Amazing Video Lighting Hack Using Mirrors!

Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect lighting for your videos? Look no further, because we have a game-changing solution for you! Introducing the amazing video lighting hack using mirrors. Whether you’re a content creator, vlogger, or just someone who loves to record videos, good lighting is essential for creating high-quality content. But achieving the perfect lighting setup can be tricky and expensive. That’s where this genius hack comes in. By using mirrors, you can easily manipulate and direct light to create a professional-looking setup without breaking the bank. Read on to learn more about this simple yet effective video lighting hack using mirrors!

Amazing Video Lighting Hack Using Mirrors

These are a bunch of cheap mirrors and in this video I’m going to show you how we can use these to create some incredible lighting effects and you’ll probably not like the same way after watching this video so here’s the backstory I’ve been obsessed with mirrors for a little while and playing Around with them it actually all started when I learned about the lightbridge system which is a very expensive set of mirrors essentially that allow you to do a lot of cool things so I set out to see if I could buy some cheap mirrors and get the same effect and do some really Interesting things with lighting so by the end of this video you’ll be able to take a shot like this and turn it into something like this which I think looks amazing and it can all be done with a $10 or less mirror so why use mirrors well If you look around the lighting in your house during the day you’ll notice that light is often reflecting off of surfaces and filtered through glass and other objects this creates beautiful texture in rooms and on walls and something you just can’t create by pointing a light at something mirrors Are a great way to take a light source and add a ton of character and texture to it as an example i’ve got a tiny scene here in front of me with a plant and a lens and i have a light off to my side facing away from this little setup And i’m going to walk you through a couple little hacks you can immediately start to see and learn about with mirrors so i’ve got a tiny two inch by two inch mirror here i’m going to put it in front of this light and as you can see i can start to paint this little scene with light i can move the mirror closer to the light to create a larger patch of light or further away to create a smaller dimmer one now i’m going to set this one down and double the size or Almost double it to a three inch by three inch mirror we’ll do the same thing as you can see it kind of looks like light splashing through a window or between curtains you can move it around change the size and brightness all kinds of good stuff now i’m going to move to a Much larger mirror this one i’ve actually epoxied to a baby plate throw that in there and i’ve got a ton of light coming through and finally i’ll move this over here and we’ll get a slightly smaller mirror but this one has tape on it so you can see i’ve got a Gaff tape creating kind of a grid here and if i throw that in front of our light now we’ve got you know a really cool kind of lines it looks like you know the silhouette of a window frame or whatever on your scene so as you can see there Are a ton of different hacks and awesome ways to create really interesting light using mirrors now let’s go through three different setups where i use mirrors to create kind of a little scene and the first one is what you’re looking at right now behind me you’ll notice that Lamp right here and there’s kind of light that looks like it’s coming from a window hitting it there’s actually an aperture light hitting a 12 by 12 acrylic mirror in the background so i’m going to go ahead and turn the light off this is what the set looks like without That light i’ll turn it back on and you’ll notice it’s kind of a square but there’s a little bit of added texture there it looks like the light is kind of going through a tree into a window and hitting the wall and the way i did that Is with this just kind of some fake plant uh from ikea so it’s a great place or michael’s or hobby lobby whatever you could go and buy some of this stuff and you just kind of drape it in front of your light gives you some really nice Shadow effect and once the light goes through the fake plant and into the mirror the return light which is what you see projected on the wall is just a really interesting super natural looking lots and lots of character and i just love the way it looks you cannot create Something like this by just pointing a light on the wall you won’t get the same geometry uh and it’s just awesome so that’s our first setup now let’s talk about setup number two which is going to involve kind of some b-roll so let’s head over to the bench and take a look

Lighting Setup #2

Another setup we have a camera on a table with some lenses a little plant off to one side and i want to first show you what it looks like with just a simple soft box it’s okay but it definitely is pretty sad and These mirrors are going to make a huge difference so now i’m going to do is off to the side of the camera i have another light here i’m going to turn that on and you’ll notice we have the mirror on a c-stand and this light is actually going Right into the mirror at this point i’m going to dim down actually i’ll just turn off the main light so we can see what this setup is doing as you can see i’ll turn this light all the way up we’ve got beautiful natural daylight looking light coming out of that mirror Now what i can do is turn on the softbox again but this time i’m going to dim it down and use it as kind of an ambient light so something around there you know you could pick and choose if you want it more well lit or flat or you can Dim it down to just just add a little bit of kind of ambient which is pretty natural for a room you know if this was window light coming through a window the sunlight spilling through a window it would probably bounce around the room and fill things In a little bit so there’s without the soft box there’s with the soft box here’s an overhead diagram of this lighting setup to give an idea of what’s actually happening here and i’m now going to go over here and remove this mirror and the setup is just so simple

Amazing Video Lighting Hack Using Mirrors FAQ

What is the video lighting hack using mirrors?

The video lighting hack using mirrors is a technique that utilizes mirrors to redirect and enhance natural or artificial light sources to create stunning and professional-looking lighting for video recordings.

How does the video lighting hack using mirrors work?

By strategically placing mirrors in the filming area, the light can be reflected and directed to specific areas of the subject, eliminating shadows and creating a well-balanced and flattering lighting effect.

What are the benefits of using mirrors for video lighting?

Using mirrors for video lighting can save on expensive professional lighting equipment, create natural and soft lighting, and add a unique and creative flair to your videos.

Are there any limitations to using mirrors for video lighting?

While mirrors can be very effective in enhancing lighting, they do require careful positioning and experimentation to achieve the desired effect. They may also require additional time and effort to set up compared to traditional lighting equipment.

Can the video lighting hack using mirrors be used for different types of videos?

Yes, the video lighting hack using mirrors can be used for a variety of video productions, including vlogs, product reviews, interviews, and more. It is a versatile and cost-effective solution for creating professional-looking lighting.

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