Watch This BEFORE You Buy the Sony A7IV! All Of Your Questions ANSWERED in This Video!

Considering purchasing the highly anticipated Sony A7IV? Before you make any decisions, be sure to watch this informative video that will answer all of your burning questions about this impressive camera. From its key features and specs to comparison with other models, this video will provide you with everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Whether you are a seasoned photographer looking to upgrade your gear or a beginner diving into the world of mirrorless cameras for the first time, this video will help you understand if the Sony A7IV is the right choice for you. Watch now and make the best investment in your photography journey!

Watch This BEFORE You Buy the Sony A7IV! All Of Your Questions ANSWERED in This Video!

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All About the Sony A7IV

Recently, I made a video all about the brand new Sony A7 IV, and in that video, I asked you to ask any questions in the comments that you might have about this camera. That video being a bit more of a practical look, There was an actual video in the middle of that that I shot using the camera so that you could see what the quality was like, and those kinds of things. But I didn’t dive into a lot of the specifics that you guys might want to know, Because I wanted to give you the chance to ask the questions first. I asked Sony to let me hold onto this camera just for a little bit longer. I actually got the chance to take this to Hawaii for another project. I shot a whole bunch more on it. And today we’re going to try and get through as many of your questions as possible.

Rolling Shutter

One of the biggest questions that I got was about rolling shutter. If you’ve watched any other reviews on this camera, you’ll know that this is a bit of a problem. Now, when I say it’s a bit of a problem, I mean it’s about the same as it was on the A7 III. I did a test with my A7 III, the FX3, Which has the same components as the a7S III, and the new A7 IV, and it pretty much came out how I thought it would. The A7 III and A7 IV have about the same rolling shutter performance. And then the FX3 totally smashed them. It looks fantastic. Now, that being said, in more practical terms, I didn’t really notice the rolling shutter being a huge problem the way that it is on, let’s say, the Sony APS-C cameras in 4K.

Weather Sealing

Another thing that I got asked a handful of times was about the weather sealing on the A7 IV. Now, while this is a little bit difficult to test without just like, dunking the camera in some water, which I’m obviously not going to do, I did end up in some conditions where the weatherproofing got tested while I was in Hawaii. The weather is generally pretty beautiful down there, But there are these weird little bursts of rain. And so you get caught out in the rain a whole bunch, and the camera did get pretty darn soaking wet. I came down to the beach to try and catch my first beautiful Hawaii sunrise, but it decided it wanted to rain on me instead. It didn’t even blink, not a problem. Nothing happened to it. It works absolutely fine.


Then of course, there’s the elephant in the room, the thing that everybody wants to know about, overheating. This is a huge topic, especially because they put that crop in the 4K 60p mode, which I think was to avoid overheating. But regardless, I ran some tests last night, and I was able to run both 4K 60, as well as 4K 24, for over an hour, And I didn’t even get the overheating symbol that it was coming up on a high temperature. Now, I did my test in this room with a bunch of like, heavy lights and stuff on, so I would say it was a bit above room temperature, but definitely not like a hot, sunny California day Or anything like that. That being said, in regular use situations in Hawaii where it got up to like 29 degrees Celsius, 30 degrees Celsius, I never had any problems with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sony A7IV?

The Sony A7IV is a mirrorless camera designed for professional photographers and videographers. It is the latest model in Sony’s A7 series, known for its high-quality images and advanced features.

Why should I watch the video before buying the Sony A7IV?

Watching the video will give you a comprehensive overview of the camera’s features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. This will help you make an informed decision before purchasing the Sony A7IV.

What questions will be answered in the video?

The video will address common questions about the Sony A7IV, such as its image quality, video performance, ergonomics, battery life, and compatibility with accessories and lenses. Additionally, the video may cover tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Sony A7IV.

Where can I find the video?

You can find the video on the creator’s social media channels, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Be sure to subscribe or follow the creator for more informative content about cameras and photography.

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