Sony A7SIII still worth buying in 2023? | 3 YEARS LATER

Are you considering purchasing the Sony A7SIII in 2023, 3 years after its initial release? With newer camera models constantly entering the market, it’s natural to question whether the A7SIII is still worth investing in. However, despite its age, the A7SIII continues to be a popular choice among videographers and photographers for its exceptional low-light performance, 4K video capabilities, and impressive autofocus system. In this blog, we’ll explore why the Sony A7SIII is still a valuable investment in 2023, and why it remains a top choice for content creators looking for professional-quality results.

Sony A7SIII still worth buying in 2023? | 3 YEARS LATER

This is the camera that made me jump from Canon to Sony the Sony A7 S3 but is it still worth buying in 2023 that’s what we’re going to talk about in this Video it’s hard to believe but the Sony a7s 3 was released in October 2020 that means that this camera is already 3 years old I myself shot with the Sony a73 for the very first time back in 2021 when I was working alongside my brother Maddie on his YouTube channel I was Literally tossed into the deep end with Sony cameras because I remember on my first day of working with him he tossed me a Sony camera and said let’s start shooting and I just had to learn on the go after a day of shooting with the Sony A7s 3 I knew that this would be my future camera so why do I love the a73 so much and is it still worth buying in 2023 I’m going to answer those questions for you guys oh and let’s throw lens back on this camera body because I know A lot of you guys were distracted and stressing on my behalf think you of all the dust particles going onto my sensor so the first and probably most obvious reason why I love the A7 S3 is the image quality it’s a fullframe camera shooting 10bit 422 meaning you have a lot more Color range than an 8it camera and as well there’s just so much information to color grade with you can film 4K 24 frames per second for vlogging then 4K 60 and 20 frames per second to do slow motion without cropping okay there is a Little bit of a crop I think it’s a 1.1 crop factor when you’re filming at 12 per second but comparing to the a74 it’s a 50% crop so I really love the fact that whether you’re vlogging or filming slow motion you’re getting the full sensor read and getting as much Information in the image as possible when it comes to color grading there’s so much information and flexibility in post when you’re working with the SL log 3 footage now if you have no CL clue what s log 3 is it’s basically a very flat picture profile in the Sony cameras That allows you to get more dynamic range means you’re going to have more information in the highlights and the shadows and as well you’re going to have a lot more flexibility in post to do your color grading essentially you’re going to have a blank canvas for your footage allowing you to control the Direction of the look you want now for some people it can be a bit daunting shooting with the slog 3 picture profile cuz they don’t know how to color correct it if that’s you no worries I’ve got you covered I actually just released my very own cinac collection and in this cinac Collection I have a conversion L basically that’s a filter that’s going to take your s log 3 footage that’s very flat and desaturated and bring a normal amount of contrast and saturation again to then allow you to color grade it so what I do is I just open up Final Cup Pro throw my footage in the timeline add a custom L with the conversion L and then from there you can start grading so I’ll add one of my grading LS for example Cinema L one make sure you bring down the strength from 100% to maybe 60 to 70% or somewhere in between depending On what style you want for your footage but literally in just a few clicks you have beautifully graded footage with these cinem aletes so if you’re interested in some help with your color grading workflow I’ll make sure to link below my simila collection for you guys To grab now when you’re filming an slog 3 you want to be mindful of the iso you’re using which brings me the second reason why I love the Sony a7s 3 it is ridiculously good at low light situ situations when you’re filming an slog 3 with the Sony a73 you’re going to have Two base isos basically that means that a ISO 6400 and at ISO 12,800 you’re going to get your cleanest images so when I’m filming with s log 3 I maybe go from ISO 642 1600 3200 Max but from there I just jump then all the way to 12,800 so for example if you see the footage at 3200 then at 6,400 to 10,000 I think you’re going to notice it’s really grainy and noisy but the moment you jump to 12,800 it’s clean again and that’s really great with the Sony a73 because that allows you to be super Flexible with your shooting for example myself I used to shoot a lot of weddings and in the middle of the daytime you might have a lot of lighting so I would shoot at ISO 6400 to get that base ISO clean image coming out of the slog 3 but Then in the evening at a reception it’s going to be really dark so then I would just jump all the way up to 12,800 and I have enough light and it’s a very clean image the third thing I love about the Sony a73 is the flip LCD screen now a Lot of cameras have now adopted this technology but back in 2020 this was the first Sony camera that had a flip out LCD screen before that you just had this flip out screen back here which was okay but if you’re a cont Creator who’s filming a lot of solo stuff you want to Be able to see how your footage is looking what’s the lighting is like what’s the composition and whether or not you’re record recording because there’s nothing worse than filming a whole section realizing you didn’t have the record button on so I love the fact that I have this LCD screen all the time In order to monitor what my footage is looking like I honestly don’t know how people used to Vlog without this kind of LCD screen it just seems impossible now coming from Canon 2 Sony I think my only complaint about the Sony LCD screen is that if you’re filming in slow motion or Any footage you can’t just scrub with your finger on the screen instead you got to use these backwards and forwards buttons I’m assuming this change could just be made software so hopefully in the future Sony would update their LCD screens to have that function that you can just scrub through the footage with Your finger fourth thing that I love about the Sony a73 is the reliable autofocus I don’t think there’s been a time where it’s Mis focused on my face and the shots been ruined and that’s just crazy to think about because back in the day when I started with my Canon 550d or my 5D Mark II I was shooting everything in manual and now I couldn’t imagine doing what I do on a daily basis while shooting manual I’m so ring on autofocus especially as a solo shooter and that’s why it’s really important you have the confidence in your camera that It’s focusing right and Sony’s just made it so easy it’s really just tapping the screen on an object or the eye tracker is always following your face so you’re always nailing focus with the Sony a7s 3 honestly I feel like life as a videographer has been made too easy Almost for us and the fifth and last reason why I love the asms 3 is the stabilization if I’m completely honest with you guys I never shoot with a gimbal I literally shoot 90% of the time handheld and then maybe 10% of the time I have the camera on tripod or gorill Aod when I’m doing these talking head style shots but literally all my b-roll is just…

Is the Sony A7SIII still worth buying in 2023? | 3 YEARS LATER

  1. Q: Is the Sony A7SIII still a good investment in 2023?
  2. A: Yes, the Sony A7SIII is still worth buying in 2023. It offers excellent low-light performance, 4K video capabilities, and advanced autofocus features that make it a versatile and reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Even with new camera releases, the A7SIII remains a top contender in the market.

  3. Q: Are there any notable drawbacks to consider when purchasing the Sony A7SIII in 2023?
  4. A: While the A7SIII excels in many areas, it may not have the latest technological advancements that newer camera models offer. However, its proven performance and reliability make it a compelling option for those seeking a high-quality camera.

  5. Q: Should I consider other camera options instead of the Sony A7SIII in 2023?
  6. A: It is always advisable to research and compare different camera models to find the best fit for your specific needs. While the A7SIII is still a strong choice, newer camera releases may offer features that better suit your requirements. Ultimately, the decision depends on your individual preferences and budget.

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