Portraits with the NEW Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens Version III

Are you looking to take your portrait photography to the next level? Look no further than the NEW Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens Version III. This incredible lens is designed to give you the sharpest, most detailed portraits you’ve ever seen. With its wide aperture and advanced optics, the Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens Version III is the perfect tool for capturing stunning portraits with beautiful bokeh and precise focus. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the features of this new lens and discuss how it can elevate your portrait photography to new heights. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, this lens is a game-changer for anyone looking to capture breathtaking portraits.

Portraits with the NEW Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens Version III

Introduction: Testing the Mitakon 50mm F0.95 Lens

In this sponsored video by adoramapix, the photographer tests the new Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens for Sony, Version III. The video aims to explore the lens’s capabilities and performance compared to the previous versions.

Focus Magnification and Image Quality

The photographer demonstrates the lens’s focus magnification and its ability to capture sharp images. The lens is described as decently sharp in the middle, while the outer edges exhibit a softer, dreamy effect that is likened to someone applying Vaseline on the lens. The purpose of shooting at F0.95 is highlighted as a means of achieving unique, artistic images rather than for standard photography purposes.

Pros and Cons of the Lens

The video also discusses the pros and cons of the Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens. One highlighted feature is the dreamy background blur, likened to a real-life Gaussian blur. However, the lens is noted to be heavy and prone to causing blurry shots, especially when shooting at an aperture less than F1. The non-clickable aperture ring is mentioned as a drawback, as it can be easily bumped and result in unintended changes to the aperture setting.

Artistic Lens and Unique Images

The photographer emphasizes that the lens is not meant to replace standard autofocus lenses, but rather serves as an artistic tool for creating unique, dreamy images. Despite its flaws when shooting wide open, the lens is recommended for individuals seeking to explore the creative potential of the 50mm focal length and to capture visually distinct photographs.

Conclusion: Embracing Artistic Photography

In summary, the video encourages viewers to consider the Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens for its ability to produce unconventional, artistic images. Despite its limitations, the lens offers a distinct aesthetic that may appeal to photographers looking to experiment with different visual styles. The photographer concludes by inviting viewers to subscribe for future content and promises to continue exploring creative photography techniques in upcoming videos.

Portraits with the NEW Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens Version III


Q: What makes the Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens Version III different from previous versions?

A: The new Version III features improved optics and a redesigned housing for better performance and durability.

Q: Is the Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens suitable for portrait photography?

A: Yes, the lens is well-suited for portrait photography, providing a shallow depth of field and beautiful bokeh for stunning portraits.

Q: What type of camera is the Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens compatible with?

A: The lens is available in various mounts to fit different camera brands, such as Sony, Canon, and Nikon.

Q: Is the lens suitable for low-light photography?

A: Yes, the F0.95 aperture allows for excellent performance in low-light conditions, making it a great choice for indoor and nighttime portrait sessions.

Q: Can the Mitakon 50mm F0.95 lens Version III be used for video recording?

A: Yes, the lens is well-suited for video recording, providing smooth and creamy bokeh for cinematic effects.

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