Sony RX100 VII: Big Specs, Tiny Body, Our 2019 Compact Zoom Camera of the Year. BUT –

Have you been searching for a compact camera that doesn’t compromise on quality? Look no further than the Sony RX100 VII. Despite its small size, this camera packs a big punch with its impressive specs and features. In fact, the Sony RX100 VII was named the 2019 Compact Zoom Camera of the Year, and for good reason. With its advanced autofocus system, high-speed shooting capabilities, and professional-level video recording, this camera is perfect for capturing stunning images and videos on the go. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a casual shooter, the Sony RX100 VII is sure to exceed your expectations.

Sony RX100 VII: Big Specs, Tiny Body, Our 2019 Compact Zoom Camera of the Year

Sony RX100 VII: Big Specs, Tiny Body, Our 2019 Compact Zoom Camera of the Year

Hey everybody! I’m Hugh Brownstone for Three Blind Men and an Elephant and I’ll just cut to the chase – this $1,300 Sony RX100 Mark 7, though I think right now it’s actually 100 bucks less, today’s Cyber Monday, is too clever, too feature-packed, too pretty in hand, punches too far above its 1-inch sensor weight class to be denied the title of our 2019 compact zoom camera of the year. Sony, guys, congratulations.


It is fair to say that from its A9-inspired real-time tracking and IAF to vlogger selfie flip up till screen that also happens to be really good for waist level street shooting, integrated image stabilized 24 to 200 millimeter full-frame equivalent field of view zoom lens, auto-magical pop up push down on-off EVF, ludicrous 90 frames per second burst rate, and much more, it’s difficult to imagine what else they could have possibly thrown in there. Although a headphone jack would have been nice, a way to attach the mic for which they have provided a jack that didn’t involve duct tape and L bracket or cage might have been nice.

Difficult to Use

It is also fair to say that the camera is somewhere between annoying and flat-out difficult to use for some of the many different scenarios the specs imply, bordering on the infeasible, simply when wearing gloves. It suffers from a control layout call it sufficiently cramped buttons sufficiently indistinguishable from the fashion into which they are set with travel sufficiently limited and haptic feedback sufficiently minimal that it is it can be difficult to operate as quickly or comfortably as my iPhone 11 Pro or a larger interchangeable lens camera like the Fujifilm XT 3. I missed more than a couple of shots because I couldn’t feel the lightly contoured shutter release.


In the end, I think of the RX100 VII as the most evolved point-and-shoot out there, which is both its virtue in weakness. It is far superior to but in many ways no different from the Canon S90 10 megapixels I bought new 10 years ago. If you are going to use the RX100 VII for vlogging, I suggest skipping the headphone jack and using the built-in mic for scratch audio.

due to limitations in the response format, I will provide the text in a simplified format.

FAQ About the Sony RX100 VII

Q: What makes the Sony RX100 VII stand out?
A: The Sony RX100 VII is known for its impressive specs packed into a compact body, making it a top choice for a compact zoom camera.

Q: What are some key features of the RX100 VII?
A: The camera features a 24-200mm zoom lens, 20.1MP 1-inch stacked Exmor RS CMOS sensor, and real-time tracking and real-time eye autofocus.

Q: What sets the RX100 VII apart from other compact cameras?
A: The RX100 VII offers high-quality images and videos with advanced features such as 4K video recording, fast autofocus, and a built-in electronic viewfinder.

Q: Is the RX100 VII suitable for professional use?
A: While it is designed as a compact camera, the RX100 VII’s performance and capabilities make it a popular choice for professional photographers and videographers.

Q: What recognition has the RX100 VII received?
A: The RX100 VII was awarded as the 2019 Compact Zoom Camera of the Year due to its impressive features and performance.

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