Surprise engagement video shoot Sony FX6- Ep. 1

Have you ever dreamed of capturing the moment when your significant other says “yes” to your proposal in a truly cinematic way? Well, look no further because in our first episode of the surprise engagement video shoot series using the Sony FX6, we bring you a behind-the-scenes look at how to make that dream a reality. From setting up the perfect location to coordinating with videographers and capturing those priceless reactions, we have you covered every step of the way. Join us as we dive into the world of surprise engagement video shoots with Sony FX6 and learn how to create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Surprise Engagement Video Shoot Sony FX6 – Ep. 1


Ah, this is going to be an interesting shoot because I’m going to be taking you guys on a surprise engagement video shoot. This is a first for me, and I’m excited to share the experience with you all. I’ve done numerous weddings before, but this will be my first surprise engagement shoot. Join me as we capture this special moment on camera with the Sony FX6 and the 50mm F 1.2 lens.


It’s important to set the stage for a natural and candid shoot, especially in a family setting. I focus on capturing real moments by getting the family to interact with each other and capturing them in motion. Walking shots and interactions help create a warm and authentic atmosphere in the video.

Camera Angles and Settings

Framing at 50 frames per second allows for quick and seamless transitions between shots, capturing more variety. Utilizing foreground elements and different tracking techniques can add depth to the visuals. Experimenting with different angles and compositions can help create a dynamic and engaging video.


In a Run and Gun scenario like this surprise engagement shoot, controlling the lighting can be challenging. However, positioning the subjects in the right spot can enhance the visual appeal. Side lighting or backlighting with the sun in the background can create beautiful shadows and highlights, adding dimension to the footage.

Audio Setup

For this shoot, audio plays a crucial role in capturing the heartfelt moment of the proposal. Utilizing multiple microphones, such as a shotgun microphone on top and a lav mic, ensures clear and crisp audio quality. Monitoring audio levels throughout the shoot is essential to avoid clipping and ensure the dialogue is captured effectively.

The Proposal

As the proposal moment approaches, careful planning and positioning are key to capturing the emotions and reactions authentically. Directing the couple to stand in the right spot with the sun behind them can create a visually stunning backdrop. Monitoring audio levels and making adjustments as needed ensures that the dialogue is captured clearly.

Equipment Choice

Choosing the Sony FX6 over the Red Komodo X was a practical decision based on audio capabilities and familiarity with the camera settings. The FX6’s audio inputs and versatility made it the ideal choice for capturing the surprise engagement with professional quality.

Overall, the surprise engagement video shoot with the Sony FX6 was a success, capturing the intimate moment with precision and emotion. Stay tuned for more episodes as we dive deeper into the world of video production and storytelling.

FAQ – Surprise Engagement Video Shoot Sony FX6 – Ep. 1

1. What is a surprise engagement video shoot?

A surprise engagement video shoot is when a professional videographer captures the moment of a surprise proposal between two people.

2. What is the Sony FX6 camera?

The Sony FX6 is a high-quality cinema camera known for its excellent image quality and low-light performance, making it perfect for capturing special moments such as surprise engagements.

3. What can I expect from Episode 1 of the surprise engagement video shoot series?

In Episode 1, you can expect to see the planning and preparation for the surprise engagement, as well as the actual proposal and the reaction of the couple.

4. How can I watch Episode 1 of the surprise engagement video shoot series?

You can watch Episode 1 on our website or YouTube channel. Stay tuned for future episodes to see the full story unfold!

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