Are you looking for a versatile and portable camera accessory for creating stunning videos and photos? Look no further than the Wiral LITE cable cam system, designed to work seamlessly with GoPro and Insta360 cameras. In this blog post, we will unbox and take a first look at the Wiral LITE in conjunction with both GoPro and Insta360 cameras, exploring the key features and benefits of this unique setup. From capturing smooth and dynamic shots to getting creative with different angles and perspectives, the possibilities are endless with Wiral LITE + GoPro and Insta360. Let’s dive in and see how this innovative camera accessory can elevate your content creation game.

Wiral LITE + GoPro and Insta360 – Unboxing and First Look


When it comes to capturing stunning footage from unique perspectives, having the right tools is crucial. The Wiral LITE is a cable cam system that allows filmmakers and content creators to achieve smooth and dynamic shots. When paired with a GoPro or Insta360 camera, the possibilities are endless. In this article, we will unbox the Wiral LITE along with a GoPro and Insta360 camera, and take a first look at what these products have to offer.

Unboxing the Wiral LITE

Upon opening the box, users will find the Wiral LITE cable cam system neatly packaged along with all the necessary accessories. The system includes a motorized cable cam unit, a remote control, mounting brackets, and a carrying case. Setting up the Wiral LITE is quick and easy, making it ideal for on-the-go shooting scenarios.

Key Features of Wiral LITE

Some of the key features of the Wiral LITE include:

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Supports payloads up to 3.3 lbs
  • Multiple shooting modes for versatile footage
  • Easy setup and operation

GoPro Camera

The GoPro camera is renowned for its rugged design and high-quality footage capabilities. When paired with the Wiral LITE, users can capture cinematic shots from various angles and heights. The GoPro camera is compatible with a wide range of mounts and accessories, making it a versatile tool for any shooting situation.

Key Features of GoPro Camera

Some of the key features of the GoPro camera include:

  • 4K video recording
  • Waterproof and durable construction
  • Wireless connectivity for remote control
  • Wide range of shooting modes

Insta360 Camera

The Insta360 camera is a popular choice for capturing immersive 360-degree footage. When used in conjunction with the Wiral LITE, users can create stunning panoramic shots that transport viewers into the heart of the action. The Insta360 camera offers advanced stabilization features and editing capabilities, making it an excellent choice for virtual reality experiences.

Key Features of Insta360 Camera

Some of the key features of the Insta360 camera include:

  • 360-degree video and photo capture
  • FlowState stabilization technology
  • Real-time editing and sharing capabilities
  • Compact and portable design

First Look at Wiral LITE + GoPro and Insta360

After unboxing the Wiral LITE, GoPro, and Insta360 camera, users can begin experimenting with different shooting modes and settings. The cable cam system allows for smooth and controlled movement, while the cameras deliver high-quality footage in any environment. Whether capturing action sports, travel adventures, or creative projects, the Wiral LITE paired with a GoPro or Insta360 camera is a winning combination for dynamic and engaging content.


The Wiral LITE cable cam system, when combined with a GoPro or Insta360 camera, opens up a world of creative possibilities for filmmakers and content creators. With their compact designs, high-quality footage capabilities, and user-friendly features, these products are ideal for capturing unique and visually stunning shots. Whether shooting action-packed sequences or immersive 360-degree content, the Wiral LITE + GoPro and Insta360 combo is a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their cinematography game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Wiral LITE + GoPro and Insta360 – Unboxing and First Look

What is Wiral LITE?

Wiral LITE is a cable cam system that allows you to capture smooth, cinematic shots with your GoPro or Insta360 camera.

What is included in the Wiral LITE package?

The Wiral LITE package includes the cable cam unit, a remote control, a quick reel, a camera mount, and all necessary cables and accessories.

How do I set up the Wiral LITE with my GoPro or Insta360 camera?

Simply attach your camera to the Wiral LITE camera mount, set up the cable cam system, and use the remote control to control the movement of the camera along the cable.

Can I use the Wiral LITE with other cameras?

While the Wiral LITE is designed to work with GoPro and Insta360 cameras, it may be possible to use other lightweight cameras with the proper mounts and accessories.

Is the Wiral LITE easy to transport and set up?

Yes, the Wiral LITE is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport to different locations and set up quickly for filming.

What are some creative ways to use the Wiral LITE with my camera?

Some creative ways to use the Wiral LITE include capturing dynamic panning shots, following action sequences, and filming unique perspectives from above.

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