WHO WILL WIN?! Peter McKinnon Camera Bag vs. Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L Comparison

Welcome to our blog where we dive into the ultimate face-off between the two heavyweights in the world of camera bags – the Peter McKinnon Camera Bag and the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L. If you’re an avid photographer or a travel enthusiast, you know how crucial it is to have a reliable, spacious, and well-designed camera bag that can safely carry and organize your precious gear. With both these bags being highly regarded by professionals and hobbyists alike, we’re here to help you make an informed decision by carefully examining their features, functionality, and overall performance. So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on this exciting journey to determine the winner in this epic battle of camera bags!

WHO WILL WIN?! Peter McKinnon Camera Bag vs. Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L Comparison


Like, wow. When we went into this, I had no idea. I was not expecting for one bag to absolutely crush the other one, the way that it did. Today we’re gonna be putting these two travel camera bags up against each other. It’s the Nomatic Peter McKinnon camera bag, Versus the Peak Design travel backpack 45 liter.

Design and Space

Both of these bags were designed with lots of space for camera gear, as well as enough space to travel for two to five days. These are probably not daily carry bags for most people. They are big bags. I like big bags and I cannot lie. The versions of these bags That I’m gonna be showing you today, are the base model versions. Both of these companies make a ton of awesome accessories that you can kit these things out with, but I wanted to keep it simple. That being said, the Peak Design does have the medium camera cube, And I’ll talk about that in a bit. I’ve created a handful of different categories that are important to me when I’m choosing a bag. We’re gonna go through all of them and tally up at the end, and see which of these bags is the winner. Keep in mind that the winner of each category is based on my own personal preference in backpacks, so what you can do is actually tally up as we go through this video, and at the end leave a comment below and let me know if you got the same score or something different.


When you’re traveling with a big bag like this, every pound counts, so having a lighter backpack can make a difference. In this case, the Peak Design is four and a half pounds and the Nomatic is 5.75 pounds. That being said, once you add a camera cube into the peak design, you add just over a pound, so they come out pretty much even. Now my personal experience is that the peak design does feel lighter, but we’re gonna talk about that a little bit more later. And since on paper, they’re about the same, we’re gonna call this one a tie.


The Peak Design has three states. There’s a 30 liter, 35 and 45 liter. The Peter McKinnon camera bag is 35 liters and 42 liters, when you expand it. From a practical standpoint, When I pack these both up you get about the same amount of stuff in them. So while I appreciate that the Peak Design has more options, as far as how you can have it, category two is gonna be a tie.


And neither of these are budget backpacks by any means. The Peak Design comes in at $300 and the nomadic comes in at $400. But that price on the Peak Design is for the backpack only. So where you would keep your camera gear Is just a wide open space and you need to have a camera cube which is an extra expense. There are three different sized camera cubes. The one that I like the best is the medium sized one and it is $70. So now we’re looking at 370 versus 400, we’re a lot closer, But since the peak design has the customizability and is still a little bit cheaper, this category goes to Peak Design.


The Peak Design is 22 inches by 13 inches by nine and a half inches. And the nomadic is 22 inches by 13 and a half inches by nine inches. Both of them have extendable fronts that allow them to have a little bit more space, but they both extend by about an inch and a half. However, the Peak actually goes the other way. And this is one of the big problems that I had originally with the Nomatic, is that it’s a big bag and you can’t make it any smaller. Even if you’re not carrying a lot of gear, it’s still huge. The Peak Design on the other hand, you can actually compress, So you get a little bit of a smaller footprint when you’re not using it in its full capacity. It might not seem like a big deal, but once you’ve offloaded some of your stuff at your hotel room, this actually makes a big difference when you’re using it as a daily carry bag. So even though they’re nearly the same size when expanded, for the versatility, this one goes to Peak Design.

