We ANSWER your Photography questions!! Q&A with Manny and Diana

Have you ever had burning questions about photography, but didn’t know who to ask? Well, look no further! In our new Q&A blog series, professional photographers Manny and Diana are here to answer all your photography questions. Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or a seasoned pro seeking advice on the latest gear, we’ve got you covered. From tips on composition and lighting to recommendations for the best editing software, we’ll address all your photography queries with expert insights and personalized advice. So, if you have a question that’s been bothering you, send it our way and let Manny and Diana provide the solution you’ve been looking for!

Welcome to our Q&A with Manny and Diana

Thank You Squarespace for sponsoring this video whether you’re looking for a website blog or an online store make sure to check out Squarespace use the coupon code Manny you get 10% off welcome everyone to our first Q&A Dinah’s gonna be here for this one because we’re gonna talk a little bit About photography a little bit relationships and you know those are always gonna be a lot of fun so she wear her around on Instagram I posted a story asking for questions so here they are right now Joe Kalyan asked is Diana ever interested in becoming a photographer you’ve been Hanging with me for like the past five years you don’t know times but I once I tried to say that hey you know maybe we could do it together and you laughed at me so well so but my dreams went down the drain either not laugh at yo she’s like You can just become a new born photographer it’s a lot harder you did yeah but no I started that later on when I actually knew the basics no because Manny lets me down this is it this is it going to land already nope would you like to do some other kind of Photography than just portraits like landscape or night um I used memories do landscapes cityscapes that’s what I was into when I first started and then I got into portrait photography and I haven’t looked back since honestly I think I suck at everything else I suck so I’m gonna just take two Portraits what do you think I think you said that much isn’t one of your landscapes and best faith no no yeah you know I was like like a street shot oh no about those by the beach yeah the beach yeah that wasn’t even a portrait yeah that wasn’t a portrait Yeah you know what maybe I could do port landscapes I don’t think so I think I’m actually pretty good okay um a 7-hour three versus a seven three four alder portrait photographer which is which one is better it’s basic go ahead but it’s basically the same thing how do you you’re you Read me you kind of knew what I was gonna say right oh yeah how’d you guess that seriously I don’t know I just went with it you kind of like you know me solos either I can’t even repeat what you the question you yeah you know me really well that’s all That that’s all that says to me it pretty much is the same thing it’s just one is uh has a higher megapixel college so you’re gonna get more resolution in the end but you’re gonna get it’s the same thing if you’re like me and you Take a lot of pictures and I would go at 87 three just because of the smaller file sizes could you could you had told them that did Diana ever give you a lens coffee mug as a present yes who has it if it whose girlfriend or Wife hasn’t got them a coffee or a mug as a gift I’m sure they did and I’m sure they thought it was the best gift ever like oh my god this is so thoughtful tell them what the last mode I got she said oh I said you put the prone Procrastinate hahaha I can’t even lie though like I’m the biggest procrastinator so yeah can you share in a future video your camera settings for your portraits taken with the a7 3 eyes 7r3 oh my settings actually I just filmed that video two days ago my portrait settings on my a7 are three So be on the lookout for that if if it hasn’t been posted already it’s gonna be posted really soon how many photos have you already taken of Diana um I probably have a four terabyte hard drive upstairs that’s four Oh Diana pictures many photos have you taken of Diana that she Is unaware of probably a a terabyte drive stalker get out of here oh my god um I’ve been taking pictures of her even before I started posting on Instagram it’s been a long time coming when you are in a rut photography slash video wise what is your process in getting out Of it this is a really good question because I’m always in a photography I feel like every day I’m gonna rut um what I do is I talked to my photographer friends so I would make friends photographer friends and talk to them and sometimes talking to them about that Will get you reinstall or follow a lot of people on it on the internet like Roberto Blake on YouTube he a lot of they’re like motivational inspirational videos as long along with like garyvee stuff like that so I I look to them to inspire me to get me back on track In what ways has your style progress and how do you hope yourself and will improve in the future so I’m still like I still am not satisfied with the style that I have for photography so I I enjoy doing portraiture but I need to take That to the next level like I know I could take a you know good portrait but I want to do is start getting into editorial work and start being more of a storyteller than just a portrait photographer if that makes any sense so editorial magazine kind of stuff that That’s what I want to do do you think photography can be taught or do some people just have it have it that
was one of my videos I you don’t need talent to be a great photographer I truly believe that some um some people just some people just have it some people just Have it they can pick up a camera learn the basics and they’re going out there like killing it because they’re just like naturally just have an eye for it and there’s some people that got to really work hard for it and have to learn how to train their eye to take a Good picture what are the what are the ups and downs of being married to a photographer are we gonna argue are we gonna go past 30 minute limit here well the ups are probably your schedule is pretty flexible most of the time but sometimes it’s not flexible well now That you do the YouTube it’s a little bit different because you don’t start weddings anymore and stuff Fedor when you were doing weddings and stuff there was a lot that you missed out on because your weekends were for events and shoots and stuff so yeah what weekend’s your weekends are going Down so yeah I’m schedules flexible you’re able to cater your schedule around like the kids and stuff like that the Downs is that sometimes you can just be way too consumed by work and forget when to clock out you never clock out well yeah you have To try to but but flexible schedule but really not okay to the point where you’re working 24 hours because you don’t have a nine-to-five like you know it’s great you don’t have a night of five but then you don’t have a 905 so it sucks that makes sense I Know that the photography wives then or photography husbands out there understand what I’m trying cut okay yo cut it bro how many hours a week do you invest in your art do you ever put the camera down I do what are you talking about now it’s Better last year I had a really big problem I didn’t put the camera down I was always running or when it comes to photography now I know how to stop it I can close the door in my office and look I’m done with that I’m gonna become a Father or husband now like no more Fattah so I’ve learned how to create that

FAQ – Photography

Q: How do I take better photos in low light?

A: Use a wider aperture and slower shutter speed to let more light in. You can also increase your ISO setting, but be mindful of noise.

Q: What is the rule of thirds and how can it improve my compositions?

A: The rule of thirds divides your frame into nine equal parts and suggests placing your subject on one of the intersecting lines for a more dynamic composition.

Q: Should I shoot in RAW or JPEG format?

A: Shooting in RAW format allows for more flexibility in post-processing, but JPEG files are smaller and easier to manage.

Q: What is the best lens for portrait photography?

A: A prime lens with a wide aperture, such as a 50mm or 85mm, is popular for portrait photography as it creates a beautiful, blurred background.

Q: How can I capture better action shots?

A: Use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action, and consider using burst mode to capture multiple frames in quick succession.

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