What Camera Gear Would You Bring To The Edge Of Space?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to capture stunning photographs from the edge of space? Imagine the breathtaking views of our planet, surrounded by the vastness of the cosmos. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a seasoned pro, this unique opportunity calls for special camera gear. In this blog post, we will explore the essential equipment you would need to document this extraordinary experience. From the right camera body to the perfect lens and other important accessories, we will discuss the optimal camera gear to ensure that your images from the edge of space are nothing short of spectacular.

What Camera Gear Would You Bring To The Edge Of Space?

Welcome back, it is Chris Nichols here from petapixel and I’m joined by Blair Bunting

Blair, a commercial photographer, has embarked on a thrilling project. He will be venturing into a YouTube spy plane, wearing a pressurized spacesuit, to capture a photo of another YouTube spy plane in the edge of space. This feat has never been accomplished before. Today, we will discuss the camera gear Blair has chosen for this extraordinary journey.

The Selection Process

Blair’s journey to determine the perfect camera gear started eight months ago. Initially, he planned to bring just one camera, but as time went on, this number grew to three. After numerous combinations, he finally settled on the ideal lens and body, with focal ranges ranging from 10 to 135. However, due to recent changes in the formation of the planes, Blair had to adapt. They were now able to fly closer together, making a 135mm lens too compressed for the desired shots. Instead, they will focus on capturing the wide-angle shots with a 10mm lens.

The Chosen Gear

For the cockpit shots, Blair had to find a solution to deal with the thick canopy of the U2 spy plane. Reflections from the sun and Earth posed a challenge. After extensive research, he stumbled upon a rather unconventional yet effective solution – a dog bowl. Yes, you read that correctly. The dog bowl, when attached to the lens hood, provides the necessary firmness to press it against the canopy, minimizing reflections.

As for the camera body, Blair decided on the Sony 24-70 G Master II with a circular polarizer from breakthrough filters. This versatile lens offers the focal range needed to capture the desired shots and ensures image quality.

Bringing Sentimental Value

Amidst the modern camera gear, Blair has decided to bring a touch of sentimentality. He will be taking along a 1972 Nikon F 50mm 1.4 lens. This lens holds great significance for Blair, as it was the lens his father used during his college years. His father’s support and love for photography inspired Blair’s own passion for the art. By bringing it to the edge of space, Blair wants to honor his father’s influence and share the importance of support and encouragement.


The quest for the perfect camera gear to capture the unprecedented moment at the edge of space has been a rigorous and evolving process for Blair Bunting. Through extensive research and careful consideration, he has chosen the Sony 24-70 G Master II lens paired with a circular polarizer filter. Additionally, Blair has chosen to bring along his father’s 1972 Nikon F 50mm 1.4 lens, symbolizing the importance of support and encouragement in pursuing one’s passion. As Blair embarks on this extraordinary journey, we eagerly await the remarkable images he will capture. Stay tuned for more updates on this thrilling project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Camera Gear Would You Bring To The Edge Of Space? – FAQ

1. What camera should I use to capture images/videos at the edge of space?

It is recommended to use a high-quality digital camera or a lightweight action camera equipped with a wide-angle lens for capturing stunning visuals at the edge of space.

2. Can I use a smartphone camera for this purpose?

While smartphones nowadays have decent camera capabilities, they might not be suitable for extreme conditions at the edge of space. It is better to rely on dedicated cameras with better image and video stabilization features.

3. What types of lenses are recommended for capturing at the edge of space?

Wide-angle lenses are highly recommended to capture a broader perspective and emphasize the curvature of the Earth. Fish-eye lenses can also provide unique distorted views.

4. How do I protect the camera from extreme conditions in space?

It is crucial to enclose the camera in a protective casing to shield it from extreme temperatures, low pressure, and potential impacts. Specialized camera housings or custom-built casings can provide the necessary protection.

5. How do I ensure the camera survives the journey back to Earth?

Using a parachute or a recovery system is essential to ensure a safe landing. Additionally, it is recommended to attach a GPS device to the camera so the equipment can be easily located after it lands back on Earth.

6. Any other camera gear I should consider bringing?

It is advisable to use a sturdy tripod or mounting system to stabilize the camera during the ascent and descent phases. Additionally, having spare batteries, memory cards, and a backup camera can be immensely helpful.

7. Are there any legal/regulatory considerations for launching camera gear to the edge of space?

Absolutely. Before launching any equipment to the edge of space, it is crucial to research and comply with all relevant laws and regulations pertaining to airspace, weather conditions, and any permits or authorizations required.

8. Can I livestream video from the edge of space?

Yes, it is possible to livestream the journey from the edge of space. However, it requires advanced equipment and a stable internet connection. Utilizing satellite communication systems can effectively facilitate live video transmissions.

Remember, venturing to the edge of space requires careful planning, expertise, and adherence to legal requirements. Always consult professionals with experience in high-altitude photography before attempting such an expedition.

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