Why I Stopped Trying To Grow On Instagram

Have you ever felt like no matter how much effort you put into growing your Instagram following, it just never seems to go anywhere? As a social media influencer, I can definitely relate. After years of tirelessly trying to increase my Instagram presence, I finally decided to take a different approach. I realized that instead of focusing solely on growing my follower count, I needed to focus on creating meaningful and engaging content for my existing audience. This shift in mindset has not only alleviated the pressure to constantly chase after new followers, but it has also allowed me to connect more deeply with my current followers. Keep reading to learn why I stopped trying to grow on Instagram and how this change has positively impacted my social media presence.

Why I Stopped Trying To Grow On Instagram

The Shift in Instagram Content

We have all noticed the change on Instagram over the past year, with a gradual shift towards more vertical video content and less still photography. This shift has been particularly noticeable, upsetting many users. Instagram’s unique value proposition historically centered around social connection, community-building, and sharing with friends and family. However, with the emergence of platforms like TikTok and the shift towards short form video content, Instagram has transformed into more of an entertainment platform rather than a social media network. This shift has left many feeling disappointed as the rich social aspect of Instagram begins to fade away. The traditional feed of posts is being replaced with one that is largely based on recommendations, leaning towards entertainment rather than genuine social interaction.

The Impact on Photography Creators

For photography creators, this shift poses a challenge as they are being pushed to become entertainers. The success of content is more based on its entertainment value rather than the quality of the images. While there are talented photographers creating engaging short-form videos, it may not align with the strengths and preferences of all creators. Many photographers simply aren’t entertainers, and the shift has left them feeling out of place on the platform.

Adapting to Strengths

While Instagram’s evolution may not align with the preferences of all creators, it is essential to leverage strengths and focus on platforms that serve individual needs. YouTube, for example, provides a platform for creating longer, informative content. It allows creators to showcase their strengths, such as giving tutorials, product recommendations, and insights into the photography world. Embracing and utilizing individual strengths is key to finding the right platform for content creation.

Embracing Authenticity

Despite the pressure to conform to trends and content preferences, it’s crucial to prioritize authenticity in content creation. Feeling forced to create content that doesn’t align with personal values and preferences can lead to dissatisfaction and lack of genuine engagement. To maintain authenticity, it’s important to focus on platforms where creators feel more at home and can showcase their true strengths without compromise.

Embracing Individual Preference

When deciding the focus of content creation efforts, it’s important to embrace individual preferences and strengths. If short-form video content creation doesn’t align with a photographer’s style and strengths, it may be beneficial to shift focus to platforms that complement their skills and preferences. While maintaining a presence on Instagram for portfolio display and community interaction is valuable, investing heavily in a platform that doesn’t align with individual strengths may not yield the desired results. Valuing personal strengths and embracing authenticity can lead to more fulfillment in content creation efforts.


Ultimately, my decision to stop trying to grow on Instagram stems from prioritizing authenticity, embracing personal strengths, and investing in platforms that align with my content preferences. By acknowledging the shift in Instagram’s content dynamics and choosing to focus on a platform that serves my strengths, my content creation efforts have become more fulfilling and authentic. While Instagram still serves as a valuable tool for connecting with the community, my emphasis on building an audience has shifted towards platforms where my content can truly shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you stop trying to grow on Instagram?

There are several reasons why I decided to stop trying to grow on Instagram. Firstly, the constant algorithm changes made it difficult to reach my target audience and gain new followers. Secondly, the competitive nature of the platform made it challenging to stand out among the crowd. Lastly, the pressure to constantly produce and share content was impacting my mental health and overall well-being.

What are the benefits of not focusing on Instagram growth?

By shifting my focus away from Instagram growth, I was able to prioritize my mental health and time on other, more fulfilling activities. I also found that I was able to connect with a smaller, more engaged community and create more meaningful content without the pressure to please the algorithm.

Do you still use Instagram?

Yes, I still use Instagram to connect with my existing community and share content that brings me joy. However, I no longer place a heavy emphasis on growth and instead focus on creating authentic and meaningful content for my followers.

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