Photography gear you shouldn’t buy…

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of photography gear available on the market? Do you often find yourself purchasing items that you end up not needing or using? In this blog, we will discuss some photography gear that you should avoid buying. By avoiding these unnecessary purchases, you can save money and make more informed decisions when it comes to investing in equipment that will truly enhance your photography experience. Let’s explore some common items that may seem appealing at first, but are ultimately not worth the investment.

Photography Gear You Shouldn’t Buy

Hello everybody and welcome to another video sponsored by Lumix. I’m just making sure that I’m in focus and typically when I do this at the start with video I look at myself in the screen and think I should really start paying a bit more attention to my appearance in these videos at some point. I mean not a lot, it’s not a beauty contest as you well know, but I should at least make sure that I don’t look like I’ve been sleeping in a farmyard. Luckily, today’s not about me, it’s about beginner photographers and what you shouldn’t buy if you’re a beginner photographer at the start of the process of just getting into photography.


Now there are tiny little filters, various kinds of filters, to be honest, but there are a few that I think are the least worthwhile investing in starting with graduated filters. Graduated filters might have seen them in the past, but they are not necessary when starting out in photography as it’s easy to achieve a similar effect in post-processing in software like Lightroom or Photoshop.

UV Filters

Another kind of filter that isn’t a good idea to invest in is UV filters. These filters are mostly used for protection of the front element of the lens but can affect image quality. Instead, use a lens hood for protection.

Polarizer and Neutral Density Filters

A few filter types that might be worth investing in when starting out are polarizer and neutral density filters. Polarizers can achieve effects that are difficult to replicate in post-processing, while super dark neutral density filters are useful for achieving long exposures.


Another product that beginner photographers often ask about is a drone. While drones can provide amazing perspectives and shots, they might not be practical for every photographer, especially if you’re not able to charge batteries on the go. Drones can be a niche product in photography and might not be suitable for every beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Photography Gear You Shouldn’t Buy

What are some photography gear items that I should avoid purchasing?

Some photography gear items that you may want to reconsider buying include cheap knockoff lenses, overly specialized gadgets that have limited use, and outdated equipment that may not meet your needs.

Why should I avoid cheap knockoff lenses?

Cheap knockoff lenses may not provide the same level of quality and performance as genuine lenses from reputable brands. They can affect the image quality of your photos and may not last as long as lenses from trusted manufacturers.

What are some examples of overly specialized gadgets to avoid?

Examples of overly specialized gadgets that you may want to avoid include single-use photography tools that have limited functionality and may not justify the cost. These items may also become obsolete quickly as technology advances.

Is it worth buying outdated photography equipment?

Outdated photography equipment may not have the same features and capabilities as newer models, making it harder to keep up with the latest photography trends and techniques. It may be more cost-effective in the long run to invest in newer equipment that offers more versatility and longevity.

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