What are you Complaining about? (a thought for makers)

Question: What are you complaining about?

Solution: Shift your mindset and focus on solutions instead of complaints.

Do you find yourself constantly complaining about the challenges and obstacles you face as a maker? It’s easy to get caught up in the negatives and overlook the opportunities for growth and improvement. In this blog, we’ll explore the impact of a complaint-driven mindset and why it’s important to shift your perspective. By focusing on solutions instead of complaints, you can unlock your potential as a maker and overcome any obstacles that come your way. Let’s dive into why it’s crucial to reframe your thinking and embrace a solution-oriented mindset.

What are you Complaining About? (a thought for makers)

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Reflecting on a Conversation

When I first moved back to London years ago I moved and shared a flat with a fellow photographer and we became good friends really quickly we come home from work usually in the evening and we’d sit around the kitchen table and just talk about whatever’s going on in our lives But because of our shared interest at some point the subject would always switch back to photography I remember one particular evening where we both come home and we’ve been sitting there talking in the kitchen for what seemed like hours talking about the shoots that we wanted to do and the techniques we Wanted to try and just the state of the photography industry in general but at some point I got fairly impassioned and opinionated about something and I forget what it was now but I do remember as I was climbing the stairs to go up to my bedroom I had this nagging question in My head do I complain too much you see my friend radic was and is such a kind generous and gentle soul I’m going to leave a link to his Instagram down in the description so you can go see his beautiful photography as well but as I replayed that conversation we just had I Started to realize how much of my side of that conversation had been so negative I complained about other photographers about social media and about the terrible autofocus on my camera if I’m honest it was a long list of negative stuff but as I replayed his side of the conversation I realized how Positive it was in response to the things that I was saying he just seemed so excited he was saying how this year was going to be the year how he was really enjoying learning and how much he enjoyed the shoot from the last weekend and he’d already told me that he’d had Some real difficulties in that shoot so he had things to complain about if wanted to his attitude had been positive and grateful and mine on the other end had been negative and full of moaning and to be honest I felt quite ugly about it isn’t it funny how some people can Shame you without saying a word just by being their gracious selves and it’s in that unspoken comparison between you and somebody else that you’re convicted about who you really are in the world and here’s the truth he was growing much faster than me as a photographer and I Knew it and that night I had to ask myself the question question was it his attitude that was propelling him forward and was it mine that was holding me back but before we talk about complaining in particular and what I think it means as creatives if we get stuck in that mode Let’s quickly talk about ego and I have to say up front and I’ve said it before on this channel there is nothing wrong with an ego we all have to have one it’s where we get our sense of self and even I think where some of our style and our Worldview comes from but if we’re not self-aware enough our ego can take us off track one of my favorite authors Richard Roar says that the greatest trick an uncalibrated or insecure ego can play is to try and convince us internally that we are somehow separate and Superior from everything else that’s Going on around us when we’re unsure of ourselves we’ll often start to play mental games where we try and shoot everything else down or disqualify it to convince ourselves that the reason we’re not progressing as we feel we should is secretly because we’re better and it’s just that people suck and and the Industry is in a terrible State and the world in general is just broken looking out there and pointing the finger at everything in the world that we don’t think is the way that it should be is often a whole lot more comfortable than looking inside and working is what it is About us that needs to change in order for us to move forward and let’s be honest that trick is usually designed to stall that overdue uncomfortable introspection so let’s come back and talk about complaining specifically and hopefully we can start by being honest with each other and admitting that Photographers in general can be quite a moany Bunch sometimes we all seem to have very strongly held opinions and we love to yell about them on forums and in comment sections we moan about cameras and their little shortcomings We complain about things like ergonomics or color science or the fact that the Autofocus is a fraction of a second too slow but let’s be honest the cameras that we have in our hands today are far greater pieces of Kit than the great photographers had when they made their images and the fact that our images don’t stack up with theirs is to do with Our lack of talent and not the camera in our hands it’s just often easier to blame the Box isn’t it We complain a lot about social media and the algorithms and how nobody seems to see our work online but let’s be honest we don’t pay for these Services they’re built by Companies and those apps will always work so that it serves them as the company they don’t really care about us as individuals and complaining about that situation isn’t going to change it we moan about other photographers the techniques they choose to use the marketing tactics they employ the Post-processing they put on their images or just the way they conduct themselves in general and I think too many of us assume that our way of doing things is always the best and some even relish the opportunity to get up there and start criticizing we complained about the State of the photography industry how ubiquitous it is to see images out there these days and how disposable Everything feels or how technology is changing and AI is coming in how the whole landscape for photographers is Shifting and we’re all having to adapt all this complaining That we do might seem harmless and it might even feel good to do in the moment because we get so impassioned about it it it sort of gives us a bit of a Fizz doesn’t it but psychologists have proven that if we make that way of thinking a Habit it literally begins to rewire our brain so that we start looking for the negative in everything and we suck it up and soak it in and that way of thinking I promise you will kill motivation and creativity in the long run spending time online I often wonder to myself how much Great work isn’t being made because so many photographers have turned themselves into angsty critics instead of artists who make beautiful things so where do you want to put your energies and what do you want your attitude to be I have a feeling that those of us who Spend so much time and energy on complaining are actually those who don’t have a lot of faith in our own abilities and so it’s easier just to go out there and play that ego game of pretending that we’re somehow separate and Superior to everything else going on around us With the complaints that we make the bottom line is that if we’re serious about becoming better photographers we have to ask ourselves are we complaining more than we’re making because if we are it’s going to hold us back to succeed we have to put the ego games aside and put Every ounce of energy we have into making new things we have to get in the arena let me read you this famous quote by Theodore revelt on the…

What are you Complaining About? (A Thought for Makers) – FAQ

Why should makers care about what they are complaining about?

Makers should be mindful of what they are complaining about because complaining can negatively impact their mindset and creativity. Focusing on the negative aspects of a situation can hinder their ability to problem solve and innovate.

How can makers shift their perspective on complaining?

Makers can shift their perspective on complaining by practicing gratitude and focusing on solutions rather than problems. They can also surround themselves with positive influences and find ways to turn complaints into opportunities for improvement.

What are the potential consequences of constant complaining for makers?

Constant complaining can lead to a toxic work environment, decreased morale, and a lack of motivation. It can also alienate colleagues and customers, hindering collaboration and success.

How can makers effectively address legitimate concerns without resorting to complaining?

Makers can effectively address legitimate concerns by approaching them with a solution-oriented mindset, open communication, and a willingness to collaborate. By focusing on constructive feedback and problem-solving, they can work towards positive change without resorting to complaining.

What are some strategies for promoting a more positive and solution-oriented mindset among makers?

Some strategies for promoting a more positive and solution-oriented mindset include practicing mindfulness, seeking out constructive feedback, celebrating small victories, and fostering a supportive and innovative work culture.

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