Worth the Extra $1000? EOS R vs EOS RP

Are you in the market for a new mirrorless camera but feeling torn between the Canon EOS R and the Canon EOS RP? Both models offer exceptional features and performance, but is the extra $1000 for the EOS R justified? In this blog, we will delve into the key differences between these two cameras and uncover whether the EOS R is truly worth the additional investment. From image quality and autofocus capabilities to build quality and ergonomics, we will explore all the factors that make these cameras unique. So, if you’re trying to make an informed decision before making a purchase, keep reading to find out which camera is the perfect fit for you.

Worth the Extra $1000? EOS R vs EOS RP

I recently got the Canon EOS R and I’ve really been enjoying and using this camera for most of my photography work. Here are some of my favorite photos I’ve taken in the last month or so using the camera.

If you’re new here, my name is Mitch and I am a photographer and Filmmaker based in Australia. On this YouTube channel, I mainly shoot landscape, travel, portrait, and fashion photography. But my main source of income in my own professional business is actually weddings and commercial web and television content. So for those jobs, I actually use a combination of the Fuji XT3 and the Red Raven cinema camera.

The reason why I chose the EOS R for most of my YouTube and photography content is actually three really simple reasons: flip screen, full-frame sensor, and dual pixel autofocus. Plus, having a long history with Canon cameras, I have owned some kind of Canon camera since around 2013.


Now, why did I consider getting an RP? Well, the truth is, I never considered buying an EOS RP. It was actually a close friend of mine who saw me using the EOS R, decided to try it out for a photo shoot, and kind of fell in love with it. So when it came to him deciding to actually buy an EOS R, I told him, “Hang on a second, why don’t you consider the RP? Because it’s almost the same with a few minor differences and it is about a thousand dollars cheaper than the EOS R.”

So, I decided to take the EOS R, which is filming me right now, as well as the EOS RP on a photo shoot for a bit of a head-to-head test. And I was using the EF to RF adapter on both cameras, as well as the exact same lens. One of my favorite lenses, the 35mm 1.4 Art from Sigma.

I want to say a massive shout out to Digi Direct in Brisbane. They also helped me out with the Sony a7 III for my test. They also loaned me the EOS RP and this lens. I’m so grateful. Thank you guys, appreciate it so much.

Just a few other things to keep in mind before we jump into this video. I’m just going to be comparing these two cameras based on what I shoot and what I need from a camera. The EF to RF adapter works great with these EF lenses. You’re getting really fast autofocus speed. It’s basically a native EF solution for your RF mount camera. So the main points for me are going to be autofocus speed and accuracy, dynamic range, handling in general.

I’m also going to be keeping an eye on the battery in these two cameras, seeing as the EOS RP has a newer style battery than the EOS R and it is quite a bit smaller. Now being that these two cameras have different sensors in them, even though they’re both full-frame, they are of a different design. So the EOS RP, I believe, has a 26-megapixel sensor, whereas the EOS R has a 30-megapixel sensor. On DxO Mark, the company that does all those really scientific tests around ISO and dynamic range and portrait bit depth and all those kinds of things, they basically say that the EOS R has just over a one-stop advantage in terms of dynamic range over the RP, but the RP is apparently better in low light, but it’s only by I think around 100 points. So we’re just going to keep that in mind. Obviously, this is a real-world test, not a scientific test. So when we’re editing these images, we can kind of keep that in mind and then see if that really matches up, lines up in the real world.

Shooting Experience

Our shoot location with Anna, who’s going to be our model today. So I’ve got the EOS R and the EOS RP. Gonna be handling both cameras at the same time, trying to get a good comparison between both. We’re shooting in this greenhouse location today, which should be quite cool with the glass ceiling. It’s going to have a lot of light coming through, so we get to test the dynamic range of these two cameras. So let’s get into shooting.

So again, just bring both hands up to your face. Yeah. The shutter on the EOS R is definitely louder. Just take one step back. Just both hands on hips. There’s, oh yeah.

Okay, so with these two cameras, I’m basically switching between two focus modes. The first is just the single point focus, so just usually using like the center area or moving the point around the screen. And the second one is the face tracking. So I’ll just switch between those based on the situation. If I get a clear view of Anna’s face, where it’s picking up her face, or if I’m trying to do a shot where her face is partially blocked, or to switch back to the single point.

