Zeiss ZX1: New Ikon — or Too Little, Too Late?

Are you tired of lugging around a bulky camera just to capture high-quality images on the go? The Zeiss ZX1 may be the solution you’ve been waiting for. With its sleek design and advanced features, this new Ikon camera promises to revolutionize the world of photography. But is it too little, too late to make a splash in an already crowded market? In this blog, we’ll delve into the details of the Zeiss ZX1 and explore whether it has what it takes to compete with the current players in the photography game. Let’s take a closer look at this new Ikon and determine if it’s a game-changer or just another drop in the ocean.

Zeiss ZX1: New Ikon — or Too Little, Too Late?

Is the Zeiss ZX1 Too Little, Too Late?

This episode is brought to you by squarespace back in 2018 at an invitation-only event a few blocks from the cone messi where the last photokina as we know it was being held zeiss announced their extraordinary zx1 claudia and i were there and i was excited hey everybody i’m hugh brownstone with Three blind men and elephant i’m delighted to be here with petra vissuri she’s the head of category management for imaging at zeiss that’s right you got to be feeling pretty good right about now oh yes i am absolutely and the reason why she’s feeling that good Is because of this bad boy behind us is isis zx1 for a brief shining moment it looked like the legendary optics manufacturer was returning to its camera roots with a state-of-the-art photographer-centric smartphone and social media aware maybe pocketable 37.5 megapixel full-frame mirrorless camera with superb fixed 35 millimeter f2 lens A hybrid contrast and phase detect autofocusing lens with leaf shutter the zx1 supported an enormous 4.3 inch diagonal utterly unique curved high resolution rear panel with a clean sheet graphical touch interface including a coherent onboard manual and even video tutorial and a brilliant reson deja a true high concept aimed at helping photographers Stay in the flow adobe lightroom built right into the body along with wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone so that you could edit synchronize with the cloud and share your images directly to social media apps like instagram and facebook wow it was going to be a leica q killer but then crickets Hey everybody i’m hugh brownstone for three blind men and an elephant and today a week after receiving and playing with one of the first units to enter the us i want to talk with you about zeiss’s zx1 i’ll just cut to the chase the zx1 is ambitious as a beautiful object Wonderful in hand capable of superb image quality from wide open at f2 on down like this do i love this place man my parents came to this country with like fifty Of my ear with all dollars useless I’m from america free of opportunity but some stuck in the past It offers beautiful industrial design with a new design vocabulary and suddenly the leading software user experience in the industry second only to smartphones like this But two years in the camera industry is a long time things have changed and just like every other ambitious totally new camera ever built the zx1 has its fair share of teething problems and opportunities for improvement it also has a high price for what it is a cool 6 grand us And even with adobe’s lightroom built in and a half terabyte ssd on board faces an existential question most new cameras do not in the two years since it was announced has the camera the very concept of the camera been superseded by events yes and no But before we go any further a few quick announcements from our friendly neighborhood department of commerce first i want to remind you that our streets of new york the book is now available in a limited second run at www.3bmep.com books if you miss new york city as much as we Do i think you’ll love it second a heads up that we are offering half hour and now full one hour one-on-one video sessions to help you with everything from finding or honing your artistic voice to portfolio reviews gear selection street photography mindset and tips and more visit www.3bmep.com Booking to learn more about it and or schedule an appointment it’ll be fun finally a big thank you to squarespace not only for making this episode possible but for being the engine behind our entire web presence from custom domains to beautiful websites using their easily customizable templates that can have you up and Running in minutes e-commerce email and email marketing seo analytics and scheduling squarespace has done and continues to do it all for us if you are a small to mid-sized business in any industry squarespace i think is the place to go for all of your website needs hop over to www.squarespace.comu For a free trial and if you like what you see and want to move forward receive a 10 discount at checkout by using the code hue thanks squarespace okay let’s get into it you can think of the zx1 as zeiss’s answer to sony’s full-frame rx1 r2 but most especially leica’s full-frame Q2 a premium compact high quality fixed lens full-frame mirrorless camera ideally suited to street and travel photography but this gives short shrift to the ways in which the zx1 goes well beyond either of them from the integration of adobe lightroom right in the camera itself to that curved screen with brilliant touch Interface and the dead simple and minimalist dedicated controls for aperture shutter speed and iso and it does deliver zeiss has dared to think big in a relatively small package and hats off to them kudos guys they have designed a camera with brilliant compact lens to operate in the No futs zone with lovely image quality a modern purist’s dream of course it’s hardly that simple beginning with a very different competitive landscape than the one zeiss surveyed when they must have begun planning that planning may have started as far back as 2012 when sony introduced the world’s first full-frame Fixed lens mirrorless camera the 24 megapixel rx1 sporting a zeiss 35 millimeter f2 leaf shutter sonar but in 2015 sony introduced the rx1 r2 still tiny at 507 grams for 3 300 bucks with a new 42.5 megapixel sensor even now the rx1 r2 offers marginally higher resolution than the zx1 For just about half the price in less than half the volume with a zeiss 35 millimeter f2 lens even if the cramped controls and pez sized battery of the rx1 r2 make it a non-starter for me but hey your mileage may vary i get it it’s all good you can buy An awful lot of batteries or face masks for 2 700 bucks more importantly 2015 was also the year leica unveiled the gorgeous minimalist larger and heavier at 640 grams but infinitely more enjoyable i mean compared to the sony 24 megapixel image stabilized 28 millimeter f 1.7 sum lux equipped 4 300 q most importantly the successor to the queue the 5 000 q2 introduced in 2019 was not a slightly revamped queue the q2 was massively improved in every important way from the 47.5 megapixel sensor to a new higher capacity battery better weather ceiling better evf and refined physical controls and menu system Even at 718 grams the q2 was well worth the 750 dollar premium to those of us who are so inclined and can afford it over the original retaining the original’s brilliant manual and auto focusing macro capable sumalux with all that the q2 is still today a thousand dollars Less than the 837 gram zx1 thus 14 lighter and as it turns out twenty-five percent smaller with lens image stabilization that the zx1 does not have and a single card slot the zx1 doesn’t have either hold that thought then again the zx1 is dainty and Downright frugal compared to my leica sl2 with aposumicron sl35 a package that weighs and costs almost twice as much but that combination has …

Frequently Asked Questions about Zeiss ZX1

  • What is the Zeiss ZX1?

    The Zeiss ZX1 is a full-frame mirrorless camera designed by Zeiss and is their first-ever digital camera.

  • What makes the Zeiss ZX1 stand out?

    The Zeiss ZX1 stands out for its unique design, built-in Adobe Lightroom CC, large touchscreen display, and integrated Zeiss Distagon 35mm f/2 T* lens.

  • Is the Zeiss ZX1 worth the investment?

    Opinions vary on the value of the ZX1. Some consider it a groundbreaking innovation, while others believe it may be too little too late in the competitive camera market.

  • What are the main criticisms of the Zeiss ZX1?

    Critics of the Zeiss ZX1 point to its lack of flexibility with a fixed lens, limited autofocus capabilities, and high price point as potential drawbacks.

  • When was the Zeiss ZX1 released?

    The Zeiss ZX1 was announced in September 2018 but was officially released in 2019.

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