Wedding Filmmaking POV Behind the Scenes BTS – Sony a7SIII / DJI Action 2 #WeddingVideography #bts

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a wedding videography shoot? How do filmmakers capture those emotional moments that make your heart skip a beat? In this blog post, we will take you on a journey behind the camera, giving you a glimpse into the world of wedding filmmaking. Join us as we unravel the secrets of the Sony a7SIII and the DJI Action 2, two powerful tools that professionals swear by to create stunning wedding films. From capturing intimate candid moments to creating cinematic masterpieces, get ready to discover the magic that happens behind the lens. So grab a seat, sit back, and prepare to be amazed by the wedding filmmaking artistry.

H2 Heading: Wedding Filmmaking POV Behind the Scenes BTS – Sony a7SIII / DJI Action 2

H3 Heading: Introduction

Hey, what’s up guys! Vue here, back with another video today. We’re shooting a wedding and I have my usual second shooter with me, Park. He’s the gimbal master. We’re going to try our best to cover some behind-the-scenes footage of the wedding day. So let’s head inside the hotel where the prep is and see how it goes. If there’s anything you want to save off here, take it off now. Anything can just go on.

H3 Heading: Preparing for the Day

“I’ll send you the bill.” Yeah, on my hand, I’m gonna do one that’s a little bit brighter and focus on the bigger ring. **[Laughter]** Switching from 50 to 35. Free will myself. **[Laughter]** Okay guys, talk to each other. Okay, hey guys! Yep! **[Laughter]** Jenny, how are you right now? Yeah, when you do the parachute, yeah, I was like, “Oh my god, everyone’s blender!” **[Applause]** Oh my god, a little bit rotate my side just a little bit. Okay, that’s a really nice background.

H3 Heading: First Look Location

So we just finished the prep. Now we’re going to the first look location, which is 20 minutes away. So we’re going to hop in the car. How’s prep, say? Oh, it’s great! It’s a great fan, fantastic! So walking around, going to the first look spot. Gimbal DJI RS 2. No, what? On Sony 50 millimeter G Master. And then here’s what you want, green to it. **[Laughter]** Here, and look over there. Here, look over there. Say, do you want to shoot outside? Yeah, let me just get his, you know, the same old, same old shot. Let’s check an exposure here. Are you gonna, like, slowly turn? Go this way, take one. Um, are you gonna walk this way when she taps him? Are you going to go this way? Take. Are you going to walk that way after you’re shooting here? And then you’re going to stay? Yeah, okay. I’m just trying to watch where I want to get in front of you. Hey, I’m done. I’m just waiting. Oh, sorry. Oh, I was waiting, my bad. Little bit slow. Okay, here we go. **[Laughter]** Is everything okay? Okay. Using a pretty long lens. **[Laughter]** Everybody look at the bride and groom. Okay, everybody look here again. Look at him, don’t worry about it. Hey guys, look here. We go, okay guys, this is a little bit closer. Closer, I love that smile. His forehead, okay, good. We want the Korean drama kisses here, just slow motion. **[Foreign]** Okay. Okay. Okay guys, look here. Here. Do you have this door? Is it dark? Is there gonna be in your shot? Yeah, okay, am I in your shot right now? Maybe, hold it. Uh, someone hold it. Help her hold it. Daniel, help hold, help her hold it up while you walk this way. I think this might work. Like, we just put on top of the dress. Oh, okay, actually, hold on. Hold on, hold on a second there. Um, look at each other again and then just keep walking again. Yeah, stop right there, stop right there. And then give me a couple, like, a few more steps. And we’re good. Thank you very much. Oh, um, did you want to come or is that… look at each other. What’s up? Is everything okay? Is everything alright? See you guys later.

H3 Heading: Portrait Session

Right, so that was a pretty productive portrait session. Very easy, didn’t have to direct much. Photographer had very good poses that, you know, obviously we didn’t feel like we need to do anything different. And, yeah, one time that walking shot was really all we need. We got pretty much everything we would need for like a five to seven-minute film, plenty in my opinion. Slo-mo, we’ve had to deal with some worse situations before, so this is definitely like a very good portrait shoot. Now we’re gonna head over to the ceremony. It should take about 20, 23 minutes to get there, set up, and we’ll go from there.

