You Have NEVER Seen A Camera Sling Bag Do This! The Incredible WANDRD ROAM!

Are you tired of your traditional camera bag that constantly gets in the way while you’re trying to capture the perfect shot? Look no further than the incredible WANDRD ROAM camera sling bag! This innovative and versatile bag will revolutionize the way you carry your camera gear on your photography adventures. Say goodbye to bulky, awkward camera bags and hello to the sleek and stylish design of the WANDRD ROAM. With its unique features and functionality, you have never seen a camera sling bag quite like this before. Join us as we explore the endless possibilities of the WANDRD ROAM and see why it’s a game changer for every photographer.

The Incredible WANDRD ROAM Camera Sling Bag

WANDRD cannot be stopped right now. Hot off the heels of their newly-updated PRVKE line which included two brand new sizes, they’ve also got another announcement to add to their already impressive line of ways that you can carry your stuff. And they definitely have some tricks up their sleeves That I’m sure you haven’t seen before. Introducing the WANDRD ROAM sling collection which includes three different sizes of slings and a 16 and 13-inch laptop case.

Size Options

If you’re anything like me, you have a tendency to carry too much stuff with you all the time. You grab a backpack and you got lots of space in there, so you just jam it full of everything that you can find even though you probably won’t need most of that stuff anyway. Just in case, am I right? In the past, something smaller like a sling seemed like it might be a potential answer, but I’ve never been able to find one that had all the features to make it versatile enough to actually answer that problem for me. The WANDRD ROAM sling bags come in three different sizes – nine liter, six liter, and three-liter. No matter what you need, there is an option out there for you.

Premium Materials

All three of these slings are made from the same premium materials that you might recognize from the PRVKE series. They are weatherproof to protect your gear and come with the Wander More Worry Less lifetime guarantee that backs up the workmanship and materials. The padded and breathable back portion of the bag ensures comfort while wearing, and the reversible strap allows you to wear it over either shoulder easily.

Convenience Features

The strap includes multiple attachment points and a lockdown strap for secure wear during activities. The bags also feature a top handle, side handles for easy access, and quick-access pockets for items like keys or sunglasses. The main compartment is spacious and comes with dividers for organizing your camera gear. The bottom of the bags also includes hidden compartments for storing items like tripods or water bottles.

Surprise Feature

Now, here’s the surprise feature that changes everything. On the three-liter version, the quick-access pocket is located at the back, and the front pocket contains a hidden surprise. When you pull back the Velcro flap at the bottom, you reveal a secret compartment where you can store additional items like a travel tripod or a water bottle. This hidden space adds even more versatility to the already feature-packed WANDRD ROAM sling bags.

With its innovative design, durable materials, and versatile features, the WANDRD ROAM sling collection is a game-changer for photographers and adventurers alike. Whether you’re traveling light or carrying a full load of camera gear, the WANDRD ROAM sling bags have got you covered. Say goodbye to bulky backpacks and hello to the convenience and style of the WANDRD ROAM sling bags!


What makes the WANDRD ROAM camera sling bag stand out?

The WANDRD ROAM camera sling bag features a unique design that allows it to easily rotate from your back to your front for quick and easy access to your camera gear. This functionality sets it apart from traditional camera bags.

Is the WANDRD ROAM camera sling bag comfortable to wear?

Yes, the WANDRD ROAM camera sling bag is designed with comfort in mind. It features padded shoulder straps and a breathable back panel to ensure a comfortable fit, even when carrying heavy camera gear.

How much camera gear can the WANDRD ROAM camera sling bag hold?

The WANDRD ROAM camera sling bag has a customizable interior with room for a DSLR or mirrorless camera body, multiple lenses, and other accessories. It also has exterior pockets for smaller items like memory cards and batteries.

Is the WANDRD ROAM camera sling bag durable?

Yes, the WANDRD ROAM camera sling bag is made from high-quality materials that are water-resistant and built to withstand the rigors of travel and outdoor use. It is designed to protect your camera gear from the elements.

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