PetaPixel is wrong: not Fuji but Sony is more likely to announce a new Full Frame fixed lens camera!

Are you eagerly anticipating the release of a new Full Frame fixed lens camera? It’s no secret that the photography world is buzzing with rumors and speculations about which company will be unveiling this highly anticipated model. PetaPixel recently made a claim that Fuji is the frontrunner for this release, but many industry experts believe that Sony is actually more likely to announce the new camera. With their track record of innovation and cutting-edge technology, it’s hard to argue against the idea that Sony may be the one to watch. Let’s take a closer look at why PetaPixel may be wrong and why Sony could be the real contender in this exciting race.

PetaPixel is wrong: not Fuji but Sony is more likely to announce a new Full Frame fixed lens camera!

PetaPixel is wrong: not Fuji but Sony is more likely to announce a new Full Frame fixed lens camera!

I just read an article on Peta pixel where Jeremy gray claims that we should give up the hope of getting a new full-frame fixed lens camera from Sony and that our best hope now is to get it from Fuji. However, I think he’s wrong, and I also want to share some hints, rumors, and technology info that I collected in the past months. I think we can really have finally some solid hope that we are getting a new RX1 model in 2024. So, this is what I want to talk about today.

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The Article on PetaPixel

First of all, let’s dig into the article written by Jeremy gray on PetaPixel. He shares his disappointment that Sony didn’t announce any new RX1 full-frame camera in the past 7 years. The last Model was announced back in 2016, the RX1 R2, that still sells today for $3,200. This camera has no competition, as the only other full-frame fixed lens camera is coming from Leica, the Leica c three, which costs $6,000. The problem with the RX1 R2 is that it’s a nice camera, but the technology is no longer modern. It doesn’t have the latest sensor, autofocus system, or AI features.

Disagreement with Jeremy Gray’s Claims

Jeremy Gray believes that Sony gave up on the entire lineup and that Fuji should consider or is working on a new full-frame fixed lens camera. I disagree with Jeremy Gray on two counts. First, based on rumors and the philosophy of the company, I don’t believe Fuji will ever develop a full-frame camera in the next couple of years. Second, I have received some hints that Sony might be working on a full-frame fixed lens camera, which gives me hope that there is a new model in the works, possibly to be released in 2024.

Why a Fixed Lens Full-Frame Camera Makes Sense

The first reason why a fixed lens full-frame camera makes sense is that it can be designed for ultimate image quality. The lens can be tailored to the sensor in a perfect way, eliminating issues such as dirt and ensuring compact size and image quality.

The second reason is that a fixed lens camera with a fix lens and the limitations that this brings along boosts creativity. Having a clear objective to get shots with a specific focal length makes the photographer more focused and ultimately better at their craft.

The third reason is more of a hope than a solid rumor, but I believe Sony should consider a curved full-frame sensor for a potential RX1 R3. This type of sensor design would bring a ton of benefits, including equal sharpness across the frame and more compact lens design.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest news about Fuji and Sony’s Full Frame fixed lens cameras?

According to recent reports, it is more likely that Sony will announce a new Full Frame fixed lens camera, not Fuji as previously stated by PetaPixel.

When can we expect an official announcement from Sony about the new Full Frame fixed lens camera?

There is no official announcement from Sony yet, but rumors suggest that it could be revealed in the near future.

What sets Sony’s potential new Full Frame fixed lens camera apart from the competition?

The details are still uncertain, but Sony is known for its cutting-edge technology and innovative camera features, so it is anticipated that the new camera will offer top-notch performance.

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