SIGMA 56mm F1.4 // THE BEST Prime Lens for Sony A6400 and APS-C?!

Are you looking for the perfect prime lens for your Sony A6400 or other APS-C camera? Look no further than the SIGMA 56mm F1.4 lens. With its fast aperture and high-quality construction, this lens is a dream for portrait, street, and low-light photography. Its focal length is ideal for capturing stunning bokeh and beautiful background blur, making it a top choice for any photographer looking to take their images to the next level. In this blog, we’ll explore the features and benefits of the SIGMA 56mm F1.4 lens, and why it’s the best prime lens option for Sony A6400 and APS-C cameras.

SIGMA 56mm F1.4 // THE BEST Prime Lens for Sony A6400 and APS-C?!

If you’ve been on these parts for a while then you’ll probably know I have quite a severe addiction and for those who don’t know that addiction is shooting with an 85 mil focal length this focal length has some really unique characteristics and the look it gives my Photographs is like nothing else now I got my very first 85mm lens like two or three years ago now and my only regret honestly was not getting one of these things sooner and since pulling the trigger on one of these things and having it in my camera bag nearly on a Daily basis it’s something that I can’t stop recommending to people lack for a better few words an 85mm lens is gonna level up your content and it is an absolute Game Changer however I’ve never used before a 85mm equivalent for Sony aps-c cameras but that is changing today Because right here we have the sigma 56 F14 compact Sharp and fast so we know how these videos go let’s first talk about the build quality of the sigma 56 F14 the build quality of this lens can be described in two words lightweight and compact now normally When your photos two words together it results in a lens feeling cheap and nasty but not here this lens feels great in the hand it has a metallic feel to it and it also feels durable feels robust the lens itself is dominated by its only control point a rubberized Focus ring That is pretty smooth for manual focus pulls on the front of this lens you’ll find a 55 mil filter thread Mount which I do like because the other Sigma lens that I do recommend is the 18 or 15 and that is also 55 so if you get both of These lenses you can use the exact same filters and not have to spend money on getting bigger ones smaller ones it just saves you money and I like that however one thing I don’t particularly like about this lens is the lack of weather sealing it has a small rubber gasket on The barrel Mount to prevent dust and moisture but there is no further weather sealing in the lens Barrel itself this by the lack of weather ceiling on this lens I’d still go out and shoot in the rainbow bit mainly because I’m crazy but also when you shoot in the rain with This kind of focal length it’s a given that you’re gonna get satisfying results from testing out this lens I have not been disappointed with the AF performance when it comes to photography The Usual Suspects are about with the AF being lightning fast and accurate I guess it’s no surprise that Sigma lenses Are delivering great autofocus as per usual the video autofocus it’s also pretty good it’s not as fast as it is for photography but it’s still quick when you’re shooting video with the AF you may notice a little high pitch noise from the canvas Focus Motors on the internal mic I can’t see this being much of a problem for video Shooters because the most likelihood is if you are shooting with this kind of focal length you’re going to be further away from the camera and you’re probably going to be using either a love mic or a boom so you can still Capture crisp sound like with a lot of the sigma content for a glass this doesn’t have OSS and I can understand why Sigma haven’t done that and that’s mainly just to keep the lightweight and compact design however when you combine a lens like this with something that the Sony a6400 that has no Ibis shooting handheld becomes pretty darn impossible you’re gonna notice a lot of unwanted movement and Jitters in your footage which is exacerbated with the nature of this focal length you will definitely need a gimbal if you want to get smooth movement into your shots of course Having no Ibis or OSS won’t really affect the photography side of things that much unless you’re using a really slow shutter speed but in most scenarios as long as you keep a steady hand and you’re going to be using the right settings in the right scenario you’re Going to be absolutely Grand I mean it’s like shooting back in the old days with a DSLR camera wow that makes me sound old I’m not old image quality from this lens is exceptional no surprise really I expected nothing less from Sigma because I’m yet to be disappointed by any of Their lenses when it comes to Pure image quality this lens has it all it’s razor sharp so much so that it should actually come with a warning label the compression is naturally addicting and is heightened with that F 1.4 aperture which also makes this lens an ideal Choice if you’re shooting in those lower light situations this lens is spot on if you want to do some street photography I was able to get some absolutely brilliant results of it and also with car photography I actually recently dropped a car photography POV using the A6400 and this was one of the two lenses I used the other one being the sigma 1850 but there is one particular shot I do want to show you check out this photo right here this has to be one of my favorite car photos today the location the natural lighting the camera settings Being spot on that final edit and of course course it was shot with the 56 mil F14 this lens allowed me to open up my creativity and take a photograph I’ll never forget taking it’s one of those photographs that you’ll step away from and go okay I took that photograph and I’m sure All of us right now can think of a photograph that we can remember in explicit detail the journey it took to take it it’s one of the best feelings as a photographer if you’re looking at this lens to do some portrait photography I don’t think you need to look any further This lens is a beast I will go as far to say it’s possibly one of the best aps-c lenses on the market right now for portrait photography actually scratch that you know what not just for portraits if I could be honest for my time testing it I think this lens is Possibly one of the best prime lenses on the market right now for Sony aps-c cameras maybe even the greatest I’m making some bold claims over here but you know what I’m gonna stick to them until I’m proven otherwise with a different lens that is a that is a bold statement I’ve Made right there but we’ll go with it so how much is this glass and bundle of joy going to set you back well if you’ll check it out on Amazon right now it’s 379 pounds and I think personally that is a really good price I think that’s quite affordable it’s quite Friendly for most people I’d say and especially for the focal length you’re getting and what it’s going to allow you to do for your content this is the type of lens that is going to easily allow you to level up your content and for that it’s worth the money if you are Looking at getting this lens I’d highly recommend it just go for it I’ve been blown away by the image quality and the overall performance of this lens anyway with all that said and done that is where I’m going to be leaving the review part of this video if I’ve missed Anything or you’ve got any further questions about this lens or the focal length let me know in the comment section below but the last thing we should do today let’s have a look for the hashtag CP photos and see what you guys have been creating kick your things off today we Have…

Frequently Asked Questions about the SIGMA 56mm F1.4 Lens

Q: Is the SIGMA 56mm F1.4 Lens compatible with the Sony A6400?

A: Yes, the SIGMA 56mm F1.4 Lens is designed for Sony E-mount cameras, including the Sony A6400.

Q: Is this lens suitable for APS-C sensor cameras?

A: Yes, the SIGMA 56mm F1.4 Lens is designed specifically for APS-C sensor cameras, making it an ideal choice for Sony A6400 users.

Q: What are the key features of this lens?

A: This lens offers a fast maximum aperture of F1.4, which is ideal for low-light shooting and creating a beautiful bokeh effect. It also has a compact and lightweight design, making it great for everyday use.

Q: Is the SIGMA 56mm F1.4 Lens a good choice for portrait photography?

A: Yes, the 56mm focal length combined with the wide aperture makes this lens perfect for capturing stunning portraits with a pleasing background blur.

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