Sony a7IV vs Sony a7SIII Video Sharpess 4k and 1080 #sonya7iv #sonya7siii

Are you torn between the Sony a7IV and the Sony a7SIII for your videography needs? Both cameras offer incredible video sharpness in 4k and 1080, but it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit for your specific requirements. In this blog, we will compare the video sharpness of the Sony a7IV and the Sony a7SIII to help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re a professional videographer or a content creator looking to level up your video quality, this comparison will provide valuable insights into these two powerhouse cameras. Let’s dive in and find out which one is the perfect match for your videography needs.

Sony a7IV vs Sony a7SIII Video Sharpess 4k and 1080

Sony a7IV vs Sony a7SIII Video Sharpess 4k and 1080

What’s up everyone vue of envou films and i am back with another idiotic video for you to watch it’s been quite a while but i haven’t done a video in quite some time but i finally got my a74 and you know don’t be confused i do have an a7 s3

Tilt a half cage on my a74 but this is definitely an a74 as you can see i’m not bs in you united states finally got it late like most asian people to parties but finally got it and you know typically i do like first impressions videos

But you know what i don’t feel like it because the hundreds of other youtube douchebag tube dishers already did a bunch of videos on a74 the day it was announced and a bunch of other europeans and other unimportant countries already went ahead and got theirs early and did all that already but

I’m here to provide you with trash content and trash content i will provide and today’s content will be me comparing the a74 with the a7 s3 in this particular case i want to compare sharpness it completely trash spec because it requires a lot of pixel peeping which i don’t usually do but hey

4K Sharpness Comparison

Gotta make some content to get subscribers likes that social media clout with the a74 algorithm on this youtube douchebag space so let’s get to it firstly we all know the a74 has that 7k or whatever down scaled 4k compared to the a7 s3 pretty much full sensor readout of that 12

Megapixels maybe you know i don’t know it’s a 4.2 k readout or something so of course 4k 24 on the sony a74 is slightly sharper than the 4k a7s on the 4k 24 on the a7s3 as you can see in this example here i pixel beat

The crap out of it at first i was about to just say that they’re kind of the same but after taking you know very long hard look with my small asian eyes i noticed that the a7s iii was a little bit less sharp than the a74

But i feel like it’s not something that is like really super noticeable unless you zoom in at 400 percent and stare at my beard nose hairs and the bat in the cave coming out of the nose with that being said 4k 24p is definitely sharper on the a74

It is also very very slightly sharper in 4k 60. this is definitely something that is a lot less noticeable because 4k 60 is cropped whatever and i think it’s a little bit less of a down sample but if you really really stare hard at it to the point

1080p Sharpness Comparison

Where i don’t know you fall over and die yes you will see that maybe just maybe the 4k 60 on the a74 crop mode at that like 5.9 k readout or whatever down sample is slightly sharper than the a7 s3 now with regards to 1080 what i found that in all

1080p modes the a7 s3 is still better than the a74 uh the a74 1080 is quite muddy i only tested 60p and 120p because if you’re still shooting 24 p 1080 like i don’t know something’s wrong with you um you know get with the times all right so

One thing i actually figured out or one thing i actually found out that it was quite interesting was that both of these cameras could only do 120 p hd and 8-bit which is very strange because a7s3 does 4k 120p intel is in 10-bit and so the re why it can’t do

10-bit hd which should be less processing is beyond me and you know i have no idea why that is the case but that is that another thing to keep in mind is that when i did the 4k 60p test obviously the a7 is in crop mode so i actually had to switch lenses

For the a7 s3 i used a 35 millimeter gm which i actually used for the majority of this test other than the crop test which i use the 24 millimeter gm to try to keep like you know the same composition the same look so keep in

Mind i did all these tests at f 1.4 on the 35 millimeter gm and the 24 millimeter gm in crop and you know you have to consider the fact that there’s a lot more in focus in the 24 millimeter 4k 60p shot compared to the sony a7s 3 with a

35mm from four full frame shot so that can also affect sharpness of the of the image so that is another thing to consider when pixel peeping 4k 60 on the a74 versus the 4k60 full frame of the a7 s3 and in my opinion both 4k 60s they’re

Pretty much equal in like sharpness um but one thing the a7 s3 does better is uh it could do 120 frames per second 4k and 10 bit and to me that is worth the additional money you have to pay for a7 s3 so at the end of the day

Even though the 4k 24p is sharper on the a74 sony a7s iii does have 124k and this has a lot more rolling shutter in 4k 24 full frame so in the end the a7s iii is still like the best video camera for all you videographers film acres trash youtube d-bag

Video creators out there with that said i hope this was helpful i hope this video helped you make a decision with a7 a7 s3 if you could even buy it if it’s not available if you didn’t pre-order it that first millisecond it was available like i did i don’t know till next time guys lighten up you

Sony a7IV vs Sony a7SIII Video Sharpess 4k and 1080 FAQ

Q: What is the main difference in video sharpness between the Sony a7IV and the Sony a7SIII?

A: The Sony a7SIII is known for its superior video sharpness, especially in low light conditions, due to its larger pixels and downsampling capabilities. The Sony a7IV also provides good video sharpness but may not match up to the a7SIII in all conditions.

Q: Can both cameras shoot in 4k and 1080 resolution?

A: Yes, both the Sony a7IV and the Sony a7SIII can shoot in 4k and 1080 resolution, but the a7SIII is known to provide better sharpness and detail in both resolutions.

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