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Out in the Snow with Emily

Happy new year everybody and uh what do you think not of the hat no the the walls you might remember this time last week these walls were a greeny black basically very dark too dark which is why i’ve painted them white and i’m pleased i’ve done it to be honest even though This room currently looks like a prison cell because there’s nothing on the walls and there’s no furniture in here or anything i’m looking forward to building this room up from white as opposed to from black also i say it looks like a prison cell there’s an imac In the corner which i don’t think is very prison cell-like it might be i’ve not spent much time in prison cells recently thankfully anyway today’s video is about basically the exact opposite of this room it’s about me being out with emily in the snow taking photos with a gopro strapped to my chest And i’m just going to show you the footage of that also there is something else i want to talk about something that all photographers good photographers do in my opinion but it’s uh it’s not boring but it’s just not quite as as interesting as as watching some Photography i don’t think so i’ll start with the photography and then i’ll i’ll talk about the other stuff at the end hook you in with the photography and hopefully you’ll you’ll stick around to to listen to me talking a little bit later on also a very quick thank you to the sponsor of Today’s video lexa who make this 2000 x sd card it’s a very fast sd card it’s uh s2 rated as you can see from the two rows of pins on the back it’s got read speeds of 300 megabytes a second write speeds of 260 megabytes a second and it’s v90 rated Which basically means if you’re shooting any kind of high resolution video footage this card is the perfect companion for it uh it’s available in capacities up to 128 gigabytes so next time you’re in the market for a high performance high capacity sd card do check out the lexa 2000 x and a big thank you to them for their continued support of this channel much appreciated anyway yeah here’s that gopro footage which starts with emily trying to open a packet of chocolate well it says peel to open and it’s not peeling to open are you recording this nope While you’re doing that i’m going to take some photos of you board otherwise Just take the lens cup off shoulder i’m out i’m using the 20 to 60 lens today the kit lens that came with this s5 purely because it was on the camera when i left house thank you and um well i haven’t changed it so there you go shooting in snow so Obviously i’m going to overexpose by about a stop and a half something like that just going to eat this first let’s go favor when you’ve eaten your chocolate or got your gloves back on you stand up against this wall put your hands on the wall and sort of act as though you’re looking Over it is this about your height or is it a bit if you can sort of be on your tiptoes that would be most interesting in fact actually i might need you to do it just a bit this way because i’ve my footprints have ruined that Cool and i’m going to frame it so i can’t see anything over the wall don’t matter thank you it’s nice nice cutaway shot we’ve seen this i’ve got paint on my bag when i was painting the office yep i did notice you didn’t put any sheets down yeah couldn’t be bothered still if Anyone else has got this bag in future i’ll know that this one’s mine in like airports and things remember airports they were fun okay so you’re fine are there any footprints there that’s right i can get pretty low okay so if you i’ll come to where you are Yeah that’s fine so if you yeah so i’ll stand where you are i’ll go wide angle and i’ll get low and then i might just follow you so that i get more than one bites at the cherry is it cherry or apple bites at the right to the cherry exactly yeah hang on She’s going to boost the iso so you’re sharp 400 1300 shutter speed that should do it right okay i’ll follow you 20 mil yeah go for it got snowy feet yet yeah i have oh yeah it is fun again until then right i think one of those should be all right Just gonna get low bear with oh that’s cold i shouldn’t have done that okay go for it oh i don’t know if i missed focus i’m all alive all right i do love the arms out wide i feel like you’re walking on a tightrope i I don’t know if you can see on the gopro but out to sea there’s like a bit of a rainbow in some rain clouds and uh just tried to get it with 200 mil i was too excited to press record on the gopro though so i didn’t i didn’t record it And the camera wouldn’t really focus i don’t know if i’ve got that good a photo but i tried it’s very pretty how does this hey get on that right there is a photo i get you walking through that getting low so my shadow’s not in it 30 mil that’ll do but whenever you’re Ready that shadow would be amazing emily’s shadow with their with a drone shot a straight down drone shot but didn’t bring that so i can’t do that am i yeah if you weren’t mine because the clouds behind look awesome as well so i just stand on this hill and then You see this little bush right in front of you if you go the other side of that and walk from there that’s cool okay now if you stay there i’m going to walk around and get a picture of you walking towards me that’s right so bear with me all right Hard work this i need some snowshoes look at this it’s ridiculous right i’ll tell you when we go wide for this one that is hilarious tired yeah not surprised right if you’re gonna do it go for it three two one oh very moody it’s uh it’s past our turn turn-back Time which is why we’re heading back down always important to have a turn-back time particularly in winter and uh it started to snow and visibility down there is terrible so it’s probably a good thing that we’re making our way down hopefully though the photos aren’t over But it’s not going to be sunny down here and i think call me a pessimist oh you look cold i don’t think any of them have got any interest in me getting closer today that’ll do how do they sleep oh there’s some mattresses just around the corner sky james The best kind of sky you’ve perked up considering i promised you’d be home for lunch and it’s nearly dark we did just eat quite a lot chocolate yeah true sugar rash anyway see you back at home so uh yeah that was today basically and now for the interesting Talk about what i think all good photographers do so basically in my experience from the conversations i’ve had with photographers good photographers photographers who i look up to seems clear to me that most of them if not all of them have goals with their photography now goal setting when it comes to photography Can be quite a complex thing to be honest i mean it’s all very well and good you saying i want to produce 10 good photos this year 10 photos i’m really proud of the thing is you don’t know when the conditions are going to be


What makes a photographer great?

Great photographers have a passion for their craft and are constantly seeking to improve their skills. They have a keen eye for composition and lighting, and are able to evoke emotion and tell a story through their photographs.

How do great photographers capture amazing shots?

Great photographers are patient and observant, waiting for the perfect moment to capture their subject. They also understand how to use their camera settings and equipment to create stunning images.

Do great photographers only use professional equipment?

While professional equipment can certainly enhance a photographer’s work, great photographers understand that it’s not just about the gear. They are able to create beautiful images using whatever tools they have available, whether it’s a top-of-the-line DSLR or a smartphone.

What sets great photographers apart from the rest?

Great photographers have a unique and creative vision, and are able to consistently produce high-quality work. They are also adept at post-processing and editing, which can elevate their images to the next level.

How do great photographers stay inspired?

Great photographers are always looking for new sources of inspiration, whether it’s through exploring new locations, studying the work of other photographers, or challenging themselves with new techniques and styles.

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