SONY A7III Low Light Video high ISO test!

Are you a photographer or videographer who often finds yourself shooting in low light conditions? Struggling to capture the perfect shot without sacrificing image quality? Look no further – we have the ultimate solution for you. In this blog post, we will be discussing the highly acclaimed SONY A7III camera’s low light video capabilities, with a particular focus on its high ISO performance. We understand the importance of being equipped with a camera that can handle challenging lighting situations, and we have put the SONY A7III to the test. Join us as we dive into the world of low light videography and explore the high ISO capabilities of this remarkable camera.

Sony A7III Low Light Video High ISO Test


In this article, we will be discussing the low light video performance of the Sony A7III camera, specifically its high ISO capabilities. The test was conducted by Jason Morris at Southbank in Brisbane on a cold winter night. The aim was to see how the camera performed in low light situations with ISO settings above 4000.

Testing Conditions:

H3 Heading: Southbank in Brisbane at Night

The test was carried out at Southbank in Brisbane during the night. The location provided a variety of lighting conditions, making it an ideal place to evaluate the camera’s performance in low light situations.


H3 Heading: High ISO Performance

The Sony A7III impressed with its high ISO performance. Even at ISO settings above 4000, the camera produced remarkably clean and noise-free images. The low light capabilities of the camera allowed for capturing sharp details and accurate colors in challenging lighting conditions.

Video Sample:

H3 Heading: B-Roll Footage

As seen in the accompanying video footage, the Sony A7III excels in low light situations. The camera captures vibrant and well-exposed shots even in dimly lit environments. The high ISO capabilities enable the camera to produce professional-quality videos in challenging lighting conditions.


H3 Heading: Impressive Performance

In conclusion, the Sony A7III proves to be an excellent choice for low light videography. Its high ISO capabilities ensure outstanding image quality, even in the most demanding lighting conditions. Whether shooting at night or in poorly lit environments, this camera delivers exceptional results.

So, if you are a videographer looking for a reliable and versatile camera that excels in low light situations, the Sony A7III is definitely worth considering.

SONY A7III Low Light Video high ISO test – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – SONY A7III Low Light Video High ISO Test

Q: What is the SONY A7III?

A: The SONY A7III is a popular full-frame mirrorless camera known for its exceptional image quality, advanced autofocus, and powerful video capabilities.

Q: What does “Low Light Video” refer to?

A: Low Light Video refers to the ability of the SONY A7III to capture high-quality videos in low-light situations, where the lighting conditions are less than ideal. It excels in recording clear and detailed videos even in challenging lighting environments.

Q: What is ISO and how does it relate to low light performance?

A: ISO is a camera setting that determines the sensitivity of its image sensor to light. For low light video, a higher ISO setting allows the camera to capture more light, resulting in brighter footage. However, increasing the ISO can introduce digital noise into the image, so finding the optimal balance is crucial.

Q: Can the SONY A7III shoot videos in high ISO?

A: Yes, the SONY A7III has a remarkable low light performance, allowing you to shoot videos at high ISO settings without significant loss in image quality. It utilizes advanced noise reduction technology to minimize noise and preserve details, resulting in impressive video quality even at high ISOs.

Q: What are the advantages of using the SONY A7III for low light video?

A: The SONY A7III offers several advantages for low light video shooting, including:

  • Excellent low light performance, enabling you to capture well-exposed footage even in dimly lit environments.
  • Superior autofocus system that ensures accurate focus even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Wide dynamic range and impressive color reproduction for visually stunning video output.
  • Built-in image stabilization for smooth and steady handheld footage in low light situations.

Q: Are there any recommended settings for shooting low light video on the SONY A7III?

A: While the optimal settings may vary depending on the specific shooting conditions, here are some recommendations:

  • Set the camera to manual mode for better control over settings.
  • Choose a wide aperture lens to maximize light gathering capabilities.
  • Set a higher ISO to increase sensor sensitivity, but be mindful of noise levels.
  • Use a slower shutter speed to allow more light into the camera.
  • Consider using picture profiles like S-Log to increase dynamic range for post-processing flexibility.

Q: Can high ISO affect video quality?

A: While high ISO settings can introduce digital noise into the image, the SONY A7III’s advanced noise reduction technology effectively minimizes this noise, resulting in excellent video quality even at high ISOs. However, it is still advisable to find the optimal ISO setting for each specific situation to ensure the best possible video output.

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