Exterior Pockets

Starting with the Peak Design, we’ve got a front easy access pocket. It’s about five inches deep And it’s got a nice soft material on the inside. So you can put your wallet, your keys, your glasses whatever in there. There’s a sneaky little card pocket on your back here. It is a little bit tough to get into and it’s just big enough to hold this handy, dandy Little peak design ID card. One of my favorite features on the Peak Design is that we’ve got dual water bottle pockets. So on both sides of the backpack, you’ve got a slot for a water bottle or a tripod or whatever you want. I really wish that more camera bags Had water bottles/tripod pockets on both sides. It’s so handy. And both of the water bottle pockets actually have a little pocket hidden in the back of them as well. It’s a little tough to get stuff in there if you’re using the water bottle pocket, but if you’re not using it Then you’ve got an extra little zip pocket if you need it, or if you wanted to carry something that could lay flat in there. And on the front at the bottom, we’ve got this kind of hidden pocket that’s got magnets. And inside there, you could put a rain fly. It’s also got these handy little straps so that you can strap something to the bottom of your bag if you want to, or up like this across the front. And if you don’t want the straps in there, if you wanna put something else in there, You can just take them off or just tuck them away.
On the Nomatic, we’ve got a similar front, easy access pocket. This one is about seven inches deep. So it’s a little bit deeper than the other one. And it’s kind of got a plastic inside. I do prefer the soft one on the Peak Design, but it doesn’t make a big difference. We’ve got a single water bottle or tripod pocket on one side. And it’s very cool, because it’s got magnets that hold it flush Against the body when you’re not using it. So when you wanna use it, toss that in there, when you’re done with it, it magnetizes closed and it’s nice and flat, really nice thoughtful design there. That’s pretty much it for exterior pockets on this guy. The only other one is the laptop pocket, But we’re gonna talk about that in its own category. For a plethora of exterior pockets and options and thoughtful design, the winner is gonna be Peak Design in this category.

Carrying Handles

On the Peak Design, We’ve got a handle up at the top like you would expect. We’ve got one on the back, so you can carry it kind of duffle bag style. We’ve got a handle on each side that kind of goes into the water bottle pocket. And then we’ve also got one on the bottom, Just in case you need to two hand it or carry it upside down. The main top handle is actually surprisingly…

FAQ: WHO WILL WIN?! Peter McKinnon Camera Bag vs. Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L Comparison

FAQ: WHO WILL WIN?! Peter McKinnon Camera Bag vs. Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L Comparison

Q1. What is the main difference between Peter McKinnon Camera Bag and Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L?

A1. The main difference between these two camera bags is their design and intended use. Peter McKinnon Camera Bag is specifically designed for photography gear, providing specialized compartments and storage solutions for cameras, lenses, and accessories. On the other hand, the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L is a versatile backpack that can also accommodate camera gear but offers more space for general travel essentials.

Q2. Which bag is more durable?

A2. Both bags are known for their durability, but Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L is built with premium materials like weatherproof nylon and reinforced stitching, making it highly durable and suitable for outdoor adventures. Peter McKinnon Camera Bag also offers excellent durability, but it focuses more on providing padded and customizable compartments for camera equipment.

Q3. Can the Peter McKinnon Camera Bag hold a laptop?

A3. Yes, the Peter McKinnon Camera Bag comes with a dedicated laptop compartment that can safely hold laptops up to a certain size. It’s designed to cater to the needs of photographers who require both camera gear and a laptop for their work or travels.

Q4. Does the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L have a camera insert?

A4. No, the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L does not come with a built-in camera insert. However, it is compatible with Peak Design’s modular camera inserts, allowing users to customize the bag according to their specific camera gear requirements.

Q5. Are these bags suitable for air travel?

A5. Both bags are designed with travel in mind, including air travel. They meet the carry-on size restrictions of most airlines, ensuring that you can conveniently bring them on board. However, it’s always recommended to check with your specific airline for their size restrictions and policies.

Q6. Which bag offers better organization options?

A6. If you prioritize extensive organization options for your camera gear, the Peter McKinnon Camera Bag might be more suitable. It features customizable dividers, dedicated pockets, and compartments to ensure efficient organization. The Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L, while not as camera-oriented, still offers some organization options with zippered pockets and internal pouches for smaller essentials.

Q7. Can these bags withstand harsh weather conditions?

A7. The Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L is designed with weatherproof materials and zippers, offering better protection against rain and moisture. However, the Peter McKinnon Camera Bag also provides decent water resistance, ensuring your gear remains safe in light rain or drizzles.

Q8. Which bag is more suitable for hiking or outdoor adventures?

A8. If you’re primarily looking for a bag for hiking or outdoor activities, the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L would be the better choice. It offers more space for outdoor gear, features a supportive harness system for comfortable carrying, and is built with durable materials to withstand rugged conditions.

Q9. Can the Peter McKinnon Camera Bag be used as an everyday backpack?

A9. While primarily designed for camera gear, the Peter McKinnon Camera Bag can serve as an everyday backpack if you don’t mind its specialized compartments. It offers a sleek and stylish design that can easily blend in as a regular backpack for day-to-day use.

Q10. Which bag is more expensive?

A10. The pricing of these bags can vary depending on any ongoing promotions or sales. Generally, the Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L is priced higher due to its larger size, versatile design, and premium materials. The Peter McKinnon Camera Bag, being specifically designed for camera gear, may have a slightly lower price point.

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