What’s In My Camera Bag 2019 | Shooting Portraits and Fashion

What essential items should every photographer have in their camera bag for shooting portraits and fashion in 2019? Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur, having the right gear is crucial for capturing stunning and memorable images. With ever-evolving technology and trends, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest must-have items for your camera bag. From lenses and lighting equipment to accessories and gadgets, the right tools can make all the difference in achieving the perfect shot. In this blog, we’ll explore the essential gear that should be in every photographer’s camera bag for shooting portraits and fashion in 2019.

What’s In My Camera Bag 2019 | Shooting Portraits and Fashion

In this video I won’t be taking you guys through my camera bag so basically everything that I bring with me when I go to a portrait shoot so for those of you guys who know me personally or if you’ve been following along on this channel for a little while now You’ll know that I have quite a lot of gear and the reason for that is I shoot a lot of different projects and also shoot photography and video so today I’m going to be focusing on the photography side of things and even more specifically what I bring with me on a Portrait photo shoot because I don’t usually bring a ton of gear with me on a portrait photo shoot the bag that I’m using is actually a backpack so this is the street Walker Pro version 2.0 from think tank I really like this bag if it’s actually quite a Lot of gear for the size so the only thing I don’t like about this bag is it can’t actually hold my 15-inch MacBook Pro it’s just a little bit too small for that although it can hold a tablet in this back compartment so this actually Opens up and you can fit a tablet in there if you need to it’s got pockets on the front as well as on the sides for easy access and it just zips right open flips open like this yeah it’s a really solid bag and I’ve been really enjoying Using it lately it’s pretty rare that I’ll actually wear a backpack while I’m shooting so usually what I do is I leave the backpack in my car and when I get to the location where I want to shoot I’ll take the equipment out that I think I’m Going to need and I’ll put it in this bag which is the think tank mirrorless mover 25 usually I’ve got the DSLR on my shoulder on a strap and I’ll chuck two extra lenses in here as well as spare batteries and spare cards so I’ve always Got them with me and if I need extra gear I can go back to my backpack and get what I need basically reload this bag again show you guys really quickly there’s like a center divider so you can put the camera here and another lens here then you can Store some other stuff on the inside up here now with the bags out of the way we can move on to the cameras so starting off with the first camera and this is the 5d Mark 4 and the Land I have on here is the Sigma Art Series 35 1.4 and this is the lens that will stay on my camera most of the time I absolutely love this combination for shooting portraits the 35 millimeter is not traditionally a portrait lens although I really really like the look of it because you can get creative with Your angles you can get up really close but also taking a few steps back you can get a really nice wide angle so that’s what I really love about this is the versatility as well as the F 1.4 aperture you can get some really nice separation and blurry backgrounds while Still having like a wide angle so for me it’s a really interesting lens and it’s actually probably been my favorite focal length for a full-frame probably ever since I can remember this was one of the first prime lenses they ever bought maybe back in 2012 and I absolutely loved it to this day So the 5d Mark before I guess is my weapon of choice when it comes to full-frame I love the touch screen I love the face tracking the dual pixel autofocus shooting in live view as you guys have seen me do in previous videos it’s just really easy it nails focus the Colors are beautiful everything about this camera I really love it the battery life it’s just a really solid performer and it’s kind of like my go-to camera for shooting portraits but the next lens in my bag is another Sigma art lens you’ll be seeing a trend here with the Sigma lenses is The 50 millimeter 1.4 art absolutely love this one it is definitely the sharpest lens I own this lens will give you really nice separation really beautiful background blur it is a little bit longer than the 35 although this is a beautiful lens for close-ups and it’s A great all-around up I’d say if I’m going to a location and I’m not really sure what to expect I’ll definitely have the 50 millimeter on my camera because it can pretty much do everything guys before we go into the rest of the bag I Do want to let you know I’m gonna be making a part 2 for this video and it’s going to revolve more around my filmmaking equipment so if you guys want to see that one make sure you hit subscribe and then hit the little bell so you get notified I don’t want you To miss that one so while the 35 and the 50 are definitely the most used lenses in my bag when it comes to shooting portraits I do have two other lenses that I use fairly often the first one another Sigma art lens is the 24 1.4 and This is really not a portrait lens it’s definitely an unconventional lens to use for shooting people but I think in the right situations you can create some really interesting images with it the final lens that I’ll bring for the full-frame Canon 5d is this Sigma 85 millimeter Sigma once again 85 Millimeter 1.4 now you’ll notice this is not the art version and I did own that lens for a little while it’s just too heavy the art lens is big and heavy and I just didn’t really enjoy bringing it around I actually got this one with the 5d when I bought it so this lens was free so how could I say no to that but I actually did own this lens since about 2013 I think lens is really really sharp I think it’s probably one of the most underrated Sigma lenses and I would say the sharpness is actually really Comparable to the art version and it does handle chromatic aberrations really well yeah I would say bang for buck this is one of the best 85 so you can get for full-frame the 85 millimeter is a portrait lens as well so most photographers will call this a portrait Lens and maybe when they’re shooting headshots and stuff like that only use this lens which is fine that’s cool I prefer other focal lengths so this is not exactly my cup of tea for portraits but I still love having this one in my bag the backgrounds you can create a so Buttery so smooth it’s just a magical lens so moving on to the next camera and that is my Fuji XT 3 which is actually filming this video right now otherwise I would show you guys but I’ll cut in some b-roll and the main lens that I have on the XT 3 is This medic on 35 millimeter F 0.9 and 5 so this is actually a 50 millimeter equivalent lens I’ve already made a video like a behind-the-scenes of me shooting with this lens so I’ll leave that video in the description below if you guys want to go check that out I recommend that you do just this combination the 35 with the Fuji xt3 this is manual focus but I honestly just love shooting with this lens it’s just so much fun the reason I bring the Fuji as well I love the form factor of the camera sometimes I’ll actually bring the Fuji By itself and not even bring my Canon it’s amazing especially with this lens another lens that I’ll bring with me sometimes which I don’t have with me…

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Lens that I’ll bring with me sometimes which I don’t have with me…

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What’s In My Camera Bag 2019 | Shooting Portraits and Fashion

  1. What are the essential items in a camera bag for shooting portraits and fashion in 2019?

    For shooting portraits and fashion in 2019, essential items in a camera bag include a high-quality DSLR or mirrorless camera, a variety of lenses such as a portrait lens and a wide-angle lens, external flash or strobe, spare batteries and memory cards, and lens cleaning supplies.

  2. Is it necessary to have additional lighting equipment in a camera bag for shooting portraits and fashion?

    Yes, additional lighting equipment such as external flash or strobe is necessary for shooting portraits and fashion to achieve the desired lighting effects and to enhance the overall quality of the images.

  3. What other accessories should be included in a camera bag for shooting portraits and fashion?

    Other accessories that should be included in a camera bag for shooting portraits and fashion include a tripod for stability, a remote shutter release for hands-free shooting, and a reflector for bouncing light onto the subject.

  4. Why is it important to have spare batteries and memory cards in a camera bag?

    Having spare batteries and memory cards in a camera bag is important to prevent any interruption in the shoot due to running out of power or storage space. It allows the photographer to continue shooting without any delay.

  5. How should a camera bag be organized for shooting portraits and fashion?

    A camera bag for shooting portraits and fashion should be organized in a way that allows easy access to the essential items such as the camera, lenses, and lighting equipment. It is important to keep the bag organized and to be able to locate items quickly during a shoot.

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