Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going // 2018 Year In Review

As the year draws to a close, it’s natural to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. 2018 has been a whirlwind of events and developments that have shaped our world in significant ways. From political upheavals and social movements to scientific breakthroughs and technological advancements, this year has been marked by both progress and challenges. In this blog, we will dive into a comprehensive year in review, exploring all the pivotal moments that have defined 2018, while also contemplating the possibilities and potential that lie ahead in the coming year. Join us as we delve into where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going // 2018 Year In Review

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going // 2018 Year In Review


Well we made it, it’s the last video of the year and 2018 has been completely nuts. I feel like a totally different person living a totally different life than I was twelve months ago. I thought it would just be kind of fun to take a look at where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re going on this channel. But I really want to make this a collaboration with you since you’re such an important part of what makes this channel move forward. So here’s what I need you to do in the comments section.

Collaboration with the Audience

I’ve pinned a comment to the top with a couple of questions. Copy that comment, paste it in your own comment, and fill in the blanks. You can fill out all the questions or some of them, or none of them if you want. Just say whatever you want. I want to get a conversation going because I want to hear about your experience with me and with this channel, and I want to hear about where you’d like to see things go in the next year.

2018: A Year of Discovery and Growth

2018, to me, was a year of discovery and growth, specifically on this channel. It was really the point where things transitioned from me trying to be a vlogger into more camera photography videography-based content. I started this channel originally wanting to do more vlog content and just really connect with people, sharing my day-to-day experience. My goal has always been to keep things positive and encouraging, so that everyone, no matter where you are, no matter who you are, can get involved and become part of the community.

The more I delved into camera videography photography, the more I realized that’s all I really wanted to talk about and do. So, the content naturally transitioned from vlogging into this more photo-centric channel. If my vlogs were going to end up being me talking about camera stuff all the time anyway, I figured I might as well give it some kind of structure.

With that came growth. Apparently, people like camera stuff. This channel started 2018 off with 604 subscribers, and I was totally blown away by that. I couldn’t believe that six hundred people wanted to watch my content. Now, finishing off the year, the channel is pushing towards 24,000 subscribers. That’s literally the population of my hometown. Needless to say, the subscriber growth on this channel has been a little bit overwhelming, and I’m just so happy that people are out there connecting with this content.

I feel so lucky that my community has been such a positive one. When you guys reach out to me in the comments, on Instagram, or on Twitter, it’s such a positive experience for me. I have so much fun connecting with you. At this point, I’m still trying to respond to every single comment and message I receive, so if you guys are holding your hand up, you know I’m not leaving you hanging. I know that might not be sustainable forever, but I’m doing the best I can to keep up with it because I really value the voice of the people in this community. Keep leaving your comments and sending me messages. Let’s keep this thing going.

Highlights of 2018

In 2018, I posted my first lens review, and it blew up by my standards at the time. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, and I didn’t even know it at the time. This channel now has 1.25 million views. I have one video out there alone that has a quarter of a million views. Other by the music in that one seemed to annoy a couple of people.

I followed up that first lens review with a couple more and really started to find the formula on what I liked in a review. I got connected with Sigma lenses and Fujifilm, who started to send me loaner gear to review, which felt really special. The Sigma review seemed to be the bread and butter of this channel, and the Fujifilm stuff was a whole lot of fun to try out, even though sometimes the Fujifilm fans could be a little bit intense in the comments section. But as harsh as they might be, I admire their enthusiasm.

I did my very first brand integration with a company called Vital House athletes shake, and I have a great connection now with that company and with their owner Chris. I highly recommend you check them out. I teamed up with Shutout to do not one, but two photography contests. The second one is still live, so if you haven’t entered yet, there’s a link in the description.

I partnered with some cool brands like Storyblocks, Skillshare, and Motion Array, and through their support, I was able to pass on some cool offers to you guys. I held my first camera gear giveaway with SmallRig, and there were over 1,600 entries. I met so many amazing creators on this platform, and I even got the chance to collaborate with a handful of them. And most importantly, this year, I had a ton of fun making videos, and the general feedback that I’ve been getting from my audience is that you guys have been enjoying it too.

Looking towards 2019

So, where do we go from here? How do we make sure that 2019 is even better than 2018 was? Well, first of all, I plan to press on with what I’ve already started on this channel. More gear reviews, more tutorials, more tips and tricks, and just more value for the community.

At this point, I’m putting vlogging on the backburner unless something really special is happening. I’m going to focus on content that adds a lot more value for you guys. If you’re interested in what’s happening in my daily life, make sure to go hop over to Instagram and follow me there, where I do a little bit more of behind-the-scenes and day-to-day stuff.

I’m getting more opportunities to team up with brands, and in 2019, one of my goals is to make sure that in those deals, I work out something to get some value for you guys, whether that be a promotion or a free trial. I want to work in more things that give value to you guys so that you can create better content or create more content.

I also want to team up with more brands to do giveaways because you guys seem to really like that and are always asking me for it. So, ask, and you shall receive. Make sure to keep an eye on the description box for promotions and head over to my website at DonnaDidIt.com to sign up and be part of the Donna Did It notification squad.

YouTube has received a lot of flak over the last year for not showing subscribers the videos from the channels they subscribe to, and on other social media platforms, it’s hit or miss whether you see what I’m posting. So, I started the Donna Did It notification squad to be able to tell you guys when I have new videos, promotions, sales, and awesome team-ups with brands that you guys are going to get something out of. Sign up if you want…

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going // 2018 Year In Review

Q: What is the purpose of this Year In Review FAQ?
A: This FAQ aims to provide a recap of the past year, highlighting our achievements and outlining our future plans.
Q: What were the major accomplishments in 2018?
  • We launched several new products that received overwhelming positive feedback from our customers.
  • We successfully expanded our market reach and established partnerships with major industry players.
  • Our company achieved record-breaking financial results, surpassing all previous expectations.
  • We facilitated numerous community initiatives, giving back to society and promoting social responsibility.
Q: What can we expect in the coming year?
A: In 2019, we are committed to continuing our growth trajectory and elevating our customer experience to even greater heights. We plan to launch innovative new products and further enhance our existing services to ensure customer satisfaction remains our top priority.
Q: Will there be any changes in our company culture?
A: Our company culture will continue to foster collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. We are dedicated to nurturing a positive work environment that empowers our employees to thrive and contribute their best.
Q: What are our goals for the future?
  • Expand our global presence, reaching new markets and engaging with diverse customer bases.
  • Invest in research and development to deliver cutting-edge solutions that address emerging industry trends.
  • Maintain our commitment to corporate social responsibility through impactful initiatives and sustainable practices.
  • Continue fostering strong relationships with our partners and clients, ensuring mutual growth and success.
Q: Is there anything else to look forward to?
A: Absolutely! In addition to our core business objectives, we are dedicated to staying responsive to customer needs and market dynamics. We will remain adaptable and open to new opportunities that arise throughout the year.

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