H3 Heading: Ceremony Setup

Clearly, we are now setting up for the ceremony. How do you pronounce this? Sorry, ST124S, T125? I think there’s the bigger one, right? I don’t even know where we’re gonna put. How am I gonna figure out how to put these later? We’re probably gonna have to, like, cross them later. So that’s the, yeah, that’s the back camera, right? Because it could resume. It could do, uh, crap, this is not the lens then. Oh, craps. Is it in here? Oh, thank god. I was like, I didn’t check. I figured everything was already in there. Make sure your card has, um, they should probably just have to probably just clear some stuff out. So the A7S III, Sony 135 GM, and this is the A74 with the Tamron Summit at 180. I’m pretty sure an hour and 51 minutes is probably enough. Quick release, and just comes right in. All right, so you can set it up, and, uh, this kit, this camera here is used specifically for groom reaction shots when the bride’s walking down and it’s moved over to the left side. Have you seen the DJ? You know what the officiant is? Uh, it is a white man. Okay, I’ll probably find him. That’s an easy description. **[Applause]** You guys have two more for Christine and Becca? All right, Dan Daniels, we have three more. Okay, you said blue suit, yes? Okay, I saw a white guy with a black suit. So what are you gonna do? Say you’re gonna be back here? You’re gonna do a epic wide shot, my usual, right? Yeah, 24 millimeters. Although I have this wall, so I’ll probably go dash across. **[Applause]** Entrees. This is the officiant’s mic. This is the one that is currently plugged into the DJ’s speaker, so I think like after a thing because I have a, I have space over there. Okay, you don’t. You might have to actually take this and somehow, like, get it over to that exit door and set it up there. You think so? Just, you pick up this tripod. Okay, hopefully there’s no one sitting, so when the bride comes in and we stand up, if you stay in the stream, though, just stand up. Like, right on the right side. So I’m shooting across. **[Foreign]** So, uh, can everyone please stand for the bride?

H3 Heading: Wedding Ceremony

So, hello everybody and welcome to this amazing occasion that we have here today. I’m Brian McCabe, a pastor at the church that Daniel and Jennifer go to in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are so excited that you are here to join us in celebrating their union today. So thank you for coming. I know many of you traveled from far and wide to get here. It’s going to be a great day today. And so we are here today to highlight a profound mystery. There’s something special about a Christian marriage union. Jesus himself said, “What therefore God has joined together.” Marriage has been in God’s plans since the beginning of creation. Two people become one flesh. God joins married couples together, and that is just what you’ve done with marriage. You stand before God to step into an amazing life together. And as with all marriages, there are many mountaintop experiences and also many deep valleys filled with challenging situations. In all circumstances, God is for you, and God is with you. You can overcome anything if your foundation is in the Lord. Dan and Jenny, it has been such a great privilege to get to know both of you. You found each other in Pittsburgh, and it has been such a joy to watch you build a life together with all that studying that you did at one of the most intense places to learn in the world. I’m not sure how you…

FAQ about Wedding Filmmaking POV Behind the Scenes BTS – Sony a7SIII / DJI Action 2

Q: What is Wedding Filmmaking?

A: Wedding Filmmaking is the art of capturing and creating cinematic videos that document the special moments and emotions of a wedding day.

Q: What does POV Behind the Scenes mean?

A: POV stands for Point of View, and Behind the Scenes refers to capturing the behind-the-scenes action of a wedding videographer. POV Behind the Scenes videos provide a unique perspective by showing the viewers what it’s like to be a filmmaker on the wedding day.

Q: Which camera models are popular for Wedding Filmmaking?

A: The Sony a7SIII and DJI Action 2 are two popular camera models used by wedding filmmakers. The Sony a7SIII is known for its exceptional low-light performance and high-quality video capabilities, while the DJI Action 2 is a compact and versatile camera that can capture dynamic shots.

Q: Why are these cameras preferred for wedding videos?

A: The Sony a7SIII’s low-light performance allows filmmakers to capture beautifully lit shots, even in challenging lighting conditions typically encountered at weddings. On the other hand, the DJI Action 2’s compact size and advanced stabilization features make it ideal for capturing dynamic shots during fast-paced wedding events.

Q: What is WeddingVideography?

A: Wedding Videography refers to the art of capturing and documenting the precious moments of a wedding day using video recordings. Wedding videographers aim to tell the couple’s love story through professionally produced videos that capture both the big moments and small details of the wedding day.

Q: What does BTS stand for?

A: BTS is an abbreviation for Behind the Scenes. In the context of Wedding Filmmaking, BTS videos reveal what happens behind the camera during the wedding day, showcasing the creative process, challenges faced, and the dedicated efforts of the videographer to capture stunning footage.

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