SmallRig Camera Batteries for Canon, Sony & Fuji Review | Large 2400 mAh + USB-C Charging

Are you tired of constantly swapping out camera batteries while on a shoot? The SmallRig Camera Batteries might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. With a large capacity of 2400 mAh and the convenience of USB-C charging, these batteries are designed to keep your Canon, Sony, or Fuji camera powered up for longer. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the SmallRig Camera Batteries and see how they perform in real-world shooting situations. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist videographer, having reliable and long-lasting batteries is essential for capturing that perfect shot. Let’s dive in and see if the SmallRig Camera Batteries are worth the investment.

SmallRig Camera Batteries for Canon, Sony & Fuji Review | Large 2400 mAh + USB-C Charging

SmallRig Camera Batteries: A Comprehensive Review

Hi, Dustin Abbott here to provide an in-depth review of SmallRig camera batteries for Canon, Sony, and Fuji. Over the past 5 weeks, Dustin has exclusively used these batteries in various cameras to test their performance and reliability. The premise here is that SmallRig camera batteries deliver more power and unique charging options at roughly half the price of the original first-party brands. But do they hold up to this claim? Let’s dive into the details.

Compatibility and Charging Options

Dustin’s most notable observation is that these batteries are fully compatible with all three major camera brands – Canon, Sony, and Fuji. They function flawlessly without triggering any error messages, unlike many aftermarket batteries. The built-in USB-C port allows for fast charging, taking approximately 2 and 1/2 hours to charge from 0 to 100%. This unique charging option provides flexibility without tying up the camera for charging, making it a convenient and efficient choice for photographers and videographers.

Comparison by Brand

Let’s break down the performance and capacity of these batteries by brand:


SmallRig offers a replacement for Canon’s LP E6 NH battery pack, boasting a capacity of 2400mAh compared to the original Canon battery’s 2130mAh. This equates to 270 additional mAh, allowing for more shots per charge or longer video run time. At a price of $39.99, it offers exceptional value compared to the original Canon battery priced at $79.


For Sony cameras, SmallRig’s replacement for the npfz100 battery pack offers a capacity of 2400mAh, slightly edging out the original Sony battery’s 2280mAh. While it is the most expensive of the three at $44.99, it still presents a significant cost-saving compared to Sony’s $78 battery, making it a worthwhile investment.


For Fuji cameras, SmallRig’s replacement for the mpw 235 battery pack provides 2400mAh compared to the original Fuji battery pack’s 2200mAh. Priced at $35.90, it offers substantial savings compared to Fuji’s $64.79 battery pack, making it a budget-friendly and reliable choice.

Final Verdict

After 5 weeks of rigorous testing, Dustin Abbott reports zero issues with SmallRig’s camera batteries. They perform just like the original batteries, offering at least as much, if not slightly more, battery capacity. With a strong track record of quality and engineering, SmallRig’s batteries have gained Dustin’s confidence for long-term use. He recommends these batteries for their performance, affordability, and unique charging options.


SmallRig’s camera batteries are a practical and cost-effective choice for photographers and videographers using Canon, Sony, and Fuji cameras. With larger capacity, affordable pricing, and reliable performance, these batteries offer a compelling alternative to original first-party brands. As Dustin Abbott’s test has shown, SmallRig’s batteries deliver on their promise of power and efficiency, making them a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit.

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What camera brands are compatible with SmallRig camera batteries?

SmallRig camera batteries are compatible with Canon, Sony, and Fuji cameras.

What is the capacity of SmallRig camera batteries?

The capacity of SmallRig camera batteries is large, with 2400 mAh providing long-lasting power for extended photo and video shoots.

Does the SmallRig camera battery support USB-C charging?

Yes, the SmallRig camera battery features USB-C charging, allowing for convenient and fast charging.

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