What’s In My Camera Bag?! – WANDRD PRVKE 31 Review [Travel/Daily]

If you’re a photography enthusiast or someone who loves to document your travels, having the right camera bag is essential. The WANDRD PRVKE 31 is a versatile and stylish option that caters to both travel and daily photography needs. With its sleek design and functional features, this bag has become a favorite among photographers and adventurers alike. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the WANDRD PRVKE 31 a standout choice for carrying your camera gear and everyday essentials. From its customizable organization options to its durable build, we’ll explore how this bag can elevate your photography and travel experiences.

What’s In My Camera Bag?! – WANDRD PRVKE 31 Review [Travel/Daily]

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This video is sponsored by Squarespace if you’re interested in an easy to make yet unbelievably stunning website or online store Squarespace has you covered more on that later you guys how exciting is this it’s our very first two-for-one two videos for the price of one which is Free because we’re on YouTube what is up people dunna here and today we’re gonna take on two topics we’re gonna do the classic what’s in my camera bag but while we’re doing that I’m actually going to do a review as well on my camera bag the wander’d provoke 31 liter backpack But before I get into it I want to hear from you guys leave a comment below let me know what do you think of this bag do you have any experience with it let’s start a conversation and while you’re on your way down there hit that like button

What’s in My Camera Bag

So here’s what we’re gonna get up to we’re actually gonna start with the what’s in my camera bag section so that I can use that as a way to overview the bag and show you all the different spots that you can store things and all the different functions of the bag. I’m gonna Show you guys my travel setup as well as my everyday setup then we’re gonna do the review portion by me telling you a bunch of things that I really like about this bag and a bunch of things that I think could be improved or I’ve had Trouble with over the time that I’ve had the bag but first things first we’re gonna need the backpack so this is the wander’d provoke 31 liter backpack I’ve had this guy for about half a year now and I’ve taken it on trips and I’ve carried it almost every single day to And from work so the main compartment of this bag opens up against your back Now the camera version comes with what they called the medium camera cube which is actually a removable cube so you can just have your camera gear in there and if you take this out it’s just an empty spot where you can put more stuff or you Can fold down the middle of these two compartments so that you get one bigger compartment but for the sake of my bag obviously this is my camera section now I’m using both of my cameras one here and one here to film this so I can’t show you where my cameras normally go But trusty old Pentax here shows you where one camera would go now normally this would have a bigger lens on it so it takes up more space almost right up to the end there and I actually put it on its side like this and the reason for That is because of the small size of the mirrorless cameras it actually still fits it actually still closes fine it’s not too tall that way and so I can grab it like this the second spot that I put a camera when I have a backup is in this One here same thing because they’re so short and because the handles aren’t wide you can fit them in sideways which is super nice I can fit them both in with the lens on them I don’t have to carry them just as bodies and what I’ve got both cameras in there I can actually Still fit a microphone in on top of the lens of the backup camera I’ve got another spot for a lens here and another spot for a lens here got my small audio recorder here in this pocket these are business cards and then using the moldable velcro pieces I’ve actually Created this skinny side compartment this is full of filters it keeps a couple of ND filters on me that goes right in there and then I’ve got one extra little pocket that just sometimes holds extra little accessories and stuff when you open this it lays fully flat so it’s Nice and easy to get at everything and there’s a pocket here for a laptop I can fit my 15 inch macbook pro in there and there’s a second pocket that I think is designed to hold like a tablet if you have one but I keep a notebook And a gray card in there and then they’ve got this piece of velcro that secures the over top of the laptop so that it won’t fall out now you’ll notice I have two little pencils up here these little tabs are actually not for that and we’ll talk about what that’s for Later up at the top of the main compartment there’s a mesh back with a zipper that you can access the top compartment as well makes it a little easier if you’ve already got this section open there’s also this side access pocket to make it easy to grab Gear whatever you want cameras or lenses out of the side and inside the side access pocket there’s another zipper with some cool storage for SD cards or batteries or whatever you want to go in there going back to the back there’s a spot intended specifically for passports Or cash it’s against your back so it’s basically theft proof which is super nice and before I put it fully up there is a zipper on the bottom down here and that holds the rain cover which I don’t think has ever made it outside of my bag until right now But it’s nice to know it’s there just above the side access pocket there’s another little zipper that’s just a tiny little pouch and it’s got a key clip or whatever you want to clip on there sometimes I’ll throw my SSDs in that side pocket right now there with my Computer so they’re being used but that’s kind of where I would keep those and if we move to the top I might not be able to see me at the very top there’s a zipper it goes to a small felt pouch this is where I keep a small baggie of Extra batteries because I shoot in a 6500 so you have to carry tons of them I think it’s designed to keep your phone in there and that’s why it’s felt so it won’t scratch your phone up or anything like that and then the piece de resistance this is the roll top so it’s Got this clip and then you unroll it it’s too big to fit in the frame so we went from that to that and if we remember the camera cube actually only comes up to about here so I’ve got this much extra space to fit things in in This I keep my kind of everyday carry pouch so this has like my laptop charger all sorts of chargers and extra cables and a notebook on the front some extra small hard drives and adapters and all sorts of things and then my Manfrotto pixie evo which is kind of my favorite Little vlogging tripod maybe until my switch pod comes the only other pocket that’s here is the very front and it’s the whole front section which is kind of cool I think it’s designed to keep like magazines or books in I just keep a camera strapped it is very thin so you Can’t fit a whole lot in there especially if you’ve packed out the rest of the bag full of stuff but I do notice that even with the bulk of this strap it still fits in there fine it just kind of makes the front of your backpack look a Little lumpy but that’s all and then of course there are compression straps on both sides so you can put a tripod or strap whatever you want to the sides as well as on this side there’s actually a small pouch that can hold a water bottle Or the bottom of your tripod and this is kind of cool because…

What’s In My Camera Bag?! – WANDRD PRVKE 31 Review [Travel/Daily]

Q: What is the WANDRD PRVKE 31?

A: The WANDRD PRVKE 31 is a versatile and stylish backpack specifically designed for carrying camera equipment, making it ideal for travel and daily use.

Q: What are the key features of the WANDRD PRVKE 31?

A: The PRVKE 31 includes customizable and removable camera cubes, multiple access points, a secure laptop sleeve, and weather-resistant materials, making it perfect for any adventure.

Q: What can I fit in the WANDRD PRVKE 31?

A: The PRVKE 31 can accommodate a DSLR or mirrorless camera, multiple lenses, a tripod, personal items, and a laptop, making it a great all-in-one solution for photographers on-the-go.

Q: Is the WANDRD PRVKE 31 comfortable to wear for long periods?

A: Yes, the PRVKE 31 features ergonomic shoulder straps, a padded waist belt, and a breathable back panel, ensuring comfort even during long days of shooting.

Q: How does the WANDRD PRVKE 31 compare to other camera bags on the market?

A: The PRVKE 31 stands out for its sleek design, customizable organization, and durable construction, making it a top choice for photographers looking for a reliable and stylish camera bag.

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