How I Make Cinematic Street Photography Videos | START to FINISH

Have you ever wondered how to create stunning cinematic street photography videos that capture the essence of urban life? Look no further! In this blog post, I will take you through my process from start to finish on how I make captivating street photography videos that tell a story and evoke emotion. From scouting locations to editing the final footage, I will share my tips and tricks for creating visually compelling videos that stand out from the crowd. Let’s dive in and explore the world of cinematic street photography together!

How I Make Cinematic Street Photography Videos | START to FINISH

So today I’ll be discussing how I plan and create my cinematic episodes or short films now planning and creating a short film or cinematic episode is very different from creating regular YouTube episodes to be honest I wasn’t planning to make an episode like this but so many Of you were asking in the comments I decided to put this together and hopefully it inspires you to create your own short movie or cinematic episode now I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with cinematic videos and I’ve come a long way both in terms of planning and management now for most of The planning phase I use an app called mote so millot reached out and kindly offered to sponsor this episode that said this is the app which I used pre previously before the sponsorship I’ve used it for a couple of months now and it’s been really helpful both in terms Of my video and photography for those of you who don’t know milono is an app to help organize your ideas and projects in my case and I’m sure it’s the same for many of you it’s really easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of follows and Videos you capture so having a tool like this really helps me manage my creative projects so let’s head over to the app so I can show you how I plan my videos I should also mention mote have kindly provided a link which will allow you to Use the app for free with no time limit and I’ve added that in the description down below so feel free to download the app and follow along also if you use Mill note I love to hear your thoughts in the Comments okay so when you open Miller note this is what you’re going to see a blank board which you can add things to like notes and links and to-do list lists and lines and most importantly boards now boards are basically folders and they work in the same way folders do On your Mac or apple desktop you create them name them double click to go inside and create more tools and more boards and so on at the top of the app there’s a navigation bar so you can quickly jump between the board you’ve created now when you’re creating things like short Films or photography projects even or video projects it’s really easy to get over well because there’s so much to plan there’s so much to think about and if you just go out with no plan you’ll just end up capturing random footage of random fins and it’s a lot harder to put That together into a cohesive video than it is the plan beforehand and then go out to shoot based on that plan now this app is real easy to use all you basically do is choose a tool from the left hand side and drag them onto the screen but for today’s episode I’ll Create a new board I’ll call it London at night I’m going to change the color of the logo and then you can also change the icon so for example if you’re doing something photography related you can just type photo in here and it will give you icons based on what you search for Now that I’ve created my London at Night board the first thing I’m going to do is create a script now to do this what I do is drag the note tool onto the screen and start typing all right so when I have my really basic script ready and I Mean really basic at this point so it’s just the skeleton of the project there is no real detail here it’s really brief and simple outline of what I want to capture and what I kind of want it to look like my next stop is to again drag Another note onto the board and start creating one a gear list and two a shot list so script first and then shot list and gear list okay so at this point I have my gear list short list script kind of ready at that point I’ll create a Mood board Now to create the mood board real easy just drag the board tool from the side here onto the screen as I said earlier these just work like folders so basically you’re creating another folder within a folder this one I’m just going to name it mood board um I’m going to Change the icon and the color on it and then double click on mood board and it will open a new board I always feel that it helps me focus and achieve the look I want when I have a visual representation of what I want to create and moove Boards and tools like this it just makes it really easy while I’m out to quickly whip out my phone and have these references of what I want to create and the type of look I want to achieve so one of the cool things about millin note Is it will give you templates based on the name of your board so as you can see because I named this mood board on the side here is giving me a couple templates one of them is the film pre-production if you click that it quickly generates a template that one Actually looks really good or you can select film storyboard which I will do later but let’s go for film mood board so what miloe does here is it throws up some random images and text and colors so my job now is to populate this with images which will inspire me when I go Out filming and I’ll also add some color swatches to help generate a color scheme for the film I want to create so this is a mood board I’ve been working on these scenes have been pulled from films I like whenever I see a film on TV or Something and it’s a scene I like I’ll either take a picture of it or find it on afterwards if you select the three dots on the side and drag this color in you can also start creating a color scheme for your mood board as well now This helps because when you go out to shoot you’ll see lots of different colors when you’re out in the city as you can see on my board I have this red here the blue and the green now when I’m out shooting I will actively seek out These colors and if I see scenes with these colors or if I see a subject with these colors on I will film those scenes those locations and those subjects and in know when you stick stick to a certain color scheme and you’re not jumping around from color to color it Helps create a more cohesive video and in my opinion a better looking video so we have our mood board pretty much ready at this point let’s go back bring another board onto the screen which will be our storyboard okay so we’re in the storyboard again Mill note has thrown up Some recommendations of templates I’ll will click the film storyboard one here it’s generated a storyboard with multiple cards pictures and titles so using this template I replaced the pictures and the titles and I create a short story board for my project so as you can see this is closer to the Finished article on a board I’m working on from my London at Night episode also while I’m outside I use the millon note app on my phone it pretty much works the same way as the desktop version and gives me easy access to my mood board Script and Sh list also for those of you with an iPad I love using this app with a pen all right so when it comes to gear I usually shoot my cinematic episodes with either the Fujifilm xt5 or…


1. What equipment do you use for your cinematic street photography videos?

I use a DSLR camera with a prime lens for capturing high-quality footage. I also use a stabilizer for smooth shots and a microphone for clear audio.

2. How do you choose locations for your videos?

I usually scout locations beforehand to find visually interesting spots with good lighting and unique architecture. I also look for places with a lot of foot traffic to capture dynamic street scenes.

3. What editing software do you use for post-production?

I use Adobe Premiere Pro for editing my videos. It allows me to add transitions, music, and color grading to enhance the cinematic look of my footage.

4. How do you create a cohesive story in your videos?

I start by planning my shots and visualizing the story I want to tell. I use a combination of establishing shots, close-ups, and b-roll to create a narrative that engages the viewer from start to finish.

5. How long does it take you to complete a cinematic street photography video from start to finish?

It usually takes me a few days to shoot the footage and another few days to edit and finalize the video. The length of the video and complexity of the shots can impact the overall production time.

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