We Challenged Peter Mckinnon

Welcome to our blog, where we embark on an exciting adventure to challenge one of the most renowned photographers and YouTubers, Peter McKinnon. With his charismatic presence and unique photography style, Peter has captured the attention of millions around the world. As avid photography enthusiasts ourselves, we couldn’t resist the temptation to put our skills to the test and challenge Peter at his own game. In this blog, you will follow us as we explore various photography techniques, experiment with different equipment, and even push the boundaries of our creativity. Join us on this thrilling journey of growth and self-discovery as we challenge Peter McKinnon and, ultimately, challenge ourselves.

We Challenged Peter McKinnon

We Challenged Peter McKinnon


So we’re collabing what’s up guys welcome to mango street you might be a little bit confused right now because I’m not mango street but today I’m gonna try and shoot like mango street they’re gonna try and shoot like me it’s a challenge it’s a collab it’s everything We’ve ever wanted it to be stay tuned let’s do this.

Mango Street’s Style

Other than wearing dark clothes and a jean jacket we like to shoot portraits pretty wide angle usually like a 24 millimeter that’s in my 75 millimeter about to get close to our subjects and like usually Shoot up or shoot us some like kind of different angle than used to seeing Chris anything else want to add our main goal is to capture emotion and make sure that the person who sees it feels something that you feel, the same thing that we’re trying to convey.

Posing and Emotion

One of the things I’ve noticed about a lot of York photos is the posing so I’m really bad at posing I’m usually just like okay stand there and and look North or look at your camera or take a photo but you guys are always doing like the crazy I don’t even how you come up with that stuff okay so emotion is like a good thing like capturing movements as it’s happening instead of like having somebody land and posed and then take the photo they’re like having them like walk through the toes and shooting Through it okay so it looks like it’s actually happening feels more natural then, yeah I always just try always assumed you guys we’re doing like okay stand that way and and just pretend like you’re falling versus someone actually falling falling I guess that makes that weaselly pushing over okay cool so posing with Motion oh and I think like another like signature thing is like being weird.

Emulating Mango Street’s Style

Here we go I’m gonna attempt the mango street style popped I chose this location because AI like the shadows on the ground made by the cool cables here it feels a little industrial feels a little la if you will I like the pop of color on the door and because they like to shoot up a lot with their angles This puts Rachel above where I am without me having to get like really down low to kind of elevates that so it’s gonna make a little bit easier to kind of emulate what I think is their style so let’s do it.

Making It Peter McKinnon’s Style

Okay so I think when it comes to my style it’s very Contrasting and punchy but a lot of depth of field so I shoot everything really wide open with a really long focal length because I love the compression and then I always like to incorporate portraits with landscape somehow so if I’m gonna go wide on a landscape I’ll shoot it with like a Really long focal length but I’ll back so far up that the person’s like like small people in big places he’s like what I’d like to do for report just like that and then really just really dramatic as far as like where on earth was that shot like the clouds need to be Right and just like kind of not heavy vignetting but like enough that it makes it feel it’s really moody in dramatics this is gonna be so much fun And then lastly like obviously making sure like the light is at the right cuz when it’s landscape from the sun’s really high like it is right now I know it’s just starting to set might not be the exactly best time to get like dramatic since the sky is so blue so Maybe we wait just like half an hour we get a quick coffee then the Sun will be perfect and it’ll just it’ll be way better.


So that was the challenge I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a little bit into how I shoot and how mango Street shoots and showing the difference between you know artists making the same thing ultimately and how everyone’s process differs both in the Edit both in Shooting just in the whole way we you know we do this art form so hope you guys enjoyed the collab I had a lot of fun I hope they had a lot of fun and I was really stoked to show you Canada so you guys can go back to America now and We’ll see you on our regular programming or you’ll see them in the next that’s I think it’s every Monday right that’s every Monday see you guys next Monday well they’ll see you next month bye.

Frequently Asked Questions: We Challenged Peter McKinnon

Q1. Who is Peter McKinnon?

Peter McKinnon is a popular Canadian photographer, YouTuber, and filmmaker known for his cinematic videos and tutorials on photography and videography.

Q2. What is the challenge that “We Challenged Peter McKinnon” refers to?

The challenge refers to a community-driven initiative where Peter McKinnon’s followers and fans were encouraged to challenge him with various creative tasks, such as photography projects, video edits, or concept ideas.

Q3. How did the “We Challenged Peter McKinnon” challenge start?

The challenge started when Peter McKinnon’s followers expressed their interest in actively participating and collaborating with him in their creative journeys. They began suggesting various challenges and goals, inspiring Peter to take on these creative tasks and share his experiences with the community.

Q4. Can anyone participate in the challenge?

Yes, anyone who is interested in photography, videography, or any form of creative work can participate in the challenge. Peter McKinnon’s community is open to beginners, amateurs, and professionals alike.

Q5. How do I submit my challenge or idea to Peter McKinnon?

To submit your challenge or idea, you can engage with Peter McKinnon’s social media channels, such as his YouTube comments section, Instagram, or Twitter. You can also use specific hashtags associated with the challenge to increase visibility and connect with others participating in the challenge.

Q6. What happens if Peter McKinnon accepts my challenge?

If Peter McKinnon accepts your challenge, he will usually document his journey, filming and sharing his progress in a video on his YouTube channel. This way, the entire community can be a part of the creative process and see how he tackles the challenge.

Q7. Are there any rewards for participating in the challenge?

While there are no official rewards mentioned for participating in the challenge, the main benefit is getting recognition and exposure within Peter McKinnon’s vast community. Additionally, participating in such challenges can foster personal growth, learning, and networking opportunities with other creative individuals.

Q8. How can I learn from Peter McKinnon’s challenge videos?

Peter McKinnon’s challenge videos are not only entertaining but also educational. By watching his videos, you can gain insights into his creative process, learn new techniques, and find inspiration for your own creative endeavors.

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