What’s in my Camera Bag 2024 (Street Photography & Video) // Fujifilm, Ricoh Kit

What’s in my camera bag for street photography and video in 2024? As a photographer and videographer, having the right equipment is crucial for capturing the perfect shot. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the essential gear I carry in my camera bag for street photography and videography, focusing on Fujifilm and Ricoh kit. From compact and versatile cameras to must-have accessories, I’ll share my top recommendations for creating stunning visual content on the go. Whether you’re an aspiring street photographer or a seasoned videographer, this guide will help you pack your camera bag with the best tools for the job.

What’s in my Camera Bag 2024 (Street Photography & Video) // Fujifilm, Ricoh Kit

All About the Camera Gear

The year 2024 has arrived, and it’s time to talk about the camera gear used for both photography and film making. A quick disclaimer is in order here; you do not need all this camera gear to take good photos or make good film. The gear won’t magically make you a better photographer. It’s essential to understand that the equipment is just a tool, and skill and creativity play a more critical role in creating great visual content.

Main Cameras

For street photography and video, the main camera of choice is the Fujifilm XT5. Its compact size and impressive video quality have made it the go-to camera for everything. Additionally, the Fujifilm X H2S is used for professional video work, particularly for high-speed photography, motorsports, and wildlife. As for the Ricoh GR 3x, it serves as a convenient walk-around camera due to its pocket-friendly size, making it an excellent choice for casual photography.

Lenses and Accessories

When it comes to lenses, a variety of options are used, including the 16 1.4, 23 F2, 35 F2, 35 1.4, 50 F2, and 56 1.2 for the Fujifilm cameras, as well as the 16 to 55 and 10 to 24 zoom lenses. These lenses are adapted based on the specific needs of each location and the type of photos or videos being captured. In terms of bags and accessories, a simple sling bag and a few additional items such as filters, AirPods Pro, MacBook Pro 14in, iPad Pro, and Instax wide printer are essential for photography and editing needs.


Overall, the goal is to keep the gear lightweight and simple, ensuring that the focus remains on the creative process rather than being weighed down by excessive equipment. The support and engagement from the audience have been greatly appreciated, allowing for the creation of valuable content and the continued exploration of photography and film making. As always, any questions about the gear can be directed to the comments section, and further engagement is encouraged as the journey continues in the world of photography and visual storytelling.

What’s in my Camera Bag 2024 (Street Photography & Video) // Fujifilm, Ricoh Kit

Q: What kind of camera gear do you carry for street photography and video?

A: I carry a Fujifilm mirrorless camera for street photography and a Ricoh action camera for video recording. Both are lightweight and easy to carry around for long periods of time.

Q: What lenses do you use with your Fujifilm camera?

A: I use a prime 35mm lens for street photography as it provides a natural field of view and is great for capturing candid moments. I also carry a 50mm lens for portraits and a wide-angle lens for capturing the urban environment.

Q: What accessories do you carry in your camera bag?

A: I always carry extra batteries, memory cards, a lens cleaning kit, and a portable tripod for stabilizing my video shots. I also have a small LED light for low-light situations and a remote shutter release for self-portraits and long exposures.

Q: Do you carry any audio equipment for video recording?

A: Yes, I carry a compact external microphone that attaches to my Ricoh camera to capture better audio quality while recording videos on the go.

Q: How do you organize your camera bag for easy access to your gear?

A: I use padded dividers to separate and protect my camera gear inside the bag. I also have small pouches and pockets for storing small accessories like filters, lens caps, and cables. This helps me stay organized and quickly access the equipment I need while out shooting in the streets.

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