Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB Review – Powerful Fill / RGB CoB Light

Are you looking for a powerful fill light solution for your photography or videography needs? Look no further than the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB! This innovative CoB light offers a range of customizable RGB colors, as well as a high-quality fill light to enhance your photos and videos. In this review, we will take a closer look at the features and benefits of the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB, and explore how it can take your content creation to the next level. Join us as we delve into the world of professional lighting solutions and discover the power of the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB fill light.

Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB Review – Powerful Fill / RGB CoB Light

Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB Review


Hello my friends, in today’s video we will take a look at the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB. Zhiyun continues to widen their selection of lighting solutions with a new 60W CoB light with RGB functionality. CoB RGB lights are not very common, but this one makes a lot of sense. In this review, we will examine the performance and feature set of this light.

Design and Features

The Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB is a 60W CoB (Chip on Board) light with warm white, cold white, and RGB diodes that provide great versatility. The design is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and use in tight spaces. The light utilizes Zhiyun’s zy Mount system, which allows for easy attachment of accessories and mounting options.

Mounting Options

The zy Mount system is user-friendly and compatible with a variety of accessories. The X60 RGB comes with a power adapter, battery grip, reflector, soft dome, USB-C cable, and pouch, providing everything you need for different mounting options.

Power Options

The X60 RGB can be powered using a power adapter, battery grip, or battery. The battery grip can power the light for about 40 minutes and can also be used as a power bank. The light can also be controlled using the ZY Play app, allowing for remote operation and firmware updates.


The X60 RGB offers variable light color temperature ranging from warm to cold. It has a high CRI of 95, providing accurate color representation. The light is suitable for both photography and filmmaking, offering creative options with its RGB mode and special effects.

Fan and App Control

The X60 RGB features a fan for heat dispersion, which runs quietly. The ZY Play app allows for remote control of the light, including adjusting brightness and color temperature. The app also allows for firmware updates and synchronization with other Zhiyun lights.


The Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB is a versatile and easy-to-use CoB light suitable for productions of any size. Its user-friendly features such as USB-C, zy Mount, and the ZY Play app make it a hassle-free lighting solution. Whether used as a fill light or for creative lighting effects, the X60 RGB is a powerful tool for any content creator.

FAQ about Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB Review – Powerful Fill / RGB CoB Light

  1. What is the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB?
    The Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB is a powerful fill light and RGB CoB light that can enhance your videography and photography projects.
  2. What makes the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB stand out?
    The Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB is known for its high brightness, adjustable color temperature, and RGB color options, making it a versatile lighting solution.
  3. How does the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB perform as a fill light?
    The Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB provides even and diffused lighting to fill in shadows and create a more natural and balanced look in your shots.
  4. Can the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB be used for RGB effects?
    Yes, the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB offers a wide range of RGB colors and effects that can be easily adjusted to suit your creative vision.
  5. Is the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB suitable for professional use?
    With its high quality build, powerful output, and customizable features, the Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB is a great option for professional videographers and photographers.

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