What’s in my camera bag for HAWAII + Travel photography Q&A

Welcome to our blog where we will explore the exciting world of travel photography and delve into the contents of our camera bag, specifically for capturing the stunning beauty of Hawaii. In this post, we will not only reveal what equipment we carry but also provide a platform for answering your burning questions about travel photography. From the essentials to the extra accessories that enhance our photography experience, we will discuss the tools that enable us to encapsulate the breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and unique moments we encounter while visiting the captivating islands of Hawaii. Join us as we share our tips, tricks, and insights into the world of travel photography in this exclusive Q&A session.

What’s in my camera bag for HAWAII + Travel photography Q&A


Hey guys, it’s Julia! Last time when I was in Bali, I filmed a “what’s in my travel camera bag” episode, and I wanted to film another one for you guys while I’m in Hawaii this time. Every time I travel somewhere new, my camera setup is completely different, so I thought it would be interesting to share what I have with you all. I’ve laid it all out here on the floor, so let’s go through everything I have.

Camera Gear

I’ll start off with some of these things. First, we have all my Canon batteries, plus one that’s in my camera. I also have a card reader that has CF and SD card readers. Additionally, I have my iPod Classic, a USB car charger, and a power bank. The power bank is a total lifesaver while traveling, as it can keep your phone charged and even charge camera batteries if needed. I have lots of hard drives with me as well, as I need to download and backup my blog and photos every day to ensure I don’t lose anything.

For my computer, I brought my MacBook Air instead of my MacBook Pro this time. It’s lighter and more portable, and so far, it’s been holding up well for editing photos and videos. It’s nice to have a smaller and lighter computer to carry around during the day.

Of course, I have my Canon 5d Mark 3 with a 35mm lens on it. I also have a backup Canon 5d Mark 3 and a 50mm 1.2 lens. I always bring a backup camera and lens with me, and the 50mm lens serves as both a backup and a lens for closer shots. I prefer prime lenses when traveling because of the quality they offer.

Other Equipment

Next, onto the interesting stuff. I have the GoPro Hero4 Silver with an underwater housing for it, although I haven’t had the chance to use it yet due to the weather. I also have the Mavic Pro drone, but again, the windy conditions have prevented me from using it. I need more practice as well, as I’ve only had it for a week before coming to Hawaii.

The Mavic Pro comes with a controller that allows you to attach your phone and control the drone’s movements. It’s a great setup, and I’m excited to use it once the weather improves.

Travel Photography Q&A

Now, let’s answer some of the travel photography questions you guys had.

Q: Which zoom lens would you recommend?

A: Personally, I don’t use zoom lenses. I prefer prime lenses for their quality and depth of field. However, if I had to recommend a zoom lens, I would suggest the Sony 24-240mm lens, especially if you’re into vlogging. It offers a wide angle for yourself and the ability to zoom in for detail shots in the background. I currently vlog with the Sony A7S and the Sony 28mm lens.

Q: If you had to give up all your lenses but one, which one would you choose?

A: This is a tough question, but if I had to choose, I would go with my trusty 35mm lens. It’s versatile enough for various situations and captures the style I love in my work.


That’s pretty much what’s in my camera bag for Hawaii and some travel photography Q&A. I hope you found this article informative, and if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out. Happy shooting!

Hawaii + Travel Photography FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: What’s in my Camera Bag for Hawaii + Travel Photography

Q1: What camera gear should I carry for photography in Hawaii?

A1: It’s recommended to have a reliable DSLR or mirrorless camera. A wide-angle lens (around 16-35mm) can capture the stunning landscapes, while a zoom lens (70-200mm) is great for capturing wildlife and distant subjects. Don’t forget extra batteries, memory cards, a tripod, and lens filters to enhance your shots.

Q2: What other essentials should be in my camera bag for Hawaii?

A2: Besides your camera and lenses, it’s essential to have lens cleaning equipment, a lens hood to prevent flares, a rain cover to protect your gear, and a camera strap for extra security during your adventures. Additionally, pack a lightweight but sturdy tripod to capture long exposure shots and stable in low-light conditions.

Q3: Should I bring a drone for aerial photography in Hawaii?

A3: Flying drones in Hawaii is subject to certain regulations, so it’s crucial to check the local rules before bringing one along. Ensure you comply with all safety measures and respect the privacy of others. If you plan to use a drone, familiarize yourself with its operation and make sure it fits safely inside your camera bag.

Q4: How can I protect my camera gear from the elements in Hawaii?

A4: Hawaii’s climate can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to protect your gear from rain, humidity, sand, and sun. Invest in a well-padded and waterproof camera bag that offers proper compartments for different equipment. Use lens filters to safeguard the lens from scratches and protect your camera with a UV filter.

Q5: Do I need any additional accessories for underwater photography in Hawaii?

A5: If you plan on exploring the vibrant marine life and beautiful underwater scenery in Hawaii, consider investing in an underwater housing for your camera. It will allow you to capture stunning images while protecting your gear from water damage. Don’t forget to carry anti-fog inserts and a floating strap for added security.

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