Wedding Videographers: Stop Blaming Photographers for Getting in Your Shot

Are you a wedding videographer who is tired of the constant struggle of trying to capture the perfect shot, only to have a photographer get in your way? It’s a common issue in the wedding industry, but there are ways to work together with photographers to ensure that both of you can capture the best possible footage without stepping on each other’s toes. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of communication and collaboration between videographers and photographers, as well as some practical solutions to help you both get the shots you need without getting in each other’s way. Let’s put an end to the blaming game and work together to create beautiful wedding memories for our clients.

Wedding Videographers: Stop Blaming Photographers for Getting in Your Shot

What’s up everyone vue of envou films and i’m back with another idiotic video for you to watch and today’s idiotic video is for all you wedding videographers out there specifically all of you wedding videographers out there that keep complaining about photographers getting in your shot i have mentioned this previously in a Another video of mine that was definitely lacking in depth uh so today i want to cover a little more in depth i’m going to stop down in this towel back to f16 you know to just cover this with a little more detail for all you that May want to hear it again these videos they’re all just my opinion this channel it’s all just my opinion so you can take it with a nice drop of soy sauce you groovy great if you don’t that’s also great okay uh so let’s get to the point I have seen post after post after post on wedding videography facebook groups what have you uh photographers getting in your video shot and let’s be honest they’re going to do that all right i’ve said this in another video photographers are at 100 of weddings every wedding that you shoot There is a photographer there if there isn’t a photographer there lucky you but every single wedding i have ever shot in my life and that is a lot the past five years there has been a photographer there we as videographers are 100 accustomed with having a photographer Shooting around us so we’re always aware of where they are photographers no matter how much you communicate no matter how much you talk to them the day before the day of they are going to sometimes forget that you’re there because 8 out of 10 weddings that they shoot there’s no Videographers there to even bother them so you have to keep that in mind two why are you still just sitting on your tripod it is 2021 you have gimbals you have very lightweight gimbals that could handle a lot of weight meaning you can be on a gimbal and shoot on a 2470 That means you don’t have to be lazy and worry about oh i want to shoot on a 24 i want to shoot on a 35 i want to shoot on a 50. i want to shoot on uh 85 whatever you can slap on a 2470 and be pretty Much good to go the whole day you don’t have to worry about oh no i wish i had a different focal length and you know i understand that back in the day that might be an issue it’s kind of cumbersome to switch lenses on and off especially you know smaller lighter Gimbals that won’t break your back can’t handle like big lenses such as 2470 so you can only use a prime and then the primes are limiting because you want early focal lengths those aren’t the days anymore now you can have a 24 like those aren’t the days anymore that’s not How it is anymore you can be free to use pretty much any lens you want on a pretty lightweight gimbal on like sony a7 s3 canon whatever trash uh you want to shoot on you could be nimble you don’t have to be sitting on your tripod and when the Photographer gets in your shot you are f’d okay be nimble i don’t even contact the photographer the day before the wedding or the week of the wedding anymore pretty much i just show up to the wedding i meet them most time is it’s the first time i ever met Them and i say hey how you doing and i just work together okay bottom line is work together with your photographer communicate with them help them throughout the day be nice and they’ll be nice to you and they’ll help you out and they’ll try to recognize you and they’ll be more Attentive to you um but sometimes they’re gonna miss the mark man sometimes you know they are in the moment they’re trying to be creative they’re trying to get the shot they need to get uh to satisfy their client just as you are and they forgot that hey you’re back there They didn’t do it on purpose no one is trying to mess up your shot on purpose unless you have been being a huge douchebag the whole day maybe but that’ll be kind of messed up on their part just to be that petty but still just this day and age 2021 with All of the technology all the gear that we have available to us we should be able to um manage and be just as nimble to get around a photographer if they accidentally get in front of our camera secondly you should always have multiple different angles if you’re on tripod you Should have a tripod angle another tripod over there another tripod there maybe even handheld camera gimbal camera you have different angles so if they do get in front of one camera you have another camera to switch to okay and i do understand that hey sometimes you have That one camera that is for like just covering that wide shot of the whole ceremony and they just want to see the whole ceremony cut up like i said you have cut up to another shot you know just there’s many ways to work around a photographer And let’s get back to the whole gimbal thing right why are you limiting yourself to just shooting tripod you know like the problem i see with a lot of video of wedding videos you know and again this is my opinion on it there’s too many wedding videos out there that uses Like portrait session to you and using like every other part of the wedding other than ceremony as a crutch to create a good uh wedding film to create a beautiful wedding film because the ceremony is filmed like trash you only have two angles you have a bright angle And then you have a groom angle and it’s just like this boring film uh that where the ceremony is just two portrait shots of the bride and groom maybe a couple of reaction shots of the people who are at the wedding but for the majority of it there’s not much interesting shots to Cut to now if you use your technology like i said before get on a gimbal have a second shooter on a gimbal as well and be you know if the photographer gets in your shot you can move with the gimbal right next to them and you pretty much Have the shot and i get it a lot of you are back there on tripod uh trying to get that first kiss and then the photographer’s like dead center in the middle aisle why are you on tripod for the first kiss why are you being so basic about the first kiss Get on the gimbal get a shot of the first kiss on the gimbal and then when they’re walking down the aisle you actually have a nice walking backwards tracking shot of them versus just the standard shot from back there on your tripod get creative with your shots use the Gimbal to your advantage not just to be as nimble as the photographer so that you guys could work next to each other uh hand in hand um but it’s gonna help your overall film then you could get all these nice dynamic shots of the ceremony while it’s going on you Have a bunch of tripods to get your standard portrait close-ups and wides but then you also have gimbals preferably you would have a gimbal your second shooter have a gimbal and you have three other cameras rolling on tripod and then during the whole ceremony you’re getting all these dynamic shots Of the ceremony and then you can mix it into your edit and make it look beastly okay not just…

Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Videographers

Q: Why do wedding videographers get upset when photographers get in their shot?

A: Wedding videographers need clear and unobstructed shots to create high-quality videos for their clients. When photographers get in the way, it can be frustrating and impact the final product.

Q: How can wedding videographers work with photographers to avoid getting in each other’s shots?

A: Wedding videographers and photographers can communicate and coordinate their movements to avoid getting in each other’s shots. It’s also important for them to respect each other’s space and work together to create the best possible results for the couple.

Q: Can wedding videographers and photographers co-exist and work together effectively at a wedding?

A: Yes, with open communication, mutual respect, and a shared understanding of each other’s needs, wedding videographers and photographers can work together harmoniously to capture the special moments of a wedding day without getting in each other’s shots.

Q: What can couples do to ensure their wedding videographer and photographer work well together?

A: Couples can inform their wedding videographer and photographer of each other’s presence and encourage them to collaborate. Additionally, providing a detailed timeline and schedule for the day can help them plan and coordinate their shots effectively.

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