WTF! Canon R5 & R1 Shocking Update! PLUS Lenses & Cinema Surprises!

Are you a Canon camera enthusiast who is eagerly awaiting the release of the new R5 and R1 models? Well, you’re in for a shock with the latest updates from Canon, including surprising news about the lenses and cinema features! The highly anticipated R5 and R1 are set to make waves in the photography and videography world, and the latest information will leave you on the edge of your seat. From groundbreaking technology to unexpected additions, there is a lot to unpack with the Canon R5 and R1 cameras. Let’s dive into the shocking updates and explore what they mean for the future of Canon’s camera lineup.

Shocking Update on Canon R5 and R1 Announcements!

We’ve got some big and shocking news about the Canon e R5 announcement, the R1 announcement, and a bunch of lenses that are supposed to be announced alongside them.

Canon R5 Mark I Announcement

According to Canon rumors, the big surprise is that the Canon e R5 Mark I will be announced alongside the Canon usr1 in the next couple of months, which puts us somewhere around April. This goes against previous reports and has left many in the camera industry surprised.

Development Announcement for Canon R1

With the development announcement for the Canon EOS R1 set to happen at the same time as the official announcement for the Canon euse R5 Mark I, it raises questions about shipping dates for both cameras. Will the R1 be delayed until June or even July?

Upcoming Lenses

Canon is also set to announce a range of new lenses, including an RF 28mm f1.4 or f1.8, the Canon RF 35mm f1.2 L Series USM, and the Canon RF 70-200mm f2.8 L Series image-stabilized USM, tailored for video shooters with an internal zoom feature. The RF 28-70mm F2 Mark I may also be in the works, though no update was provided.

Concerns About Lens Sounds

Video shooters have expressed concerns about focusing sounds in certain lenses, such as the RF 50mm f1.2 and the RF 28-70mm F2 Mark I. The loud sounds can interfere with filming, making it essential for future lens purchases to have a silent focus motor.

Cinema Surprises

Canon is set to announce successors to both the C300 and C500 series of cameras ahead of IBC in September, coming with RF mounts. This news has come as a shock to many, as 2022 was expected to be a big year for the R1 and the Summer Olympics, where the one series is typically dominant.

FAQ about Canon R5 & R1 Shocking Update, Lenses & Cinema Surprises

Q: What are the shocking updates about Canon R5 & R1?

A: The shocking update about Canon R5 & R1 is their remarkable performance and features that have exceeded the expectations of many photographers and videographers.

Q: What are the new lenses introduced?

A: Canon has introduced a range of new lenses that cater to various shooting needs, including wide-angle prime lenses, telephoto zoom lenses, and macro lenses.

Q: What are the cinema surprises from Canon?

A: Canon has announced exciting new cinema cameras with advanced features and capabilities that will revolutionize the filmmaking industry.

Q: Where can I find more information about these updates and surprises?

A: You can find more information about the Canon R5 & R1 updates, new lenses, and cinema surprises on Canon’s official website or through their authorized dealers and retailers.

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