WHAT’S IN MY CAMERA BAG? Travel Filmmaking / Photography Kit

Have you ever wondered what essentials a travel filmmaker or photographer carries in their camera bag? In this blog, we will dive into the world of travel filmmaking and photography kit and explore the must-have items that every aspiring enthusiast should consider for their adventures. Capturing stunning visuals and creating compelling stories require the right equipment, and by knowing what’s in a professional’s camera bag, you can gain valuable insight into successful travel filmmaking and photography. So, whether you’re an avid traveler looking to document your journeys or simply a photography enthusiast seeking inspiration, get ready to discover the tools that will take your storytelling skills to the next level.

What’s in My Camera Bag?

What’s in My Camera Bag? Travel Filmmaking / Photography Kit


Hey guys what’s going on? It’s Mitch here and today I’m doing a what’s in my bag video for the gear that I take with me while I’m traveling. I’ve been working as a full-time filmmaker for the last six years, traveling to various locations for both work and personal projects. A question I receive frequently is about the camera and lenses I use. In this article, I will discuss the equipment I carry in my camera bag for photography and filmmaking while traveling.

The Bag I’m Using

I use the Temba Roadie 2 bag for its durability and compactness. It has wheels, which make it easier to carry around in airports and during walks. Despite its small size, this bag can fit a lot of gear, making it suitable for carry-on. It can also convert into a backpack, but I prefer using a separate backpack for shorter distances.

Main Compartment

Opening the main compartment, the first item I take out is my main workhorse camera, the 1 DX Mark 2. This camera is my favorite due to its versatility and high-quality footage. Attached to it is the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens, which is my go-to lens for most situations.

Secondary Camera

Next, I have the Fuji XT2, which I love for both photography and filming. It serves as a great complement to the 1 DX Mark 2, and its built-in time-lapse feature is very useful. I pair it with an 18-55mm lens, which I find to be versatile and lightweight.

Additional Equipment

Other essential gear in my bag includes the DJI Maverick Air drone for aerial shots, a GoPro Hero 5 for underwater and point of view shots, and a Rode Videomicro microphone for capturing ambient sounds. I also carry lenses such as the Sigma 24-105mm f/4 Art OS, Sigma Art 85mm f/1.4, and a Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 lens.


I also pack USB cables, a dongle attachment for my MacBook Pro, and a backup hard drive for additional storage. Additionally, I use a separate backpack, the Tenda Shootout, to carry gear specifically needed for the day’s shoot.

In Conclusion

Traveling with a camera bag requires careful consideration of the equipment needed for the journey. As a filmmaker and photographer, I have learned to balance the quality of my work with the practicality of carrying gear. The items I mentioned have been carefully chosen to provide top-notch results while keeping my travel load manageable.

What’s in My Camera Bag? Travel Filmmaking / Photography Kit – FAQ

1. What equipment do you carry for travel filmmaking and photography?

In my camera bag, I carry the following essentials:

  • A high-quality DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Various lenses for different focal lengths
  • A sturdy tripod for stable shots
  • An external microphone for better audio recording
  • A drone for aerial footage
  • A portable LED light for low-light situations
  • Spare batteries and memory cards
  • A lens cleaning kit to keep equipment in top condition

2. What are the advantages of having these items in your camera bag?

Having these items in my camera bag allows me to capture high-quality visuals and audio during my travels. The DSLR or mirrorless camera with a variety of lenses ensures I can adapt to different shooting conditions. The tripod offers stability and helps me capture steady shots. The external microphone significantly improves the audio quality, which is crucial for travel films. The drone allows me to capture stunning aerial footage, adding another dimension to my storytelling. The LED light is a valuable tool to enhance low-light scenes. Carrying spare batteries and memory cards ensures I never miss an important moment, and the lens cleaning kit helps me maintain the equipment’s functionality for longer.

3. How do you decide what equipment to include in your camera bag?

Deciding what equipment to include depends on personal preferences, the type of content I plan to create, budget constraints, and the destinations I will be traveling to. I consider factors such as camera versatility, lens options, weight and portability, and the specific requirements of the projects I have in mind.

4. Are there any additional accessories you recommend for travel filmmaking or photography?

Yes, there are a few additional accessories that can enhance your travel filmmaking or photography experience:

  • A camera backpack to safely carry all your equipment
  • A portable tripod or gorilla pod for versatility and ease of use
  • An ND filter set for better control of light and long exposures
  • An action camera for capturing adventurous and underwater footage
  • A memory card reader for quick data transfer
  • An external hard drive for backing up your footage

5. Can I achieve great travel films or photographs without expensive equipment?

Absolutely! Expensive equipment can certainly enhance the quality of your work; however, creativity, composition, storytelling, and mastering the basics of photography or filmmaking are more important. With a budget-friendly camera and careful attention to lighting, framing, and storytelling techniques, you can produce stunning travel films or photographs.

Remember, equipment is just a tool – it’s the artist behind the camera who crafts the art.

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