in the corners on wide angle photos in the past with basically any other mobile camera I’ve used it feels like the corners are extremely Soft and you get a lot of chromatic abrasion that’s been the biggest issue with these ultrawide smartphone cameras in my opinion the Oppo Find N3 does a great job of keeping the corner sharp now they’re not perfect this isn’t Magic but in my opinion it compares to what I’m used to using low aperture Ultra wide angle lenses but the big thing that blew me away on the Oppo Find and 3 is this 64 megapixel telephoto camera I didn’t really think I was going to use it very much during this test but I kept finding myself going back to this camera Because it was so fun to use the fact that I can just be walking down the street grab my phone and make a six times telephoto image that is lossless at 64 megapixels and have the image look like this is truly unbelievable this is a massive step for mobile photography And it’s something that really blew me away on this device and on top of that when you’re using this camera at those higher telephoto focal lengths you get a natural fallof to the background of your image so you get real bokeh from a smartphone not digitized portrait mode Or anything like that you’re getting raw files that have depth of field and sharp now speaking of portrait mode in the past I’ve been very critical of portrait mode on smartphone devices across the board I’ve just always felt like it didn’t look natural and it wasn’t a true Blurry background but with the Oppo Find N3 and the Hasselblad portrait mode this is a massive Improvement to what portrait mode can do with a smartphone in my opinion these images even though they are jpegs which I don’t really love I can’t wait for smartphones to have raw Portrait mode they have a very natural fallof look to the blurry background that is being created by the smartphone Alec has really curly hair and his hair is a nightmare for portrait modes because typically they can’t distinguish between his hair and the background and you get these weird blotchy looks to the Blur but in the test photos I’ve made of Alec they look really good they’re very natural the falloff is a nice progression it’s not this overly done look and I really enjoyed the portrait mode images in that limited test that did so as for the larger sensor on this Camera it definitely lives up to the hype and does everything that you would expect these images look beautiful I’ll just let them speak for themselves but I really loved how much data was in these files and I loved how much resolution you achieved as well these photos are Hands down the best mobile photos I’ve ever made and it’s also worth noting that this large sensor handles low light extremely well the images that I made out on the street or in shadowy areas when I was out hiking they look incredible there’s not a lot of Grain in these photos even at isos like 1600 which is not the standard.

FAQ – The Best Smartphone Camera I’ve Ever Used | OPPO Find N3 Photography Review

  1. What makes the camera on the OPPO Find N3 special?

    The camera on the OPPO Find N3 is equipped with a 16-megapixel swivel camera that functions as both the rear and front camera, providing top-notch quality for all your photography needs.

  2. Does the OPPO Find N3 camera offer unique photography features?

    Absolutely! The OPPO Find N3 camera offers several unique features, including Ultra HD Mode which captures stunningly detailed photos, Super Zoom for incredible close-ups, slow shutter for mesmerizing long-exposure shots, and much more.

  3. Can I take excellent low-light photos with the OPPO Find N3?

    Definitely! The OPPO Find N3 excels in low-light conditions, thanks to its advanced Pure Image 2.0 technology and built-in LED flash. It allows you to capture clear, bright, and noise-free images, even in dark environments.

  4. Is the OPPO Find N3 suitable for professional photography?

    While the OPPO Find N3 offers exceptional camera capabilities, it is primarily designed for smartphone photography enthusiasts rather than professional photographers. That being said, its versatile camera can produce high-quality results for various photography genres.

  5. Is the camera on the OPPO Find N3 easy to use?

    Absolutely! The camera interface on the OPPO Find N3 is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to capture stunning photos. Additionally, it offers multiple shooting modes and adjustable settings to cater to different photography preferences.

  6. What other notable features does the OPPO Find N3 offer?

    Aside from its remarkable camera, the OPPO Find N3 boasts a range of impressive features. These include a sleek and stylish design, a powerful processor for smooth multitasking, a large and vibrant display, a long-lasting battery, and advanced security options.

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