Why Sony Video Color SUCKS and How to FIX IT!

Are you tired of the lackluster video color from your Sony camera? Do you find yourself constantly struggling to get the perfect color balance in your videos? If so, you’re not alone. Many Sony camera users have complained about the subpar video color quality produced by their cameras. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem that can help you achieve the vibrant and accurate colors you desire in your videos. In this blog, we will dive into the reasons why Sony video color can be disappointing and provide you with practical tips on how to improve it. Say goodbye to dull and lifeless video color, and say hello to stunning and vibrant visuals.

Why Sony Video Color SUCKS and How to FIX IT!

Hey guys, welcome back to another video. In this one, we’re going to be talking about the best custom picture profile settings for current generation Sony cameras. Note, it’s important to focus on the current generation as Sony has hinted at changes in their future cameras.

Before diving into the settings, it’s worth mentioning the camera guides available at academy.dslrvideoshooter.com, which can provide valuable support for those interested in customizing their Sony camera settings.

Custom Picture Profile Settings

When customizing the settings for a Sony camera, start by going into the menu system and selecting the picture profiles. From there, change the gamma to S log 2 and the color mode to ITU-709 matrix. Additionally, adjusting the detail to negative 7 can remove in-camera sharpening, providing a smoother finish.

Understanding Gamma and Color Mode

Gamma controls contrast and brightness values within the image, determining the position of black, white, and middle gray. On the other hand, the color mode controls the saturation of the image and the distribution of different colors.

By using S log 2, there is a higher dynamic range in the captured video, enabling greater flexibility in post-production. However, combining S log 2 with ITU-709 matrix, rather than the traditional S gamut, is more beneficial for current Sony cameras due to limitations in color reproduction and data rate.

Why S Gamut Doesn’t Work

Sony’s S gamut on these cameras has been revealed as a color reproduction equivalent rather than the real thing. This results in a lack of saturation and color information, leading to poor results in post-production.

Furthermore, the use of S log 2 with S gamut in an 8-bit system with a low data rate can result in significant artifacts and color distortion, making it challenging to work with the footage effectively.

The Benefits of ITU-709 Matrix

The ITU-709 matrix setting provides more color information and saturation, allowing for a better balance between capturing a richer image and preserving flexibility in post-production. This setting remaps the color correctly for use with S log 2, resulting in improved color quality without the need for extensive correction in post-production.


Ultimately, by using the recommended custom picture profile settings, Sony camera users can achieve improved color quality and dynamic range straight from the camera. Hopefully, future Sony cameras will address these limitations, offering higher data rates and more accurate color reproduction.

Overall, these settings provide a good starting point for capturing high-quality video content and streamlining the post-production process. With the hope of upcoming improvements in Sony’s video specifications, there is excitement for what the future holds for color reproduction on Sony cameras.

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Why Sony Video Color SUCKS and How to FIX IT!

Why does Sony Video Color Suck?

Sony video color can be subpar due to its default settings, which might result in dull and washed-out colors.

How can I fix the color issues in Sony video?

To improve the color in Sony video, you can adjust the color settings in the camera or in post-production editing software. Additionally, you can use custom color profiles or invest in professional color grading services.

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