Compact Wireless Camera Monitor AND Follow Focus Rig!

Are you tired of bulky camera equipment weighing you down during shoots? Looking for a more compact and efficient solution? Look no further than a compact wireless camera monitor and follow focus rig! This innovative system allows filmmakers and videographers to streamline their setup without sacrificing functionality. With a wireless camera monitor for easy viewing and a follow focus rig for precise focusing, this combination provides the ultimate versatility and convenience on set. Say goodbye to tangled wires and cumbersome gear, and say hello to a more streamlined and efficient filming experience with a compact wireless camera monitor and follow focus rig.

Title: Building a Compact Wireless Camera Monitor AND Follow Focus Rig

Welcome back to another video where we will be building an awesome mobile follow focus wireless monitor combination that is perfect for on-the-go shooting situations. Whether you’re shooting with a friend, conducting interviews, or creating content for YouTube, this setup is incredibly convenient and efficient.

Recommended Equipment

For this setup, we will be using the Tilta Nucleus Nano wireless follow focus system. This system includes a hand controller and a small motor that mounts on the camera, providing precise focus control for your shots.

In addition to the follow focus system, we will also be using the Axun Cine Eye wireless video transmitter. This device connects to your camera and wirelessly transmits video to your phone over a 5GHz network. The Cine Eye is a cost-effective solution with built-in battery and various features for monitoring your shots remotely.

Mounting Hardware

To assemble the components together, you will need several pieces of mounting hardware. This includes a quick release plate for the Tilta Nucleus Nano, a phone mount, a cheese 15mm rod, a 15mm rod clamp, a 15mm handle, and a small cold shoe mount for attaching the phone.

Start by attaching the necessary components to the 15mm rod, such as the cold shoe mount, rod clamp, and handle. Then, mount the quick release plate for the follow focus system and attach the phone mount for monitoring your shots remotely. Additionally, you can use a friction mount for added flexibility in adjusting the phone’s position.

Setting Up the System

Once all the components are assembled, attach the Cine Eye to your camera and connect it via HDMI cable. Power up the devices and connect your phone to the Cine Eye’s network using the dedicated app. You can now monitor your shots remotely and control focus using the Tilta Nucleus Nano hand controller.

Calibrate the follow focus system to ensure it works seamlessly with your lens. Utilize the features in the app, such as focus peaking, false color, histogram, zebras, and LUT support, to enhance your shooting experience. The app provides comprehensive tools for monitoring exposure, focus, and composition.

With this compact wireless camera monitor and follow focus rig, you have a versatile setup for various shooting scenarios. Whether you’re a filmmaker, content creator, or videographer, this system allows you to work efficiently and effectively on the go.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of this setup for your next project and elevate your shooting capabilities with ease. Build your own compact wireless camera monitor and follow focus rig today and take your videography to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Compact Wireless Camera Monitor?

A Compact Wireless Camera Monitor is a portable device that allows filmmakers to easily monitor the footage being captured by the camera wirelessly. It provides a live feed of the video and audio being recorded, allowing for better framing and composition.

What is a Follow Focus Rig?

A Follow Focus Rig is a mechanical device used to control the focus of a camera lens. It allows filmmakers to smoothly adjust the focus while filming, resulting in sharp and accurate shots.

How can a Compact Wireless Camera Monitor and Follow Focus Rig improve my filmmaking?

By using a Compact Wireless Camera Monitor and Follow Focus Rig, filmmakers can have better control over their shots and ensure that they are capturing high-quality footage. These tools allow for greater precision and efficiency in the filmmaking process.

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