What’s in my Photography Bag…

Are you a photography enthusiast who is always on the go, capturing beautiful moments and scenes on your camera? If so, you know the importance of having the right gear with you at all times. One of the most crucial aspects of photography is the equipment you carry in your bag. In this blog, we will take a look at what’s in my photography bag, and how each item plays a significant role in helping me capture stunning images. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this insight into my photography bag will give you a glimpse into the essential gear needed for successful photography sessions.

What’s in my Photography Bag

What’s in my Photography Bag

Hello everybody and welcome to my kitchen where i thought i’d do my what’s in my bag video today because there’s a bit more room than there is in my little office you may hear a screaming baby at some point to add to what i assume is quite a Lot of echo in this room or maybe a screaming emily as well because i’m not sure she’ll approve of me having my muddy camera bag on the kitchen counter but they’re out for the time being so let’s crack on i suppose also if there is screaming later at Least in here i’m close to the beer anyway this is my camera bag it’s a shomoda action x50 and i’ve had it about six months really like it’s already got some battle scars that you might be able to see on the front and i like that as Well i like stuff that looks used uh so far so good with this bag really impressed with it it’s expandable which i really love it’s got a roll top so if you’ve got lots of coats and things that you need to stuff into the bag when you Don’t want them it works great for that basically there’s lots of room for things that aren’t camera gear and i always like that in camera bags there are adjustable straps which are important because it’s a heavy bag when it’s full of stuff tips the scales at Can’t remember i’ll put it down here so yeah it can be a very heavy bag but it’s comfortable so that’s that’s a positive now first thing to show you is where i keep my tripod mostly for video as you know i hate using tripods for photography and i use the peak design Travel tripod in its case because it came with a case weighs hardly anything and it protects it and it works quite well sticking a tripod on the side of the back here because there’s a strap to secure the case here and then there’s like a water bottle tripod holder at the Bottom so that works brilliantly so to get the tripod i just undo this and do the zip on the case and pull it out like so works mostly every time now as far as this tripod goes i really like it for the most part i mean if you’re coming from something More substantial than this you’ll probably notice that it can’t achieve the same things that a bigger more sturdy tripod can achieve but for its size and weight it’s plenty capable the head is a very clever design you can just operate it with one hand very simply one thing i don’t particularly Like about this tripod i will say is that there’s no middle setting for the legs so you basically go from here no start again you go from here all the way to here which means that if the legs aren’t extended at all and you want them Bear with me a sec and you want them in their widest possible setting then you have to have the center column all the way up and you can take the center column out but that’s a bit of a faff so that’s one thing i don’t particularly like about The tripod but small it’s light so i can’t have too many complaints okay next up what’s inside the bag so the main camera storage bit opens from the back which a lot of camera bags do and there’s a laptop holder just in the door there and this is a macbook pro 14-inch M1 pro i think the new one basically and i really like it it’s incredible what this is capable of and it’s so much more powerful than my 2019 imac which in itself is is very impressive so yeah this comes with me everywhere not necessarily day trips but if i’m going Anywhere for multiple day trips this is coming uh and then in terms of cameras the setup is as follows obviously we’re in my kitchen i don’t have a top down shot so i’ll just be rolling top down shots so from the top down we’ve got the 70-200 f28 mark ii love this lens it was silly expensive but so far so good really enjoying using that and there’s a tiny little slot for sound stuff so i’ve got this really small little sony microphone which i don’t think is that great really but uh it’s small so that’s good and typically In that little slot as well i’ll also keep my rode mic go video i don’t know what it’s called wireless something or other which works quite well as a lav then in the main compartment as i’m sure you can see is my sony a7r with a strap and a 2470 on it And a battery grip actually mostly because it’s winter i very recently got back into the idea of shooting with a battery grip particularly when you’re wearing gloves because it’s just so much easier to work with a camera i have had gloves before valorette gloves which were fantastic Where you can remove the fingers i’ve lost those i might get some more but i have found when it’s wet even though they’re waterproof because there’s basically a slit in the index finger and the thumbs then your fingers can just get wet in those little slots particularly if you’re in snow for Example so um i don’t know what i’ll do about gloves going forward for the time being i’ve just got standard gloves but yeah basically because i like to shoot handheld a lot i’ve found that using the battery grip is worth it because i can shoot at slower shutter speeds using a Battery grip particularly obviously in portrait mode which i do a lot so yeah enjoying the battery grip it does cost you a little bit in weight but uh at the moment at least that’s a price i’m willing to pay also obviously using the battery grip you get two batteries in Your body so you don’t have to charge as much and i can just use the usbc charging on the a7r so every time i get in from a day out shooting i just plug in the camera i don’t have to worry about taking the batteries out and sticking them in a charger I use the term worry loosely it’s hardly a worry doing that but yeah also the camera strap is a peak design slide uh fantastic camera strap and plenty capable of holding a camera this substantial uh now down here you can see the sony 16 to 35 which is Typically a video lens for me i mean i do use it sometimes for stills but usually i’m only using this for stills when i want a 16 mil shot anything else i’ve basically got covered with other lenses either the uh 24 to 70 which obviously goes from 24 to 35 or the 20 Mil f1 8 which i’ve also got for astro and for vlogging so yeah this only really gets used for photography when i’m shooting at 16 mil otherwise it’s set on the a7c which is recording this video and just goes in this part of the bag down here also i should say on the A7c is the other half of this rode wireless thing that’s recording the sound also below the 20 mil f18 is my teleconverter my two times teleconverter which works with the 70-200 so those two slot in very neatly like that and to finish off this little section i’ve got my filters my case Magnetic filters 95 mil and a blower which is essential with the a7 r4 because it just attracts dust somehow don’t know how but there’s always dust on the center and that concludes the the main section of the bag is it the main section i don’t know maybe the maybe the Top’s the main section one of the main sections of the bag right so…

What’s in my Photography Bag… FAQ

What should I carry in my photography bag?

In your photography bag, you should carry your camera body, a selection of lenses, extra memory cards, spare batteries, a lens cloth, lens filters, a tripod, and any other accessories you may need for your specific type of photography.

Why do I need a tripod in my photography bag?

A tripod is essential for stabilizing your camera and achieving sharp images, especially in low light situations or when you need to use slower shutter speeds.

What types of lenses should I include in my photography bag?

It’s important to have a variety of lenses to cover different focal lengths and photographic styles. A wide-angle lens, a standard zoom lens, and a telephoto lens are good choices to start with.

Do I need lens filters in my photography bag?

Lens filters can be useful for various purposes such as protecting the front element of your lens, reducing glare, and enhancing colors. A UV filter and a polarizing filter are good options to have in your bag.

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