Why the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 is Better than Bigger Cinema Cameras…

Are you tired of lugging around heavy cinema cameras for your video projects? Look no further because the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 are here to revolutionize the way you shoot. These compact and powerful cameras are perfect for a variety of shooting scenarios and offer incredible features that rival their larger counterparts. Say goodbye to the days of struggling with bulky equipment and hello to the freedom and flexibility that the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 provide. In this blog, we will explore why these smaller cameras are better than bigger cinema cameras and how they can elevate your videography game.

Why the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 is Better than Bigger Cinema Cameras

Why the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 is Better than Bigger Cinema Cameras

What’s up everyone vue of envou films and i am back with another idiotic video for you to watch and today i’m going to talk about why the sony a7s 3 and the fx3 type size cameras is still my go-to type of camera why did i decide to do this Video today well i actually just came back from a client shoot and shocker of the century i do do other stuff other than youtube i have clients i do weddings and i do commercial work and uh for those of you who think that all i do Is youtube and i’m just a piece of trash well shocker i work if i were to only rely on youtube for my income and my monetary needs i will be on the streets begging for money like most of you who complain that the sony a7s iii and the fx3 is too expensive on Facebook forums how you get on facebook with no money and no mobile device i have no idea but that is that the fact of the matter is i have this sony a7s 3 and this sony a7s 3 that i’m filming with right now the reason why i don’t have the fx3 is because I bought these two cameras right when they’re released and i’m not going to sell one of these just to get fx3 or buy another fx3 when i don’t need it and the sony a7s3 does everything i need so that is that i beat the crap out of these cameras okay i film everything From like i said from weddings from commercials to youtube videos i beat these cameras up more than an asian kid gets beat up for having an a minus on his report card with that being said let’s get to the topic at hand before this video goes off the rails so today in this Client shoot i was shooting a restaurant it is a hybrid between fast food and just you know sit down restaurant right and i had to go back into the kitchen area to film the workers the cooks the cashier uh people who were prepping the food i had to go back there and film The whole process the whole i had an hour to film what goes on during lunch hour um them cooking there’s a peruvian chicken place fire flame hot back there you know customer service all that stuff i had i had a capture uh within the small window With one hour to get all these b-rolls to somehow create multiple different videos for their social media i had my backpack on all my gear in it and i realized i didn’t have enough space to even move around so i just put the finest spot to put the backpack um there Was absolutely no space to really you know even using a gimbal would have been an issue uh so i was so thankful that i was using the a7s3 with active stabilization on so i was able to get some walking and moving shots but and play you know these employees they were Having to walk back and forth walk past me and i was just like i cannot imagine if i was using let’s say an fx9 or like a rigged out fx6 um or even like a rigged out uh pocket cinema camera where you have to get these things rigged up to use Properly and pretty much all i had was a sony a7s3 with a small um shotgun mic and just the tilto cage i mean it looked no no not much bigger than this i was using the sigma 65 um f2 lens and i mean you know that then Small so i had this small setup and i was able to get all these shots i was able to like go up and get shots of like uh i’m cooking on the walk like this like you know a higher angle and pretty much for the most part stay out of people’s Way they just kind of walk right by me i was using this very small footprint of this camera like if i had like a larger setup if i had to use like other rigs i’ve had to use gimbals like that would have been overkill for this shoot Especially the amount of shots i had to get within the small time frame of like the you know the rush of a lunch hour at like a very busy restaurant and then of course you’re gonna be like well these are probably like smaller playing paying clients these are uh smaller budgets You know though you know those are what these you know douchebag cameras are made for you need you know if you want to be real legit you need fx6 fx9 or red or what have you you know what the budget is pretty much the same uh it’s just the timing you know like These clients are still paying 250 300 an hour just like any other bigger client would but the fact of the matter is let’s say they did have like these clients did have a small budget and they needed to get like this quick quick shot the quick shoot done they Didn’t they didn’t necessarily need to have this huge production you know 10 hours 10 you know 20 hours worth of filming they just need an hour what these cameras allow you to do is you’re still pretty much making the same money for the time spent so you you could potentially do A lot of smaller these smaller jobs as in like taking less time maybe one two three four hours of your time and then you could do multiple of these smaller jobs and still spend the same amount of overall time as and gets paid pretty much the same as you just doing one Bigger project that is like maybe a 24 hour 40 hour shoot just for just one pro project and you could and you pretty much get paid the same as you would working 40 hours on multiple smaller ones so essentially you’re still getting paid the same for your time you could churn out and Complete smaller projects and pretty much get to pay the same as you know work on a bigger project if that makes any sense so it’s not like these clients are paying less or their budgets aren’t as big they’re just doing smaller projects and it takes less time and you know this helps you Land more clients but also help you be more productive and at the same time just be able to do more projects you know you don’t always have to you know it’s great to land those big one project 10 20 000 contract and you’re working on it for like A month or whatever two months but at the same time man you know if you could get smaller ones and pretty much invest the same amount of time to complete them and pretty much get paid the same amount of money why not these cameras these fx3s Sony a7s they allow you to uh do these faster productions because you could just roll in with the camera and a lens and get all the shots you need and you’re done you know versus these bigger productions you need to like rig out everything like essentially you Just need to get the right camera for you to do the job and in my opinion sony a73 and fx3s these smaller cameras can pretty much do any job these other more expensive six seven eight nine ten thousand dollar cameras can do at the same time these can get into Places and do these smaller type clients that would these other bigger six seven eight nine ten thousand dollar cameras would be very cumbersome to use to shoot with for these more and gun smaller tighter space type of shoots um and you…

FAQ: Why the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 is Better than Bigger Cinema Cameras?

1. What makes the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 stand out from bigger cinema cameras?

The Sony a7SIII and FX-3 are smaller and more portable, making them ideal for run-and-gun shooting and smaller productions. They also offer 4K/120p recording, excellent low-light performance, and advanced autofocus capabilities.

2. Are there any advantages to using smaller cameras for filmmaking?

Yes, smaller cameras allow for greater mobility and access to tight shooting spaces. They are also more discreet, which can be beneficial for documentary or street photography.

3. How do the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 compare in terms of image quality?

These cameras offer high-quality 10-bit 4:2:2 video recording and professional color grading capabilities. Their compact size and advanced features make them a preferred choice for many filmmakers.

4. Can the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 compete with bigger cinema cameras in terms of performance?

While they may not have the same level of features as larger cinema cameras, the Sony a7SIII and FX-3 offer impressive performance in a smaller, more affordable package. They are suitable for a wide range of professional filmmaking needs.

5. Are there any drawbacks to using smaller cameras for professional filmmaking?

Smaller cameras may have limitations in terms of battery life and heat dissipation, especially when shooting in demanding conditions. However, these issues can be mitigated with proper equipment and shooting techniques.

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