How I Made A Spec Tourism Video Using The Zhiyun Crane 4

In today’s digital age, the power of video has become essential in captivating audiences and showcasing the beauty of the world. As a passionate videographer, I recently embarked on a mission to create a spectacular tourism video using the cutting-edge Zhiyun Crane 4 stabilizer. This innovative device has revolutionized the way I capture footage, allowing me to achieve professional-level stability and smoothness. Join me on this blog as I share my experience, from selecting the perfect destinations to planning shots and utilizing the Crane 4’s impressive features. Get ready to be inspired and discover how I transformed ordinary footage into a visually stunning tourism video.

How I Made A Spec Tourism Video Using The Zhiyun Crane 4


Dear Donna, this is our amazing new Zhiyun Crane 4 Gimbal and we are so excited to see what you can do with it. It has a lightweight ergonomic design that can hold mirrorless DSLR or small Cinema cameras. The Crane 4 makes shooting vertical videos simple by just switching the camera mount position.

Introducing the Features

It has new intelligent balance indicator lights so you can see when your camera is properly balanced. You’ll also love our adjustable sling grip as well as the wrist rest so that you don’t get as tired while you’re shooting.

The Challenge

We noticed you moved to Victoria a while ago and it seems absolutely beautiful there. So we’re challenging you to make a 30-second spec tourism video that shows off some amazing places you like to visit, and of course, create that video using the power of the Crane 4. Happy filming and remember to secure the cup. Challenge accepted!

Taking on the Challenge

So, as you heard, we’re going to be taking on the challenge today of trying to film a spec tourism video. One of our goals today is going to be trying not necessarily to reinvent the wheel here. We want to just take a really simple approach to show off five or six different places in Victoria that we absolutely love or find beautiful.

Since the goal here is a 30-second video and we’ve got five or six locations, we’re probably going to want to get about 10 seconds of usable footage from each location, just so that we have twice as much as we need and a lot of options to choose from.

Filming at Beacon Hill Park

Kicking things off at Beacon Hill Park, we’re going to try and see what we can get. We got some great shots here, including one where we accidentally hit the wrong button. The Crane 4’s different modes and touch screen functionality made it easy to switch setups and capture the footage we needed.

Using the Crane 4’s Features

One thing we’ve come to appreciate about the Crane 4 is its wrist rest and adjustable handle. It makes getting stable shots much easier and reduces fatigue. These features also allow for creative shots, like downward slingshot angles and comfortable two-handed operation.

Exploring Fisherman’s Wharf

The second location we visited was Fisherman’s Wharf, which offers quirky and colorful houses on the water. Using the joystick on the Crane 4, we were able to smoothly pan and tilt the gimbal while capturing the beautiful colors of the area.

Visiting Malahat Skywalk

At the malahat Skywalk, we faced the challenge of shooting in the middle of the day when the sun was directly overhead. Despite the less-than-ideal lighting conditions, we made the best of it and used the Crane 4’s built-in light and diffuser to balance exposures.

Exploring Gold Stream Provincial Park

At Gold Stream Provincial Park, we had the opportunity to showcase Niagara Falls. We experimented with unique spinning shots and utilized the Crane 4’s stabilization capabilities to capture dynamic footage.

Visiting Fantan Alley

Our final location was Fantan Alley, part of Canada’s oldest Chinatown in Victoria. The tight and dark space required us to use the Crane 4’s built-in light to illuminate the shot without disturbing others. Despite the challenges, we managed to capture some great footage.

The Final Spec Tourism Video

We were able to visit all five locations we planned to in one day, thanks to the help of the Crane 4. Its smooth operation and adjustable handle made it easy to navigate different shooting environments. We were impressed with the gimbal’s performance and versatility throughout the shoot.

A huge thank you to Zhiyun for sponsoring this video and supporting the channel. With the Crane 4, we were able to create amazing content and continue providing free content to our viewers. Thank you for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

FAQ – How I Made a Spectacular Tourism Video Using the Zhiyun Crane 4

  1. What is the Zhiyun Crane 4?

    The Zhiyun Crane 4 is a professional-grade 3-axis gimbal stabilizer used in videography and filmmaking to capture smooth and steady footage. It is popular among content creators for its precise balancing, active tracking, and various intelligent shooting modes.

  2. Why is the Zhiyun Crane 4 suitable for creating tourism videos?

    The Zhiyun Crane 4 offers exceptional stability and control, making it perfect for capturing stunning footage of scenic locations and landmarks in tourism videos. It minimizes shaky footage, resulting in cinematic shots that attract viewers’ attention and showcase the beauty of any destination.

  3. How does the Zhiyun Crane 4 enhance video quality?

    The Zhiyun Crane 4 employs a 3-axis stabilization system that compensates for camera movements and vibrations, effectively eliminating motion blur and jerky footage. This results in professional-quality videos with smooth panning and tracking shots, providing viewers with an immersive experience.

  4. What are the key features of the Zhiyun Crane 4 for tourism videography?

    The Zhiyun Crane 4 offers features such as:

    • One-handed operation for easy handling in various shooting environments.
    • Intelligent object tracking to automatically follow subjects while filming.
    • Multiple shooting modes, including panoramic, time-lapse, and motion-lapse modes.
    • Long battery life to capture extended footage without interruptions.
    • Smooth focus and zoom control through the gimbal handle.
  5. Can the Zhiyun Crane 4 be used with any camera?

    Yes, the Zhiyun Crane 4 is compatible with a wide range of cameras, including DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and compact cameras, as long as they fall within its weight capacity and physical dimensions limitations. It is recommended to check the official product specifications for detailed compatibility information.

  6. Are there any tips for using the Zhiyun Crane 4 effectively in tourism videography?

    Some tips for creating spectacular tourism videos using the Zhiyun Crane 4 include:

    • Plan your shots in advance and scout the location to identify the best angles and points of interest.
    • Experiment with different shooting modes and techniques, such as slow-motion or time-lapse, to add variety to your videos.
    • Use the object tracking feature to capture smooth footage of moving subjects, such as people or vehicles.
    • Make sure to balance your camera properly on the gimbal to achieve optimal stabilization.
    • Take advantage of the Zhiyun Crane 4’s controls to create dynamic and cinematic camera movements, such as crane shots or smooth tracking shots.

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