Zhiyun Crane 4 Review – Outstanding Heavy Duty Gimbal

Are you looking for a heavy-duty gimbal that can handle your professional camera setup with ease? Look no further than the Zhiyun Crane 4. This outstanding gimbal is designed to support heavy camera setups, making it the perfect choice for professional videographers and filmmakers. In this blog, we will dive into the features and performance of the Zhiyun Crane 4, and explore why it is a top choice for anyone in need of a reliable and durable gimbal for their camera rig. Whether you’re shooting high-quality videos for clients or capturing stunning footage for your own projects, the Zhiyun Crane 4 is sure to impress.

Zhiyun Crane 4 Review – Outstanding Heavy Duty Gimbal

In today’s video, we will take a look at the Zhiyun Crane 4. The Crane 4 is a brand new heavy-duty gimbal designed for maximal performance and reliability, even with heavy camera setups. In this article, we will explore the performance and feature set of the Crane 4 in combination with the Sony A74 and Panasonic S52x.

Performance and Features

The Crane 4 uses the usual Crane style configuration with a vertical arm and utilizes the base carried over from the Rebuild 3, which stores part of the batteries. Weighing 1.67 kilograms, the Crane 4 is lighter than its predecessor, the Crane 3s, and adapts a lot of features from smaller Zhiyun gimbals into its new flagship model. While the exact payload capacity is not disclosed, the Crane 4 is suitable for heavy camera setups along with smaller cinema cameras.

Built Quality and Design

The gimbal’s build quality is excellent, featuring metal arms and high-quality plastics. The grip has a comfortable rubber texture, and the gimbals come with a sling handle with wrist support and an easy-to-use balancing setup using levers instead of screws. Additionally, balance indicators on all three axes aid in achieving a precise balance. This heavy-duty gimbal also features an autogun function, making it reliable and user-friendly. The locking mechanism is available on all three axes and includes a reasonably solid build for transportation and balancing.

Camera Mounting and Performance

One notable feature of the Crane 4 is vertical camera mounting, providing versatility for different shooting styles. The gimbal’s strong motors and balance allow for smooth and stable movements, eliminating walking impacts even when navigating rough terrains. With its enhanced performance, the Crane 4 showcases an unprecedented level of stability and responsiveness, ideal for various filming scenarios, from walking to panning shots.

Additional Features and Ergonomics

Other impressive features of the Crane 4 include unlimited joystick settings for panning speed and a 1.22-inch touchscreen display for parameter settings. While the display allows for different settings, the full range of options is accessible via the app, making it comprehensive and user-friendly. The gimbal also offers various shooting modes, including Pan Follow, Tilt Follow, Lock, POV, Go, Selfie, and Vortex mode, enhancing creative possibilities for filmmakers and content creators.

In conclusion, the Zhiyun Crane 4 is an outstanding heavy-duty gimbal that delivers remarkable stability, responsiveness, and versatility for heavy camera setups. With its exceptional performance and feature-packed design, the Crane 4 truly stands out as a top-tier gimbal option for professional filmmakers and enthusiasts alike.

FAQ – Zhiyun Crane 4 Review

What is the Zhiyun Crane 4?

The Zhiyun Crane 4 is a heavy-duty gimbal stabilizer designed for professional filmmakers and videographers. It is a 3-axis handheld stabilizer that can support a wide range of DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

What makes the Zhiyun Crane 4 outstanding?

The Zhiyun Crane 4 stands out for its exceptional build quality and robustness. It is designed to handle heavy cameras and provides smooth and stable footage even in challenging shooting conditions.

What are the key features of the Zhiyun Crane 4?

  • Support for heavy cameras up to 10 pounds
  • Intelligent gesture control system
  • Easy-to-use OLED display
  • Wireless image transmission and remote control
  • Long-lasting battery life

Is the Zhiyun Crane 4 suitable for professional use?

Yes, the Zhiyun Crane 4 is highly suitable for professional use due to its high payload capacity, advanced features, and durable construction. It is well-suited for professional filmmaking, videography, and other creative projects.

What customers are saying about the Zhiyun Crane 4?

Customers have praised the Zhiyun Crane 4 for its exceptional performance, stability, and ease of use. Many have found it to be a valuable tool for capturing professional-quality footage in a variety of shooting scenarios.

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