Why 90% of Photographers should use Auto ISO…

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your ISO settings to compensate for changing lighting conditions while trying to capture the perfect shot? For many photographers, this struggle is all too familiar. But what if there was a solution that could make this process easier and more efficient? This is where Auto ISO comes in. Auto ISO is a feature found in most modern digital cameras that automatically adjusts the ISO setting based on the available light. In this blog, we will discuss why 90% of photographers should consider using Auto ISO to improve their photography experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Auto ISO can be a game-changer in helping you capture stunning images in any lighting situation.

Why 90% of Photographers should use Auto ISO

Why 90% of Photographers should use Auto ISO

A big thank you to lexa for sponsoring this week’s video. I’m hiding from the wind briefly in this sort of sand bowl thing seascape photographers have a raw deal i think i mean landscape photographers have to deal with bad weather wildlife photographers have to deal with animals wedding photographers have to deal with brides and grooms and i suppose street photographers have to deal with the general public but seascape photographers have to deal with sand horrible substance anyway i’m waffling on already today what i want to do is talk very briefly about why i think most photographers would benefit from using auto iso so uh time to go back into the wind and explain. It’s about start raining as well so that’d be fun.

Photographer’s Preferences

Well i’ve been here about 10 minutes and i’m absolutely soaked i’m covered in sand look at this does everyone usually get like this when they come to the beach i don’t know anyway there’s blue sky over there so fingers crossed anyway i shall try and be brief because i don’t know how long It’s going to take that blue scar to get here and i’m getting soaked but basically as photographers we always pretty much have a preference when it comes to aperture for instance here what we might want is the dune in focus right in the foreground and everything else out of Focus or we might want the entire scene in focus using a really small aperture like f-16 and in this scenario i’d say that both of those things are completely legitimate things to do just to give different effects similarly there are lots of situations in photography particularly in the Outdoors where we have a preference over shutter speed for instance if i was to go down right onto the beach and shoot the water i might want to play around with some long exposure stuff and therefore slow shutter speeds also if someone was playing with a kite maybe on the beach i might want to freeze the action and therefore use fast shutter speeds and again both of those things are entirely legitimate and typically as photographers we’re working between those two extremes with both aperture and shutter speed but when it comes to iso typically our Preference is to be as close to the base iso as we possibly can be and that in a nutshell is why i think we need to use auto iso let me explain.

Benefits of Auto ISO

So here for example i’ve decided that for this particular photo i want absolutely everything in focus i Want these dunes i want the beach heading off towards the clean peninsula so i’m using an aperture of f16 now i also know that on a windy day like today to keep this grass still i mean it has calmed down a little bit now but to keep It still i might want to use a shutter speed of a thousandth of a second and that would especially be the case if i was doing what i usually do which is hand holding my camera but the purpose of this i’ve decided to use a tripod Hating it now when it comes to shutter speed what i typically do as i’ve spoken about before is i use a minimum shutter speed rather than a set shutter speed which has a few advantages which i’ll talk about in a minute but if i’ve decided that i want a shutter speed of a Thousandth of a second at least and then my aperture is locked off at f16 then the only parameter i have to play with to get an exposure that i’m happy with is iso and in this situation it looks like i’m gonna have to shoot at iso 1000 To be able to have a shutter speed of a thousandth of a second and an aperture of f-16 might be a little bit less now because it’s getting a bit brighter but when i first got here that was the case now there’s nothing stopping me of course just using manual mode and Selecting a thousandth of a second f-16 and iso 1000. but the problem is in the outdoors as we can maybe see now is that conditions change all the time and let’s suppose as unlikely as it may be that a big beam of light comes down and only Lasts two seconds and i want to capture that now if i’m in full manual mode i’m going to miss the opportunity i mean i can take a shot but it’ll be massively overexposed because there’s much more light than what i had exposed the camera for now if i’m shooting an aperture Priority that’s a little bit better because the camera will play around with the shutter speed and increase it from a thousandth of a second to make sure that i get a shot that’s properly exposed but i’m still going to be shooting at iso 1000 oh this is uncomfortable my word um So yeah i’m still going to be shooting iso 1000 and i’ll end up with an image that’s not as clean as it could be by any stretch now if i shoot just with a minimum shutter speed in aperture priority mode what will happen with auto Iso is that if there’s a big beam of light the camera will again adjust the exposure but instead of just raising the shutter speed this time it will also try and bring down the iso as close to the base iso as it possibly can and so in That scenario using auto iso is the only way to make sure that i can get a perfect exposure but also as clean an image as is possible and yeah in a nutshell that’s that’s why i use auto iso it is brightening up a bit look at this yeah yes Well funnily enough the uh the miraculous burst of light that i was talking about is yet to materialize so uh just hiding from the wind again maybe for hours actually funny story while we wait for this miraculous burst of light you might remember on this waterproof so i say funny story this is Going to be the most boring thing you’ve ever heard you may remember on this jacket that these zipper pulls used to be blue i changed them while we were sailing across the drake passage on the way back from antarctica i’d run out of podcasts run out of audio Books and watching anything on my laptop or doing anything on my laptop was out of bounds because it made me really seasick so i decided to change over zipper pulls on various garments in my suitcase it’s what it came down to and then afterwards i thought oh i feel sick Funnily enough you can’t watch your laptop it makes sense that you also shouldn’t be doing really delicate things with the zipper pulls especially me i’ve got the dexterity of a cow anyway yes that concludes my most boring story i’ll hopefully ever tell on this channel actually speaking of Clothing you remember me telling you about these welly things that i’ve got that are only like ankle height yeah review on those i wish i’d spent 20 quid more and just got actual wellies that go up to your knees lots of you probably thought that when i First showed you them but uh i was being tight at the time so never mind right new plan i’m gonna head down the beach or at the beach i don’t know down the beach yeah that’s south uh to see if i can include any of these people as silhouettes in a photo A photo on a photography channel imagine that that’s what i came for so that’s that’s what i’m going to do also there’s really nothing happening down here i mean it would be an amazing photo just straight down the beach if there were no footprints or paw prints all over it but That’s an awful lot of…

FAQ: Why 90% of Photographers should use Auto ISO

  1. What is Auto ISO?

    Auto ISO is a camera setting that automatically adjusts the ISO sensitivity based on the available light in the shooting environment.

  2. Why should photographers use Auto ISO?

    Auto ISO allows photographers to focus on composition and other creative aspects of photography, rather than constantly adjusting ISO settings. This can result in more spontaneous and natural-looking shots.

  3. What are the benefits of using Auto ISO?

    • Convenience: Auto ISO saves time and effort in situations where light levels are changing rapidly.
    • Improved image quality: Modern DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are capable of producing excellent results with Auto ISO, even in low-light conditions.
    • Reduced risk of missed shots: Auto ISO helps photographers capture important moments without being distracted by technical settings.
  4. Are there any drawbacks to using Auto ISO?

    While Auto ISO can be highly effective in most shooting situations, it’s important for photographers to understand how their camera’s Auto ISO settings work and to be aware of potential trade-offs, such as increased noise in low-light images.

  5. How can photographers make the most of Auto ISO?

    By familiarizing themselves with their camera’s Auto ISO capabilities and learning how to adjust other exposure settings (such as aperture and shutter speed) to complement Auto ISO, photographers can take full advantage of this feature.

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