DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage!

Are you tired of having to constantly hold your Rode Wireless GO microphone while recording videos? Do you want a hands-free solution for capturing high-quality audio? Look no further! In this blog, we will show you how to create your own DIY Rode Wireless GO mic cage, so you can free up your hands and focus on creating amazing content. With just a few simple materials and some basic crafting skills, you can have your very own custom mic cage that will securely hold your Rode Wireless GO microphone in place, allowing you to move freely and capture clear, crisp audio without any hassle. Say goodbye to holding your mic and hello to hands-free recording! Let’s get started.

DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage

Caleb Introduces the Go Lock

Hey guys, Caleb with DSLR video shooter introduces the Go Lock, a 3D printed cage designed for the rode Wireless GO. This cage adds the ability to lock the microphone in place, provides protection against fall damage, and allows the transmitter to stand upright. The Go Lock comes in several different color options and can be purchased or 3D printed for free. Caleb asks that the 3D models or prints are not sold commercially to support the channel.

A Love-Hate Relationship with Rode Wireless GO

Caleb discusses his love for the rode Wireless GO transmitter despite its limited features, such as the inability to lock the microphone in place. The Go Lock was created to address this issue and is made up of three parts: the body, the thread, and the knurled cap.

Features of the Go Lock

The Go Lock not only locks the microphone in place but also provides protection to the rode Wireless GO in case of a fall. It has cutouts for accessibility, including the USB jack, button, and LED indicators. Assembly is easy and the belt clip remains functional while using the Go Lock.

Using the Locking Mic Cap

To use the Locking Mic Cap, the microphone cable is fed through the side of the cap, and then the cap is threaded onto the main body until snug. This ensures a secure and locked microphone. The Go Lock was designed for compatibility with the rode lavalier GO and the rode Smart LAV Plus or Smart LAV.

Future Plans and Channel Support

Caleb expresses his future plans for similar functional products and seeks feedback from the audience. He emphasizes that support through purchases of LUTs, camera guides, or products like the Go Lock keeps the channel sponsor-free, allowing for ad-free content over the years.

If you would like to support Caleb and his products, the link to purchase the Go Lock is in the description of the video. Caleb appreciates the continued support and looks forward to creating more content for the audience.

FAQ about DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage

What is a Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage?

The Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage is a protective cage designed specifically for the Rode Wireless GO microphone system, providing extra protection and versatility for the mic in various settings.

Why should I consider DIY-ing a Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage?

DIY-ing a Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage can be a cost-effective option for those who want a custom cage that fits their specific needs or aesthetics. It also allows for a fun and creative DIY project.

What materials do I need to make a DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage?

Materials needed for a DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage may include metal mesh, wire cutters, pliers, and foam padding for interior protection.

Can I customize the design of the DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage?

Yes, one of the benefits of DIY-ing a mic cage is the ability to customize the design to your liking. You can add personalized touches or specific features that suit your needs.

Are there any tutorials or resources available for making a DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage?

Yes, there are many online tutorials, forums, and videos available that provide step-by-step instructions and tips for making a DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage.

What are the benefits of using a DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage?

Using a DIY Rode Wireless GO Mic Cage provides added protection for your mic, allows for customization, and can be a fun and engaging DIY project for audio enthusiasts.

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