I found that the face tracking works really well on both of these cameras. The dual pixel autofocus is pretty much identical between the two bodies. In this scenario, we’re sort of going to be underexposing a little bit to kind of keep some of the detail in the sky behind Anna and then see how both cameras do with pulling back the shadow detail. Owning the EOS R, I know that you can actually bring back a lot of shadow detail. It will be interesting to see how the RP compares. So lean your bodies down towards me a little bit more. Yeah, beautiful.

So right now, we’re using the face tracking. Seems to be pretty good. Gotta do though because of the really big class we have to be careful with our girl, so if Anna moves any closer or further to the camera, we need to refocus and put our horse again. Let’s go. That’s nice.

We’re really underexposing. Let’s see if we can pull back some of this shadow detail. All the other color, get that glow in the ceiling. Bring your hand up. Teaching again those rows. Yeah, that’s good. Both is good. We’ll do that with your hair again. How you’d like to push it off? Yeah, just hold it nice. Bring it over something. Do that. Yeah.

So we just finished up shooting inside the greenhouse. We’re gonna head outside now, see what we can find. The face tracking works from a long distance away—one good pattern. Say.

Final Thoughts

I hope you guys enjoyed that behind-the-scenes. Now for my final thoughts on the camera, now that I’ve seen the edited images. First of all, I want to talk about handling, actually using the camera. I have to say, I did enjoy shooting with the R a little bit more simply because of the more significant grip. It felt better in my hand, as well as the bigger viewfinder. So when you’re looking through the viewfinder, even though I didn’t do that a lot for this shoot, mainly using the back of the screen so that you guys could see what was going on in terms of the focusing and all that kind of thing, the EOS R has a bigger viewfinder. So it’s more comfortable to look at the back LCD screen as well. On the EOS R, it’s a little bit bigger, so it’s just a little bit more comfortable to shoot with.

The battery life was actually the biggest surprise here. So at the end of the shoot, the EOS R…

Worth the Extra $1000? EOS R vs EOS RP – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Worth the Extra $1000? EOS R vs EOS RP

1. What are the differences between the EOS R and EOS RP?

The EOS R is a higher-end full-frame mirrorless camera with a 30.3MP sensor, faster continuous shooting (8 fps), and a more advanced autofocus system compared to the EOS RP. The EOS RP, on the other hand, has a 26.2MP sensor and a slightly compact size, making it a more affordable entry-level full-frame mirrorless option.

2. Is the EOS R worth the extra $1000 compared to the EOS RP?

The answer depends on your specific photography needs and budget. If you require advanced features, better image quality, and faster performance, then the EOS R might be worth the extra expense. However, if you are on a tight budget or have less demanding photography requirements, the EOS RP can still deliver excellent image quality and value for money.

3. Which camera is better suited for professionals?

The EOS R, with its higher resolution, faster continuous shooting, and advanced autofocus system, is generally considered more suitable for professional photographers who need the extra performance and features. However, the EOS RP can still be used by professionals or as a secondary camera option due to its full-frame sensor and compatibility with Canon’s range of lenses.

4. What advantages does the EOS RP offer compared to the EOS R?

The EOS RP is a more compact and lightweight camera, making it easier to carry around for extended periods. It also comes at a more affordable price point, making it accessible for photographers on a budget or those entering into the full-frame mirrorless world. Additionally, the EOS RP offers impressive image quality and a good selection of features for its price range.

5. Can both cameras record high-quality video?

Yes, both the EOS R and EOS RP are capable of recording high-quality video. The EOS R has a slight advantage with 4K video capabilities, while the EOS RP offers 1080p Full HD video. However, bear in mind that the EOS R’s higher-end features also come with a higher price tag.

6. Which camera has better low-light performance?

The low-light performance of both cameras is quite similar, as they share the same size sensor. However, the EOS R’s advanced autofocus system with better low-light sensitivity might provide a slight advantage in challenging lighting conditions. Ultimately, the lens used will play a significant role in low-light performance.

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