120 seconds of Studio Photography tips + Nikon Z6II thoughts after 1 week!

Are you ready to take your studio photography to the next level? Look no further! In this blog, we will share some essential tips that will help you capture stunning studio shots in just 120 seconds. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, these quick and practical techniques will enhance your skills and elevate your photography game. Additionally, we’ll explore the Nikon Z6II camera and share our honest thoughts after using it for one week. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your studio photography and discover if the Nikon Z6II is the perfect companion for your artistic journey.

120 Seconds of Studio Photography Tips + Nikon Z6II Thoughts After 1 Week!

Jessica Rabbit Halloween Shoot Setup

This article showcases a studio photography shoot using the Nikon Z6II. The author begins by sharing their inspiration, using an image of Jessica Rabbit for a Halloween shoot. They explain that they used the Moment Cinebloom filter to create a similar backlight flare effect in-camera, rather than relying on Photoshop.

For this shoot, the author utilized four lights. One light was placed directly above and centered off to create a specific shadow fall-off, mimicking the inspiration photo. Another light was used as a hair light, while a third light on the right side acted as a leg light for highlighting. Finally, a vintage spotlight was used as the main backlight. The author mentions that they had to clone stamp out a traditional light stand and cord from the images and comments on the beauty and character the spotlight added to the photos.

The author notes that while using a constant light with strobe lights restricted their ability to achieve the darker background desired in the inspiration photo, they were still able to capture amazing images. They mention using selective coloring in Photoshop to darken the reds in the photo, adding to the dramatic look they wanted to achieve.

Nikon Z6II Performance

The author then switches focus to the Nikon Z6II and shares their thoughts after one week of using it in real-world environments. They highlight that the hit rate for sharp images with the Z6II is notably better than the original Z6, with almost all shots in focus. They mention that if focus is lost momentarily, the Z6II quickly snaps back to focus on the subject’s face. The only flaw the author identifies is with the auto area AF, stating that it may not be as reliable as the same feature on Sony and Canon cameras.

The author praises the Z6II’s autofocus system when manually selecting focus points, comparing it favorably to other brands. They highlight the wide area box with eye and face detection as a particularly useful feature, allowing the user to take control of the camera’s focus. Additionally, the author comments on the Z6II’s excellent optics, specifically mentioning the sharpness of the 85mm f/1.8 lens.

The author mentions that they will be conducting further testing of the Z6II against Sony and Canon cameras and will provide their thoughts in a future video. However, based on their current experience, the author expresses confidence in using the Z6II for any photography job, stating that it is a versatile and powerful camera.

Sponsorship by Professional Photographers of America

The author takes a moment to thank their sponsor for the video, Professional Photographers of America (PPA). They highlight the benefits of becoming a PPA member, such as equipment insurance, access to educational videos, small business resources, and free access to imaging conferences. They provide a promotional code for a special discount on PPA membership.


The author concludes the article by teasing upcoming video testing the Z6II against other cameras and thanks their audience for reading. They sign off with a playful comment about finding a catchy phrase to end the video, settling on a satisfactory one.

Studio Photography Tips + Nikon Z6II FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Studio Photography Tips + Nikon Z6II Thoughts After 1 Week!

1. What are some studio photography tips to improve my shots?

There are several key tips to enhance your studio photography:

  • Proper lighting setup is crucial – experiment with different lighting techniques and angles.
  • Consider using a backdrop to create a clean and professional look.
  • Pose your subjects appropriately to portray the desired emotions or messages.
  • Pay attention to composition and framing to create impactful images.
  • Experiment with different lenses and focal lengths to achieve the desired effect.
  • Don’t hesitate to test and adjust camera settings to achieve optimal exposure and sharpness.

2. What are your thoughts on the Nikon Z6II after one week of use?

After using the Nikon Z6II for a week, here are my thoughts:

  • The autofocus system is highly impressive, delivering fast and accurate results.
  • The camera’s low-light performance is outstanding, allowing for clear shots in challenging lighting conditions.
  • The image quality is remarkable, with sharp details and excellent dynamic range.
  • The handling and ergonomics of the camera feel comfortable and intuitive.
  • The inclusion of dual memory card slots provides added convenience and peace of mind.
  • The touchscreen interface is responsive and user-friendly.

Overall, the Nikon Z6II offers a fantastic shooting experience and delivers exceptional results in various scenarios.

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