Why you NEED these – PolarPro Cinema Series for GoPro and Osmo Action

Are you tired of capturing shaky and unstable footage with your GoPro or Osmo Action camera? Do you want to take your action shots and videos to the next level? Look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you – the PolarPro Cinema Series filters! These high-quality filters are a must-have for any action camera enthusiast looking to improve the overall quality of their footage. With a variety of lenses to choose from, these filters are designed to enhance your creativity and elevate your content to new heights. Say goodbye to blurry shots and hello to crystal-clear, professional-looking footage with the PolarPro Cinema Series filters.

Why you NEED these – PolarPro Cinema Series for GoPro and Osmo Action


Today I’m talking ND filters again because so many of you guys asked me review the PolarPro ND filters that were sent to me. These were sent to me a little while back and the main question I got on them was they’re kind of expensive. Is it worth spending money to get expensive ND filters or what are the cheap ones to do the same job?

Importance of ND Filters

If you’re not convinced after my entire video on ND filters and shutter speed maintaining the proper shutter speed the 180 rule all that click here by the way at the end of this video. ND filters are essential for achieving the perfect exposure in your videos and photography.

Side By Side Comparison

At the end of this video, I’m gonna do a little side by side with two GoPros. I’ll pick one GoPro and I’ll put ND filters on it. The other one I’ll have no ND filters. I’ll mount them side by side and do some footage for you guys to check out. This comparison will show you the difference ND filters make in your content.

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PolarPro ND Filters Review

PolarPro Cinema Series

The PolarPro ND filters I have are the Cinema Series, which are top of the line. These ND filters are designed to enhance the quality of your footage and give you the best results possible. The set includes ND 8, 16, and 32 filters for the GoPro and ND 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 filters for the Osmo Action.

High-Quality Glass

Right away, you can see these are not your cheap Amazon ND filters. These are high-end, premium quality glass filters with 16 layers of anti-reflective, anti-scratch, and anti-oil/water coatings. The quality of these filters ensures that you get crisp, clear footage every time.

Exact Replacement for OEM Parts

One of the standout features of these PolarPro ND filters is that they are an exact replacement for the OEM parts. Whether you’re using a GoPro or an Osmo Action, these filters fit perfectly and seamlessly. This makes them compatible with any vlogging case or accessory you may have.

Magnetic System on Osmo Action Filters

The Osmo Action ND filters have a unique magnetic system, making them easy to attach and detach. The magnetic ring goes on the front of your Osmo Action, and the filters simply pop on and off. This makes changing filters on the go a breeze and adds a level of convenience to your shooting experience.


In conclusion, the PolarPro Cinema Series ND filters are a worthwhile investment for any GoPro or Osmo Action user. The high-quality glass, precise fit, and convenient features make them stand out from cheaper alternatives. If you’re serious about capturing professional-looking footage and enhancing your content, these ND filters are a must-have accessory.

FAQ: Why you NEED the PolarPro Cinema Series for GoPro and Osmo Action

1. What makes the PolarPro Cinema Series filters a must-have for my GoPro and Osmo Action?

The PolarPro Cinema Series filters are specifically designed to enhance the image quality of your action camera by reducing glare, improving color accuracy, and providing better contrast in various lighting conditions.

2. How do these filters enhance my footage?

These filters help improve the overall look of your videos and photos by reducing unwanted reflections, saturating colors, and enhancing details. They are essential for capturing professional-looking footage with your action camera.

3. Can I achieve the same results without using filters?

While it is possible to enhance your footage in post-production, using filters during filming can save you time and effort in achieving the desired look. The PolarPro Cinema Series filters are designed to give you high-quality results straight out of the camera.

4. Are these filters easy to attach and use?

Yes, these filters are designed to be easily attachable to your GoPro and Osmo Action cameras. They come with a secure mounting system that ensures they stay in place during filming, so you can focus on capturing your shots without worry.

5. How do I choose the right filter for my shooting conditions?

The PolarPro Cinema Series filters come in a variety of options, including ND, polarizer, and hybrid filters. You can choose the right filter based on the lighting conditions and the look you want to achieve in your footage. The filters also come with a handy guide to help you choose the right one for your needs.

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