You NEED to be printing your photos!! Here’s why..

In today’s digital age, it’s easy to snap a photo on our smartphones and instantly share it on social media, but what about the physical prints? Printing your photos may seem like an outdated practice, but there are countless reasons why it’s important to have hard copies of your pictures. From preserving memories for future generations to creating beautiful home decor, printing your photos allows you to truly appreciate and enjoy the moments you’ve captured. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of printing your photos and explore different ways to showcase and display them. So if you’ve been neglecting your printer, it’s time to dust it off and start printing your cherished photos!

Why You Need to Be Printing Your Photos!!

Understanding Your Photography Better

By printing your shots, you understand your photography so much better. You’re going to see things that you never would have seen if your photos weren’t printed. It looks completely different when you see a print in person that you’re holding in your hands, versus that same photo backlit on a 5K monitor with LEDs behind it, making it look nice and bright, totally different.

Knowing Your Camera’s Capabilities

Understanding your own work shows you where your camera might lack, or maybe where your camera excels. You might get that print back and say, “This is exactly everything I need it to be. This is perfect.” On the other hand, you might realize that the photo looks great online, but doesn’t hold up as well in print due to poor detail or muddy quality.

The Second Half of Photography

Printing your shots is the second half of photography. You used to go out, shoot, come back, and then process your images in the darkroom. Now, that darkroom has been replaced with digital editing software. However, printing your own work is equally as fun and satisfying as the first part of shooting. Being able to pick the paper, matte, glossy, or different thicknesses of paper, and selecting a frame that matches the colors of your photo adds an extra element of creativity and satisfaction.

Printing at Home vs. Printing Elsewhere

There are many websites that offer professional printing services, but the same principles apply to taking those photos out of the package once they arrive in the mail and seeing your own physical work as something tangible. If you can afford or have no interest in doing your own home printing, these options are still beneficial.

Adding Value to Your Artwork

By printing your photos and making them tangible, you’re adding value to your artwork. Instead of leaving your photos stored away on your hard drive or in the cloud, you can share them with others by printing and framing them. This not only benefits you but also benefits those who get to enjoy your artwork in their own homes.


Why do I need to print my photos?

Printing your photos allows you to physically hold and display your memories. It provides a tangible way to share and enjoy your images without relying on digital devices.

What are the benefits of printing photos?

Printing photos can enhance the colors and details of your images, allowing you to appreciate them in a high-quality format. Additionally, printed photos are a durable and long-lasting way to preserve your memories.

How can I print my photos?

You can print your photos at home using a photo printer, or you can utilize professional printing services offered by various online and local vendors.

Can I print photos from my phone or social media accounts?

Yes, you can easily print photos from your phone or social media accounts using printing apps or by downloading the images and then uploading them to a printing service.

What are the reasons to print photos rather than just keeping them digital?

Printing photos allows you to create physical photo albums, wall art, or personalized gifts. It also ensures that your memories are preserved in case of technology failures or changes.

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